When it comes to freshening up your style, hair highlights are certainly a wonderful place to start. You may give your strands a completely new life by adding a few strategically placed ribbons of a brighter hue, giving them a burst of texture, depth and dimension.

Even while you may be devoted to your go-to highlights and balayage, why not take advantage of the impending change in seasons to experiment with something new? There is without a doubt the trend of hair highlights will enable you to reach all of your hair colouring goals, regardless of whether you want to add some subtle face-flattering highlights or highlight your grey strands.

We’ve broken down some of the greatest highlight trends this season, from herringbone highlights to tennis highlights, baby hair highlights and ripple highlights.

Baby Hair Highlights (Babylights)


Baby hair highlights or commonly known as babylights, often entail sprinkling white-blonde highlights around the front area of hair to frame the face. This is done to mimic how the sun will illuminate the wispy baby hairs surrounding our hairline. Baby hair highlights are traditionally applied to blondes, but lately, celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion have shown how you can utilize them to give your strands that pop of colour. When highlighting your hair, a colourist may use different techniques. They could give you a full head of highlights to brighten up your colour, add lowlights for depth, or use freehand balayage highlights to make something amazing and multi-tonal. Babylights, the unsung hero of every natural-looking colour job, need a particular mention right now.

Babylights are also known as evenly distributed, finely woven highlights, which may significantly alter the vibrancy of your overall hair colour. You may even mistake them for incredibly amazing natural hair colours due to how dazzling but understated and subtle they are. These micro and fine highlights often have a colour pattern like that of a young kid, being brighter at the crown and ends.

Speaking of childhood, you may have lately heard the phrase “playground highlights,” which is popular in 2022, also used to describe these baby lights. Whatever you choose to name it, this colouring method aims to effectively mimic sun-kissed summertime virgin hair. If you’re looking for a makeover that isn’t too drastic, this simple and low maintenance hair highlights technique may freshen up your appearance regardless of the season.

Babylights are very versatile and adaptable since they may be used on almost any hair length and colour. Babylights are particularly helpful for straight hair types with finer textures because they will provide the illusion of deeper, thicker strands with more volume.

Herringbone Highlights

herringbone highlights

Herringbone Highlights

herringbone highlights

Embrace your grey hairs with some herringbone highlights rather than trying to cover them up. Herringbone highlights, as the name implies, employ a herringbone pattern of hair highlighting in which different shades are weaved amid the grey strands to provide a harmonious and seamless combination of cool and warm tones. What’s best? Herringbone highlights also allow the growth of your grey hairs to be well blended and less noticeable since they are using a more diagonal placement of the foils during the process of hair highlighting.

According to the renowned celebrity colourist Tom Smith, there is a reason why these streaks look so good on everyone, even the young and older ladies, and they are not only effective for hiding grey hair. The colourless strand adopted by the herringbone streaks, which will blend with the grey hairs rather than against it or having an unappealing contrasting effect. The locks discolour one in front of the other rather than one on top of the other because the processing is done diagonally. As a result, rather than having an overlapping effect, it has a three-dimensional one. The end finishing is a soft silky weave that resembles a marshmallow and has a zig-zag pattern that is harmonious but not uniform. You may consider it an updated version of the traditional 90s highlights technique using aluminium foils rather than a completely new novice highlighting technique. It is ideal for those who do not wish to visit the salon every three weeks to maintain its attractiveness and brightness and is also suitable for those who are embracing their natural grey hair. The better colourists are those who will not just choose one shade of blonde for your hair; they’ll apply two or three different tones with benefits of the cool and warm shades of the various tones, specifically to enable the hair to have a finishing of random patterning that will result in the wearer’s colour to be more unique.

If you want to manage white hair without settling for a one solid even colour that begins at the roots, Herringbone highlights are certainly a great middle ground between brown and blonde hair. Gisele Bündchen, Behati Prinsloo, and influencers Emili Sindlev & Veronika Heilbrunner preferred them even though they did not have to conceal grey hair, but rather to blend with a relatively dark brown base as compared to the blonde highlights they have chosen. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Jolie appreciated this trend of Herringbone highlights merely to conceal their grey hair.

Ripple Highlights

balayage in Singappre

If you desire a full head of highlights but also like the balayage’s sun-kissed appearance, “ripple highlights” offer you the best of both worlds. When using ripple highlights, the highlights start all the way up to the roots before being blended with a shadow root toner that will create a blur finishing around the scalp. The result is a sleek, blended look. These highlights tend to grow out incredibly soft, nice and natural since they are evenly well-placed throughout your hair.

There are some who wish to change their “expensive blond” hue to a more summer-friendly appearance with “ripple” highlights. Whether you like to keep your hair simple like a minimalist or like to go big and try out one of the newest hair colour trends each year, there is always something for everyone.

Going lighter with your hair colour in the summer is very common, but most people also don’t like the regular salon touch-up sessions to dictate their calendar. Therefore, requests for summer hair colours at the beginning of the season almost always include a “lived-in blonde.” However, in order to be more low maintenance for beach season, the “expensive blond” look that was popular in the winter and spring will need to be updated a little. The important thing is to make sure the colour’s effect is subtle, soft and attractive rather than harsh.

That’s where the newest hair colour trend, “ripple” highlights, comes in. The style blends balayage, which uses slightly heavier colour at the hair ends, with conventional highlights, which are woven in finer strands that look like melting through the hair, to create a whole new finishing. A combination of the two highlighting techniques, ripple highlights include larger chunks of colour that are meticulously hand painted in foil directly up to the root. The next step is a shadow root toner, which blurs the section closest to the scalp to maintain a well-blended, modern look and a soft root as your hair grows.

In addition to being very appealing, “ripple” highlights, as seen on celebrities like Blake Lively and Hilary Duff, also grow out beautifully, necessitating fewer visits to the hair salon. It is recommended that the blending of sliced highlights through the hair” and “shadow root toner” to be performed just before the highlights begin when you see your hairdresser. Blurring the area closest to the scalp has enabled them to grow out naturally and softly.

Tennis Highlights

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Tennis highlights are about to dish up the bigger hair aspirations. These subtle and natural looking highlights resemble the hair colour effect you will receive from the sunlight naturally. You may somewhat understand this trend if you picture how naturally light and brilliant your hair will appear after spending all day on a tennis court. These highlights not only go well with your base colour but also work well with everyone as the goal is to become lighter for most of us.

Tennis highlights are something you may want to consider when you start to plan for your summer hair colour. Although all-over colour and turning blonde for the summer are popular choices, they are also high-maintenance and not suited for those with a carefree, easy lifestyle that many of us want in the summer. Tennis highlights may help with that.

The summer is the ideal time to give your hair soft and subtly “tennis highlights.” Imagine playing tennis on a lovely summer day as your hair is naturally brightened and lightened by the sun. To reiterate, this impressive colour technique will provide you with the same effect that you get when you apply the “Sun-In” in your locks to mimic the natural-looking sun-kissed highlights in your hair, without the need for a tennis racket.

The “poptarting” hair colour trend and chunky highlights are the exact antitheses of this hair colour finishing. To achieve an extremely natural, sun-bleached effect, fine baby lights that are a few shades lighter than your base colour are expertly blended throughout the hair. This multi-dimensional approach of highlighting hair is very adaptable since the highlights are soft and go well with your base colour, simulating how hair colour will naturally lighten up under the sun. The look is also simple to maintain throughout the season with just a few touch-up sessions needed because of how natural, subtle and blended it is.

So, will you use any of these latest highlighting techniques?