As we know, Singapore has been cautiously lifting the circuit breaker rules which have been set up since 7th April and this week on the 12th May, it is re-open for basic haircut service only. If nothing goes wrong, hair salons will be able to resume full business on the first week of June at the earliest.


Hair colour and hair highlights services are known to be lengthy like a couple of hours, as a detailed consultation, structured program, processing styling and time is required and thus with longer time is needed to pay greys or to get a hair transformation of different look. Hence everyone is advised to look at social media or google to gain more knowledge to understand the needs for a professional colour, highlight or balayage in Singapore services amid the circuit breaker.


Nevertheless, it will not be just a business as usual situation once these hair salons are allowed to re-open. Those hair services which has the requirement of clients to wait and sit down in a busy hair salon for couple of hours at a time will be reassessed as well as with enhanced hygiene discipline and strict social distancing measures put in place for post-circuit breaker. Hence, your past long and close contact colouring service is very possible to be no longer the same as usual. This adjustment is needed as we all know that hair salons are not just about hair makeovers: there is this space of touch and talk. For some clients, the hair salon might be one of their favourite haunt where they can have regular verbal and physical contact with their friendly hairdressers.


After circuit breaker, hair salons are going to ensure that there is as little contact as they can, where possible and social distancing of one-metre will certainly be strictly enforced at all times.  When client enters the salons, there will be the basic temperature and symptoms screening at the entrances to detect and clients with fever or who are unwell will be turned away. Some hair salons may need to limit the client entering the salons or even remove half of those hairdressing chairs to make sure that there is sufficient space for social distancing. There will be cleaning and disinfecting all tools, equipment, towels, capes, workstations and seats before and after every service. Hairdressers will be required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer before and after every service. Hair salons that serve complimentary beverage or snacks to make their clients feel at home will also have to stop this practice now to minimize any contact.


Most hair salons will be encouraged to have all the services pre-booked online instead of walking in anytime to prevent the need to queue outside the salons that may result in unnecessary crowded situation. Besides, hair salons are encouraged to practice self-checkouts, cashless or contactless payment, to speed up the payment process and reduce cash-handling. Clients will notice that hand sanitizers will be placed close to high-touch surfaces like door handles as well as at cashier counters and entrances so that hairdressers and clients can sanitize their hands, after touching these surfaces or before and after entering the hair salons.


When circuit breaker ends and business re-open, certainly there will be greater number of clients than anticipated contacting the salons, especially for colour appointments. Hair colourists will have to plan for longer time to cater for the two months of root touch-up needed and service price may have to be charged accordingly. Obviously, any plans make by hair salons now will have to be adaptable to any additional recommendations they will get from the authorities on post circuit breaker operations, but most hair salons are expected to increase their opening hours, staggered shifts and operating with less hairdressers in the salon for social distancing enforcement.


Due to the huge rise in DIY colouring during circuit breaker lockdown, hair salons will expect the need for more colour correction services. To minimise time spent at the hair salon once open, our hair salon will be making recommendation to conduct video call consultations to allow our colourist to evaluate the job before clients making the salon trip. Besides, our hair salon will also be promoting our exclusive speedy glossing hair solutions for clients who understandably want to invest lesser time in our salon. As it is likely hair salons have another couple of weeks prior to colouring appointments are available, and they may be inundated with hair colour in Singapore appointment requests.