Four Most popular Hair Color: Facts, Fables and Views

Many people who live in Singapore love to have their hair color dyed with white hues, although majority of us were born with hair that are dark naturally. Whether we accept the fact or not, the first opinion that most other people have of us, depends on our behaviour and appearance, and this brings up the discussion on our hair.

Segregating and treating people due to their looks is really happening in the world we live in today. Renowned scientist on Research Jay L. Zagorsky based in the Ohio State University, in a recent development brought out some information from a studies that lasted for 37 years that discredited the misconception about all blondes being dumb (Oh, and by the way, his hair is brown in color).

The fact that Zagorsky’s studies proved that blonde women possess a higher average intelligence than women that have brown, black and red hair will cause people to look more closely and change their mentality about established stereotypes.

Stereotypes that are being made about people due to the color of their hair, really affect the lives of these people, having an effect in their social relationship as well as the probability of them getting a job or being promoted at work. Studies which have been previously conducted revealed that physically appealing people tend to get more financially-rewarding opportunities than others that are less physically attractive.

There was a large scale study conducted on a deep analysis regards to the four main type of hair color, with  the corresponding myths, truths and perceptions of these hair color. Sure, we are not making our judgements from the fact that you have just newly dyed your hair with your favourite color. Instead, our judgements are based on the naturally occurring color of the human hair, okay?


  1. The Blonde Hair

hair color

Everyone is well acquainted with the sarcastic jokes about blondes being dumb either from friends, family who basically have no point to make or the numerous foreign movies that have increasingly tried to aggressively get us to accept that blondes can be dull-witted.

With that being said, the result from Zagorsky’s research has revealed the fact that blondes have the same level of intelligence as their multi-colored counterparts. Consequently, blondes tend to be more intelligent and as well as might even tend to earn more income than most of us.

To the more visuals-seeking readers who are curious about the subject matter can quickly watch this video in order to understand the IQ levels of these blondes as well as how the test was eventually carried out.

As hard as it could be for you to accept the reality that blondes are more intelligent than their counterparts in reality plus the fact which implies that they are more adventurous, are more girlish, outgoing and carefree, this group of people are frequently tagged with adverse opinions which label them as partying a lot, stupid, have the love of money, vain, loose and even gullible.

If Zagorsky’s findings about blonde’s tendency to be smarter and possessing the capability to earn higher salaries is significant statistically, then the blondes may just turn out to be secret savers with the knowledge of saving money the proper way and they are rich and will not hold back on spending their money on pleasurable activities.

If you have blonde hair, you may know some or majority of the 16 smart tips for saving money.

  1. Brown Hair

hair color

In Zagorsky’s project, the average values of the Intelligence quotient put forward that women who are blonde possess roughly the same level of intelligence as women with brown hair.

Have you ever noticed that most of the Nobel Prize winning Laureate are for the most part, brunettes? Now, that is enough to demonstrate how brilliant, advanced, mature and industrious brunettes tend to be, if you are not yet aware of it.

Typically, thought of as being very hardworking, responsible, humble, serious, devoted and glamorous, brunettes are sometimes stereotyped as being boring and uninteresting than people having different hair color. Or maybe, the manner in which they enjoy themselves tend to be unconventional, plus they tend to play it safe as everyone would expect.

Furthermore, brunettes are perceived as being more humble and capable. With the thought of the enormous earning potential of brunettes added to their disposition to being intelligent, brunettes can save up some money and make future plans without having to spend their salaries impulsively.

  1. Black Hair

black hair

Black is by far, the most popular color of hair in the world, most particularly in Africa and Asia. People that have the black color of hair tend to be glamorous, profound, dramatic, exotic, creative, serious, mysterious, shy relaxed, contemplative, deep-thinkers, as well as confident.

But, people having the black color of hair are occasionally seen as evil, untrustworthy, shady, cold most particularly in Cartoons about Disney.

However, people who have natural black hairs are also thought of being extremely adept at saving, so expectedly, they can make a lot of money due to their financial ingenuity.


  1. Red Hair

Flannel Hair

Only a sparing few people in the world have natural redheads, just in case you don’t know yet. Generally, people tend to see the redheads as sociable, the centre of attraction, creative, mysterious, highly-competent, passionate, sincere, self-motivated, sensitive, alluring, powerful, opinionated, more susceptible to pain, although we can’t tell while they get black-balled when they become bad-tempered as well as pretentious, due to the pretentious that they have a fiery hair color.

But then again, as much as we hate to admit it, but yes, we seriously envy you if your hair color is naturally red. We enjoyed it every time we had a head full of fiery ref colored hair – it gave us a feeling of extra confidence, slightly further, more fun and entertaining!

Red heads will typically leave an impression in their work-places (or at a job interview or just about anywhere, really), just because they stick out without attempting to. It just happens that they do.



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