One of the greatest questions that we usually get as an expat hair salon in Singapore comes with the idea of managing humidity with hair. There are many people from outside this area that regularly settle here and had issues with the humidity in their hair makeup. The good news is that you can work with humidity and prevent haircare issues. Here are some of the top care tips regarding hair humidity issues in Singapore:

Only shampoo every other day: shampooing every other day can be a great way that you can tame hair. If you are not able to let hair use its natural oils there’s always a chance that your hair will have difficulty laying flat. Shampooing at least every other day will help to keep your hair clean while also preserving the natural oils.

Don’t over comb your hair: If you are the type of person that regularly smoothed out your hair with plenty of brushing after a shower, there is a chance that you could be causing extra damage to your hair and extra chances that you could experience problems with humid hair. Do a quick job of combing your hair or it could end up frizzy.

Try styling products: Using a styling products that is designed to keep your hair in place can be very helpful in humid weather. There are some natural waxes and oils that you can apply to your hair or you could even considered deep treatments like olive or coconut oil followed by a quick styling.

Using conditioner: looking for conditioner that contains amino silicones can be a great way that you can reduce damage to your hair and produce a lasting and conditioned look.

These are just a few of the top ways that the best hair salon can suggest for fixing up hair humidity issues! We have listed out some of the common questions our clients usually asked with regards to the humidity factors affecting the condition of their hair as follow.

Why does the Humidity affect my hair so badly?
There can be several reasons for this but the most likely is condition. You must remember that hair is a porous and fibrous body. It is not alive and is actually a waste by-product of the body. This said; look at hair as you would look at wood, porous and fiberous.

Can hair be rebuilt to withstand humidity? 
Yes, because hair is porous we can add certain ingredients like protein and moisture to help restructure the hair and tame the porosity. Much like wood once conditioned properly and restructured with proteins, the hair is sealed. Just as water beads up on wood that has been sealed, so humidity does with hair that has been sealed.

Do I have to keep treating my hair? 

Yes, as with wood or a car that you wax, you do have to maintain your hair with regular treatments. 

Is it a cure-all?
NO! Humidity will still affect you but not nearly as badly. I myself have VERY porous hair and after reconstruction, I find it not nearly as affected. However it does depend on the hair and the level of humidity