You read it right. Let’s welcome hair contouring – recent glowy hair colour fashion.

Drawing inspiration from the makeup industry Hair contouring is all about judicious colour placement to frame your face. Utilizing a mix of highlights and free-hand application, hair contouring is about playing with shadow and light in a manner that adds the dimension and depth of your natural bone structure. In simple terms, this customized colour treatment highlights your facial features in a subtle manner. There’s a reason why Hair TikTok is already all over it.

When you’re trying out hair contouring, it is very important to work with your base colour. Here’s how you can define your hair in accordance with the current colour.


Contouring on blonde bases is about going all out on some pieces of platinum colour. It is recommended to choose one or two shades lighter than your natural colour for the pieces that are directly around the face. For those with long facial features, keeping the hair’s roots dark and having lighter hair around the ear will create a face of rounder shape. However accentuating and brightening the roots with a more gentle honey colour on the frame of the face can make the face shape appear more elongated.


Light Brunette

A subtle gradient can make a big difference with a lighter brunette base. Higher contrast is not required for contouring with this base shade. A beautiful warm honey hue that starts just a few inches away from the crown may give a natural glow and dimension. This kind of gradient also helps to soften the jawline region and is perfect for people who have more square-shaped features.

Medium Brunette

A brunette of a medium tone calls for a caramel contouring. Starting slightly at the roots, some honey-coloured strands have framed her face’s natural shape, as additional highlights near the ear are able to accentuate and lengthen the bone structure.

Deep Brunette

Beautiful and subtle, a combination of warm tones for a contouring look of her espresso strands. While keeping her hair’s roots darker, a little light nearby her face is added and along the ends, accentuating her jawline. The result of this combination of contouring appears very natural.


Redheads have always had a bit more fun when it comes down to trendy girl colours. With a red-based base, you can add more vibrant copper tones for the eyes and ears areas to create a look that is pleasing as desired. This combination of colours creates a distinct gradient that pops while framing the features in a subtle manner.

Hairstylist who’s the principal stylist for this brand Mathew Soobroy was among the first to develop the concept of “colour contouring,” after the stylist created a look that made the model and future actor Gala Gordon’s face highlights to the forefront with very subtle, natural highlights (micro-lights) around the hairline and the forehead. Alongside shine, colour and subtle, the hairstyle of Gala Gordon was not only stunning as well, it was also vibrant and beautiful, a clever combination of dark and light shades, it brought both light and shadow into her face in just the appropriate places. This look isn’t just restricted to Vogue models like Gala. There’s a contouring look that can be used by anyone regardless of whether it’s used to highlight an area or blends to create an overall impression of lightness and the depth. The shape of your hair may assist in softening your face by connecting the existing colour transition to the remainder of the hair which is by toning the ends of your hair and the mid lengths. In this way, the overall colour contrast is much more vivid and fluent.

A consistent colour allows clients to shape their features through the introduction of fresh highlights behind their ears that flatter the shape of your face whether pulled forwards, tucked behind the ears or falling over the shoulders. Hairdressers made the most of existing highlights close to your jawline by segregating them from your normal hair colour, making your jawline appear more noticeable.

When it comes to colour contouring, it’s crucial to adjust every aspect to your personal hair type and colour face features, facial features, skin tone clothes and fashion.

Round Face Shapes

The famous face-shaped sisters of the world: Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst

The lighter tones of colour are applied to the hairline from ear-to-ear for a more elongated face and bring out the luminosity. Richer or darker tones can be applied below the ears as well as to the lower hair ends that surround the face, to create a more of a point facial shape.

Oblong Face Shapes

Famous face shape sisters: Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler

Deeper and more intense tones are added to the roots along the parting and then blending into micro delicate lighter pieces that are threaded from above the ear to at the end of hair. This gives the appearance of a shorter, slimmer face shape.

Square Face Shapes

Celebrity face shape sisters: Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston

Multiple-tonal layers of dark and light shades are applied to every corner of the hairline including along the temples and around the jawline. It softens hard lines and adds texture and depth regardless of the sharpness of your haircut.

Heart Face Shapes

Face people who shape celebrities: Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Moss

Lighter pieces are woven round the ear as well as the jawline to soften the lower part that makes up the lower half of the face. Through mixing light, fine tones with depth at the root, the face will be given a more of an oval shape.

Everything can be classified into a ‘cool’ or warm spectrum. Cool is characterized by blue undertones, while warm has an intrinsic yellow. It is therefore essential to choose the appropriate shade of red, blonde or brunette to match your hair colouring with respect to the depth and tone of the hair. Hairdressers are able to find the perfect colour shade and depth for you that will ultimately make you look more attractive and beautiful, making you appear younger and healthier regardless of whether they’re wearing makeup or not.