We often consider our skin tone while shopping for new clothing or trying out new cosmetics, but what about when dyeing your hair? As opposed to clothing, which often ends up in the washing basket, one common belief is that your hairdo is the one important inseparable part of your physical appearance that you have to wear every day. Hair colour must complement our natural look while also representing our interests. How a person wears their hair speaks as much about how they wish to portray themselves as their fashion representation. You should research the hairstyles or haircut that would look best on your face shape when it comes to the cut. How about the hair colour? Well, it all depends on the skin tone.

It does not follow that the colour will look well on you just because you can dye your hair with any colour. Jet black hair may hearten someone with a fair complexion, while an olive complexion may need the addition of a tinge of blue in the hair to make their skin tone sparkle. Your skin undertone is the most crucial factor to take into account in conjunction with your skin tone. It will be simpler to pick a perfect hair colour that suits you if you know if your skin undertone is cold, neutral, or warm.

Skin Tones vs Undertones

Now, most people can usually identify whether they have a  dark, fair or medium skin tone, but it might be a bit trickier to figure out which hair colours look best on you.

There is tone, which is the skin’s surface colour, and there is an undertone. Finding your perfect colour palette requires an understanding of your skin’s undertone, which is a faint hue underneath the skin’s surface. It also applies to clothing, jewellery and makeup. The skin undertone is a far better indicator of the colours that you complement you, unlike the surface colour of our skin, which may change over time, the skin undertone is more constant even if you have a sun tan.

The same colour theory applies when picking a new hue. It is important to think about which colour tones complement your skin tone and which ones to avoid. Read on for a list of the most attractive colours for those with warmer skin tones!

One thing to keep in mind is that skin tone, or whether you are dark, medium, or fair, still matters when it comes to choosing a hair colour that will look great on you. For example, just because you are fair skin does not mean that your undertones are cool, or that you have warm undertones if you are dark skin. Additionally, it is important to bear in mind that there are not any certain hair colours you should avoid; rather, you should choose a shade that will highlight your natural characteristics and complement your skin tone (and undertone).

Do You Have A Warm or Cool Undertone? – Colour Theory and Quiz

Have you ever wondered why certain colours, although being almost the same colour, suit you more than others? It is likely that the colours that do not suit you as well conflict with your skin undertones.

Skin tones are referring to the colour of your skin’s surface, while skin undertones are referring to the soft colours that lie underneath the skin. This may sound complicated but we will be teaching you a straightforward way to identify your skin undertone. Tan, medium, and skin are the most typical skin tones. The three skin undertones of the majority of individuals are Warm, Cool, or Neutral. Take the short quiz below to determine which skin undertones you have.

Skin Undertone QUIZ


A soft baby blonde or a platinum icy blonde would look good on fair skin with cool undertones and flatter your porcelain skin. If you’ve got fair skin with cool undertones, you should steer clear of warmer blonde hair colours like gold, copper or caramel since they might give the complexion a pink tint, thus making you look pinker. However, ash tones will look exceptionally nice. On the other hand, if you have a fair skin tone with warm undertones, these warmer colours will make your skin sparkle and glow.

Beige or sandy blondes are particularly flattering on blondes with medium skin tones with cool undertones; those with warm undertones should opt for a more natural appearance. Generally, Brondes or brownish-blondes simply want to have fun when it comes to medium skin tone.

You should balance a soft honey blonde with dark roots if you have a dark skin tone with warm undertones; ombré or balayage hair colours are excellent choices for darker skin. Ash blondes look great on dark skin tone with cool undertones.

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Those with fair skin tone brunettes with cool undertones can choose hair colours between light and dark. Although neutral browns, taupe or blue-based will look better than those having a reddish tinge to them. Choose a richer brunette hair colour if you have a fair skin tone with warm undertones.

Choose a glossy, deep chocolate brown if you are a brunette with a medium skin tone and cool undertones. Alternatively, a hair colour with a purple sheen or even a blue-black shade will balance your skin tone. All shades of brown are pleasing, however, those with a warmer undertone should avoid brown colours with a blue hue. Dark mahogany browns are particularly attractive. On those with warm undertones, a honey almond shade looks fantastic if you want to go lighter.

Although olive-skinned beauties are often blessed with dark brunette hair that is to die for. Women with olive complexion may also try out ashier shades of brown when colouring their hair.

A dark skin tone with warm undertones is usually born with gorgeous brown hair, much like olive-skinned women. Blue-black or inky black hair colours work well with cool deep skin undertones. Importantly, multi-tonal highlights in lighter browns and bronzes may lend depth and dimensions to naturally dark hair.


If you want to dye your hair red, you should go toward a more natural-looking auburn colour since a flawless porcelain fair complexion and naturally, red hair often goes together in nature. This red hair colour is more neutral and works best on light fair skin tone with cool undertones. Thus, mother nature knows what she is doing! Warm undertones are also rather common among naturally redheaded people with a fair skin tone. Consider Emma Stone, whose copper red hair serves as the ideal illustration of how attractive this red tint can be for her fair complexion.

Burgundy or purplish-blue red hair colours look attractive on those with medium skin tones and cool undertones; orange hues run the risk of making you seem washed out. The converse is true for those with medium skin tone and warm undertones as red hair with slight orange hue will look better than cool toned red; thus, copper or rust reds are always a safe pick.

Take a cue from Rihanna and go for a daring, fire engine red, or keep things a bit more subtle with a coppery base if you have a dark skin tone with warm undertones who prefer to wear red. A gorgeous blackberry hair colour will admirably balance deep, cool skin tones. Thus if you have cool undertones skin, you should consider wearing purplish-red hair!

Non-Natural Colours

Hope you will not think that we would forget to mention the colours of unicorn hair? These days, technicolour hair is in as it is everything about non-natural colours; hues ranging from charming pastels to daring neon tints are all the rage. However, even if your hair is bright, the skin tone/skin undertone guideline still holds; your hair colour may either brighten or sallow your complexion, depending on how it is toned.

For people with fair, cool skin tone, pastel pink hues are great. If you have skin with warm undertones, you may consider pastel hues like baby blue, lavender, or aqua —after all, who does not secretly want to be a mermaid as they will bring out your inner radiance.

The depth and natural radiance of medium to dark skin tones especially for those with cool undertones are enhanced by vibrant jewel colours like magenta or fuchsia. If your skin tone is medium and has warm undertones, complement it with aquas and jewel-toned blues colours. If you are truly into the notion of lighter non-natural colours, think about getting pastel ombré hair with natural-looking roots.

Those with dark skin tones and having cool undertones can carry off glowing, vibrant colours like bright purple pinks, vivid violets and even with a bit of blue colours are ideal for creating a statement. Deeper purples like ruby and plum are more attractive on those with warmer undertones because they bring out the natural glow in your complexion.

A Neutral Skin Undertone Is…

Warm and cool colours often blend together to create a neutral skin undertone (or neutral undertone). You may skew one way or the other sometimes, but you always settle in the center of the sliding scale. You have the blessing and benefits of wearing whatever colour you choose because of having this skin undertone. You look stunning in both warm and cool undertones, although warm undertones often appear best in gold.

As above mentioned, the wrist test is one method of determining with certainty whether you have a neutral skin undertone. Examine your veins by simply flipping your arm over. A neutral undertone is present if the veins have a blue-green hue. The other test will need more colour. Consider wearing neutral-coloured clothing instead of silver and gold to see how you appear. If the clothes are able to highlight your complexion, you are considering having neutral skin undertones.

We are aware of the ideal hair colours for people with neutral skin undertones (or those who believe they have neutral skin undertones). Find out whether you have a neutral undertone and which hair colours complement your skin tone the best by reading on!

Most flattering Hair Colours for Neutral Skin Undertones

You will look nice in an array of colours, as we have mentioned earlier. Therefore, any of them would be ideal for a person with a neutral skin undertone. You do not need to be concerned about a colour overpowering you because of the combination of cool and warm skin undertones. But when coupled with your neutral skin undertone, certain colours may stand out a bit more than others. See below for our picks!

Strawberry Blonde

strawberry balayage

This colour has a fantastic mix of warm and cool hair tones, so it will complement your neutral skin undertones. You may choose to go a little darker or lighter to perfectly match your complexion, depending on your real skin tone.


auburn hair colour

Choose an auburn red hair colour to truly enhance the warmness of your complexion. No matter what your skin undertones, this deep shade may bring out some vitality in your complexion. Additionally, auburn looks fantastic on everyone, and red is now in style.



Try espresso-coloured hair for something a little bit darker. Your neutral undertones may shine and glow thanks to the coffee-inspired hue. Imagine the colour of your hair as an IRL filter that will give you beautiful skin. Yes, hair colour has the ability to achieve that effect. Just the perfect hair colour will do.


bronde hair

Those who have skin with neutral undertones will look best in a harmonious combination of blonde and brunette hair colour. Although you may always lean more blonde or brown (all is up to you!), the bronde hair gives the chance to keep things in your hair colour reasonably neutral.

Beige Blonde

beige blonde hair

For skin with a neutral undertone, beige blonde hair is the ideal choice. Why? because the beige hair colour is the most neutral of all. It will complement your neutral skin undertones and highlight your skin since it is positioned in between warm and cool blonde         .


ginger balayage

Cinnamon is a deep brown colour with undertones of red and orange that is a bit on the warmer shade. Once again, if you are having warm skin undertones, this cinnamon hair colour is ideal for you. Nevertheless, you can still wear the cinnamon hair colour even if you are close to having skin of cool undertones.

Honey Brown

honey brown hair

With some honey highlights, you may give your natural brown brunette hair a cool pop. They are able to bring beautiful highlights to your gorgeous skin by blending in harmoniously with your neutral skin undertones.


rainbow hair

Since you can wear any hair colour in your neutral skin undertone, why not just do so all simultaneously at once? We are aware that this is a very daring path, thus it is not suitable for anyone with any skin tones. But you, with your neutral skin undertones, you are the only one who can pull it off and flaunt it beautifully.

Hair Colour Guidelines for Warm Skin Undertones

So what hair colour will complement a warm skin undertone? What hair colour should you stay away from? Those with warm skin undertones should generally stick to warmer hair hues. Think of warm colours like copper, chestnut, mahogany, caramel, strawberry or golden blondes and warm reds. We are sorry, but the silver hair colour trend may not be for you; colours to stay away from including ashy tones, blue blacks, icy or platinum. Warm skin undertone is often washed out by cooler hair colour, that will cause it to appear green or even grey sometimes.

Most Flattering Hair Colours for Warm Skin Tones

Let us look at some of the most flattering hair colours for warm skin undertones while keeping the above-mentioned concepts in mind.

A Roasted and Rich Chestnut

chestnut brown

Warm skin undertones look fantastic with the roasted chestnut hair colour. You may consider requesting a few pieces of light, copper-toned or lowlights pieces from your colourists to provide some depth and dimensions to your hair colour. By doing this, you may avoid having a too-“flat” or solid hair colour that makes you appear washed out.

Caramel Bronde Balayage

caramel brown hair

It is advisable for your hair to stay away from going too icy or platinum with a caramel “Bronde” balayage if you are trying to add just some lightness. Keep in mind that warmer skin undertones will look gorgeous with this hair colour blend of rich brown and warm blonde.

Glamorous Golden Blonde

golden blonde hair

There is no golden rule prohibiting those with warm skin undertones from becoming blonde; the key is focusing on identifying the proper hair colour based on your skin undertone. Consider a glitzy, uber-rich golden blonde. Flaxen, and attractive!

Strawberry Step It Up

copper balayage 11

For those with skin of warm undertone, this Strawberry Blonde is stunning in its stepped-up form. This shade is perfect for you if you prefer to give your hair colours a little flare or use bold hues often.

Red Colour Melts from Brunette

balayage singapore

copper blonde

Coppery caramels, rich browns as well as red tones are ideal colour melts for warm skin undertone. Another approach to prevent flat, lifeless tones is using dimensional or multi-tonal hair colours like the “colour melt.” The greater the depth and dimension on the hair colour, the more beautiful it will appear for the warm skin undertones!

Most Flattering Hair Colours for Cool Skin Undertones

If you have determined and established that your skin has a cool undertone, the fun will start now. You should adhere to cooler hair colours to complement your skin with a cool undertone. Examples of cool hair colours that fall under this category are the light ash blondes, lighter browns, and the true red hair. Anything with golden, yellow or orange will definitely not match your skin undertone appropriately, so stay away from them. Here are a few hues that, in our opinion, look gorgeous on people with skin of cool undertones.

Icy or Platinum Blonde

icy blonde vs platinum blonde (2)

If you have cool skin undertones, icy or platinum blonde is certainly a great choice for you since it will draw attention and emphasize your facial features. Choosing platinum blonde hair with lesser yellow undertones and more blue undertones is a better idea. Your appearance will look washed out by yellow hair undertones.

Ash Blonde


For individuals who are not quite ready for bold platinum or icy blonde, this ash blonde tone is another stunning blonde choice. Although it lacks the golden highlights, it is nonetheless gorgeous and vibrant. Once again, wearing ash blonde hair will also make sure your glitter is maintained.

Sandy Brown

balayage hair

Given that brown hair colour often contains some orange undertones, the brunette shades may be a challenging colour to put on. Thus, with your skin of cool undertone, they do not go well. This is why sandy brown hair colour enters the list here. It has cool tones throughout with a blend of brown and blonde. Therefore, it is able to flatter every skin tone including this cool undertone.


chestnut brown

We also adore the chestnut shade belonging to the brunette’s hair colour. Given that it looks flattering on almost everyone and is appropriate for all the seasons, this chestnut hair colour truly will not go wrong on your cool undertone.

Velvet Red

true red hair

We like a nice red velvet on cooler skin undertones as we get towards the red spectrum. Without the tendency of overpowering and washing you out, instead it will provide your cool skin undertone with a tonne of depth and warmth.


Berry Burgundy Hair

Choose a beautiful burgundy hair colour if you want an even deeper red hair. This wine-like colour is soft and understated yet can really make a big impact. Again, it is one of those hair colours that complement and look great on almost everyone with different skin undertones.

Jet Black

curly hair singapore

Contrary to popular belief, cool skin undertones will allow your hair to go darker than usual. The key is to maintain cooler undertones in your hair too though. So if you have decided to go for jet black hair colour, just have to be careful by having blue undertones in the hair to prevent it from appearing washed out.

Deep Purple

ash purple hair

Consider a deep purple if you want to give an additional pop of hair colour. To ensure that the purple is not too overpowering for you, it is advisable for you to once again to keep to your cooler undertones. Thankfully, a competent hairdresser should be aware of what to do.