Though we are only one month into 2022, some of the best hair colourists have been busy creating the colour trends which will make waves throughout the year. There’s  French glossing (a modern version of the ombre style that promises to change dry, dull locks)and ‘warm honeycomb’ (because blonde will always be trendy) and “expensive brunette” (inspired by Selena Gomez). However, one LA-inspired hair colour trend is gradually making its way into some of the most prestigious salons and it’s expected to replace the most sought-after hair colour technique, balayage.

What is the latest hair frosting colour trend?

The hair frosting technique should not be confused with frosted tips that remind us of  boy bands from the 90s. This buzzy blonde method involves bleaching individual hair strands with cool, blonde hue from root to tip but leaving the surrounding darker hair strands uncoloured. This technique is intricate and gives a multifaceted appearance that juxtaposes dark and light hairs. This gives the lengths a salt and pepper appearance. The direction that the lighter hairs fall very gently among the darker shade hairs, looks like the way frost lays over trees, which is why it has the name ‘hair frosting’.

As mentioned, frosting hair can give an appearance that resembles salt and pepper that makes the colour blend harmoniously and seamlessly with your hair. Certain hair strands will be bleached during the process of frosting. The adjacent hair strands to your treated hair remain uncoloured. This blends the natural hair colour and the frosted hue that helps lift the overall appearance of your hair colour. Your colourist can separate hair into smaller sections of hair strands and then apply your frosting colouring on the hair strands that are being lifted from the rest of your hair by employing the cap made of plastic with many tiny holes. The frosted hair will be pulled through the holes so that the colour can be placed in the correct locations. The colourist can also employ the tin foil technique in which the hair that has been separated is placed on foils so that the hair colour application is performed very precisely. You may also choose frosted hair tips in which the hue is applied to the ends of your hair strands to provide a subtle contrast of colour. This frosting highlights effect is even more obvious when your hair is styled full of volume and curls.

Who is the source of inspiration for hair frosting? There are many people, in fact, Hailey Bieber’s latest sun-kissed hairstyle photo is a great illustration. Mostly brunette, the bleached, wafer hair strands sitting in front of her face give an effect of contouring. Consider this as a modern alternative to the use of hair lighteners. If the bleached strands are placed on the frontal part of your hair, it will frame your face and thus provide a stunning contrast.

How is hair frosting different from the hair balayage or traditional highlights?

Balayage is indisputably the biggest hair colouring trend over the last decade, however there’s a huge distinction between balayage and hair frosting. While foil hair frosting, highlights and balayage are all types of hair lightening techniques which do not involve colouring every individual hair strand using the same colour, frosting provides a more subtle and muted effect. Balayage is a French term that means “sweep,” meaning that large swathes of hair are lightened. Frosting technique normally employs smaller, cooler blonde tones to provide a beautiful contrast to the dark base colour instead of the buttery warm tones which is normally used during the balayage technique as well as it is the maintenance is easier as it is well designed for blending into your natural hair colour. The hair frosting technique can also create a multi-dimensional and soft appearance. The finishing can create a detailed finishing which will not look ‘overdone’ as well as a stunning complete layers of colour. It is the best finishing outcome for ladies who want an easier to manage colour without a time consuming and expensive commitment.

Can hair frosting be used on all hair textures and types?

Hair frosting can be customised as well, based on the direction your hair naturally falls or parts, or the style you prefer to wear it. Middle parting? Face framers with cool blonde hairstyles can enhance your hair colour and highlight your face’s shape. It’s also great for any hair texture and hair types as long as you follow your routine for aftercare, which includes bleach. The method can be utilised for hair of any type and texture such as coily or curly hair. When your hair has curls prior to your appointment at the salon, make sure that you condition and clarify your hair. This will aid in retaining the moisture and help keep it healthy following the lightening process.

After bleaching, hair is more likely to become brittle and dry. For the first 3 weeks after bleaching, make an effort to shampoo less frequently to ensure it doesn’t strip the natural oils off your hair. Please refrain from using hot tools for styling and maintain your hair’s moisture by using deep conditioner

How can you explain the hair colouring process to your colourists?

All colourists recommend bringing a few photos of similar desired hairstyles to get ideas prior to your consultation and appointment. Here’s what you should request, if you are considering trying out hair frosting, request your colourist to include some cool tones that compliment the darker colour of your base and explain to them that you’d prefer a muted and subtler effect as compared to typical traditional foil highlights. The latter’s highlights can look more contrasty and chunky as well as unconnected from the more dark parts of your hair. The goal of hair frosting is creating a delicate softness and it’s likely to appear everywhere this year.