Hera’s 10 Most Popular Hair Colour

In regards to beauty fashions, nothing is really out. Hence there are appearances that as a matter of course just come and go — particularly in regards to hair colour. Due to the influence of social medias, you may just notice that all of a sudden, your own buddies, favourite influencers, actors, as well as friends or colleagues are changing their hair colours in similar with stunning shades like ash blonde, ash brown hair etc. That is how trends are created, after all. That got us thinking: How do we get ahead of what is next in hair colour? Our stylist certainly are not psychic (at least we do not believe so), and they are just listening to their customers’ needs in the salon — and also a number of our customers are significant trendsetters. A few are easier than others to attain (pastel, we are looking at you), but it can appear amazing on everybody. Luckily this season is a welcome (but not dull ) breather together with the beginning of subtle highlight advanced techniques, additional dimension, along with more-natural-looking hair colours. This article, we’ve outlined our hottest hair colors among our clients in our Hera’s salons!

1st – Honey Blonde Hair Colour

After several seasons of icy blonde perfection, the pendulum is swinging at a warmer way that “a number of the blondes are requesting warmer honey and golden tones,” says Hera’s Master Stylist Ibra Dergham. “It is a relaxed look for fall. These blondes are simpler to create, and they flatter just about every skin tone.” For the most natural-looking benefits, the colour ought to be deeper in the roots, using the majority of the lighter blond highlights placed on the endsoff of the part and about the face.

honey blonde hair colour

2nd – Ash Brown Hair Colour

Revive faded summer highlights with richness and depth by adding some neutral brownish lowlight tones such as mushroom to ash brown hair color. The deeper color allows your existing highlights to appear lighter and brighter without re-bleaching your own hair. After employing the lowlights, our hairstylist will use an all-over toner in a cool shade to blend the ash brown hair colors together.

Ash Brown Hair colour

3rd – Ash Blonde Hair Colour

ash blonde hair colour

Brighten up your day by showing off this cool ash blonde hue with sexy, rumpled waves! Ash blonde hair looks very stunning and does make a strong statement. Ash blonde hair includes a milder version of blond with traces of gray and silver integrated inside. Smoky colors are now always in addition to the charts due to their edginess and royalty textures! This shade is totally essential for trendy edgy girls. As an ashy blonde is over into the gray and warmer side of this spectrum, in addition, it goes very well with vibrant skin tones and vivid eye colours. But do not worry, since this hair colour can be substituted to flatter hot complexions too! Another fantastic thing about this color of blond is it’s a muted light edition of blond, which makes it a lot easier to keep it’s colour.

4th – Copper Blonde Hair Colour

Coppery red is always a winner, and this year the hot shade receives a sophisticated upgrade with strawberry blonde balayage highlights. It begins with a deeper copper penny red in the roots, slowly becoming lighter in the middle of select strands and end up strawberry blonde on the ends.

copper blonde hair colour

5th -Champagne Blonde Hair Colour

champagne blonde hair colour

All of us love a glass of champagne for celebration in a special occasion, but the bubbly drink has been making its way into our Hera salons. Champagne blondes must ditch their iridescent highlighter — you do not wish to have overly washed out — and then swap it out to get a golden shimmery bronzer. This beige blonde color with a gold undertone is currently a popular on Instagram, and it’s simple to see why. Hera’s Artistic Director Rujean Botha asserts just two of the most frequently asked blonde hues are golden blonde or icy blond, also champagne is the best mixture of both. “If the origin is warmer and it melts in the glowing beige blond with a gold undertone, it looks like a glass of champagne,” says Rujean. To find this particular shade of blond, Rujean says that she colors the hair into a level 10, then mix it using a 10 natural to get a bright-but-beige appearance to catch all of the measurement of a glass of bubbly.

6th – Caramel Blonde Hair Colour

You’ll probably spent hours staring deeply into the bronzy curves hoping to divine the secret to eternally good hair. Like a “back from vacation” glow and such gleaming glossy bronze caramel shade perfectly suits her Old Hollywood waves adds instant radiance to a range of skin tones, brighten up your face and avoiding a washed out look if you have paler complexion.

caramel blonde hair colour

7th – Ash Caramel Pearly Hair Colour

Ash blonde hair colour

A heavenly mashup of modern ash pearly and caramel pinstripes with dark roots that softly diffuse into a lighter icy blonde! This celestial shade is as classic and comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Master Stylist from Hera Hair Beauty had created this chef d’oeuvre using 3-4 different tints of ash blonde highlights imparts iridescence, coupled with bouncy spiral waves into a chic angled lob which is a sure match made in the hair heaven. Be sure to give your locks regular TLC, and you will surely reap the benefits of rocking head-turning ash blonde locks!

8th – Flannel Hair Colour

It is inevitable. Even in case you don’t possess a weathered bone in the body, almost everybody is likely to catch a comfy flannel shirt sooner or later to get a crisp day. This year, a number of the very popular hair colours around are motivated from these plaid flannel palettes. “Search for heavy, rich colors of ivory, auburn, deep red, plum along with eggplant, frequently intermixed in a particular design, exactly like plaid,” states Hera’s Colour Director, Rain Baxter.

Flannel Hair colour

9th – Ash Grey Hair Colour

ash grey hair colour

The hair fashion is more powerful than ever before, with more than 3,000 men and women in the Singapore independently looking for’ash gray hair’ monthly. “This year we’ll surely find a continuation of girl embracing their gray hair,” states Nathan Gorden, Artistic Director in Hera Hair Beauty salon. Not only will people be adopting our greys, but based on Nathan, we will also be dreading the gray also with just a bit of assistance from glosses, tints and dyes. This vibrant, reflective color is a stunning blend of ice blond, lilac and silver, each of superbly mixed for a dramatic result that seems as though it was made on the skies. If your hair is extremely dark and you are desperate to go gray, be warned: you have got a great deal of floor work to place in early. To be able to go gray you need to pre-lighten your hair into a fresh white blonde then tone using a brightly colored gray mix tone.


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