While we discuss the latest self-care and beauty news with our girlfriends, we tend to find it challenging to talk about grooming care with your male partner, to say the least. We’ll leave nutrition and fashions to the doctors, dietitian, designers, stylists but our colorists can help you make a good first impression when it comes to grey hair and hairstyles. The goals of self-care and groom care are empowerment and feeling our best every day. Particularly when it comes to improving our men’s confidence, custom hair colour may serve as a catalyst for good change.

Shifting the Conversation Around Hair Color

Let’s start by changing the way we see gray hair, grooming and self-care. Regular touch-ups and experimenting with various hair colours may alter our mood and motivation in a variety of ways. It’s important to feel confident about your appearance and to take control of your hair colour. Hair colour is influential, whether you want to gradually change to silver fox or retain your hair the same natural golden blonde hue you’ve had for years. The hair colour market has transformed due to the influence of women worldwide, who now have access to personalised colours that suit their demands. Who better to lead our guys in the right direction than you, as trailblazers in beauty?

No. 1: Grooming is Self Care

You understand well since you have experienced it when your boyfriend, husband, brother, or father feels self-conscious about their greying hair. Let them know it’s alright to attempt something new, just as you did, and meet them where they are. They have probably noticed that you have more energy after dyeing and style your hair, and they are in love with the results. One strategy to improve their attractive features is to spend time grooming oneself with their preferred hair products.

Men are concerned about achieving results with pigment that doesn’t match their natural hair colour, skin tone, or is just too dark. They are also concerned about the hair colour ingredients. Share the possibility of using personalized men’s hair colour on their hair, beard, and moustache to help them ease their mind. They may also visit a hair salon to get a colourist who may assist them to blend their greys for the ideal salt and pepper appearance free of Parabens and Ammonia whereas boxed colour only provides a limited number of alternatives and contains strong additives. Full hair coverage isn’t always necessary; coverage that seems smooth and natural is.

No. 2: The Subtle Comment Strategy

The preferred approach is to pepper him with subtle encouragement and praise repeatedly if you feel like he’s using his right to selective hearing. Throughout history, women are known to use this strategy by playing the long game and planting signals that permeate their partner’s subconscious thoughts. Tell him how attractive and distinguished some celebs he admires appear with their new hair colour.

For instance, “Do George Clooney and Denzel Washington not look amazing? “I am all for the throwback look he has with his new hair colour.” One of our other favourites is, “Ryan Reynolds coloured his hair in that new movie and he truly does look so much better with black hair.” He’ll begin to feel left out once he sees males of his own age, with comparable hair types and colours, doing it. If you keep insisting, he could start to agree with you and spend a little more time inspecting his hair in the mirror. Who doesn’t aspire to have George Clooney’s good looks?

No. 3: Grooming Has Professional Benefits

That presentation you were so concerned about is much simpler when your hair is in a fresh hair colour and you’re dressed in your favourite attire. You will naturally feel better at work performing your tasks with more confidence if you are looking attractive while you’re there. The day simply seems to glide past with joy, especially when compliments about how amazing you look begin to pour in. Now that we know what motivates you on a deeper level, we can see that your hair colour is just a beginning and an important element of your overall look. A new shirt might boost his mood at the office, but hair colour can make an even more significant impact. If you see a few grey hairs the next time when he’s due for a promotion or has a significant Zoom conference coming up, offer to assist him to dye his hair.

No. 4: Show & Tell

You wouldn’t colour your hair with just any hue, and the hair colourist will professionally help you to match the hair colour to your skin tone or experiment with other trendy looks. Show to him how stunning the hair colour is rather than simply telling him. You can also help him to apply the hair colour, and show him everything if he is using a box dye kit. You may show him where to obtain his next colour after he realises how simple the procedure is and how amazing it seems. Every time he touches up the hair, you receive the stunning appearance thanks to the expertly created hair colour.

Now that you have a few options for how to approach the subject of convincing your boyfriend or husband to dye his grey hair, get out there and give them a go. If you’re feeling really brave, consider giving him his first hair colour. Make a fun bet with him if he objects.