The principal purpose of face masks during the time of a pandemic is naturally to reduce the spread of airborne disease. Face masks have become a regular item in our wardrobes — the season’s trendiest accessories. Moreover, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t appear your best when wearing these masks. The trick is picking the right complementary colour for your face mask that can enhance the most of the other exposed features which remain available for the entire world to see.

beautiful hair with facemask

You may not know that our hair is never before in such a spotlight as our faces are constantly concealed by face masks during these pandemic times. The original accessory is the hair and we must not let the face mask be the centre of focus and have all the fun while the hair is overshadowed.

It is well recommended to use a colour-wash shampoo and conditioner that has semi-permanent hair colours to brighten and bring out the tones that are dulled. It functions as a toner during times when you’re not in hair salons to keep the colour gorgeous and healthy. 

During these pandemic, it could also be the perfect time to liven up your look with your choice of hair colours. Lavender and pink are among the choices for colour washes along with the standard blond silver, and brown tones. Besides keeping your hair’s colours bright, your haircut and style could help draw attention away from your face mask and aid in highlighting your eyes.

Masks create shadows on the faces of people, so should you have light hair pieces around your eyes, it will make the area below the hairline and above the mask appear brighter. It is recommended to request for a tone-on-tone contrast instead of a stronger contrast when you go to the hair salon, as it can create the appearance of a luminous and brighter look. If your hair colour is brown-coloured base, request lighter brown highlights, similar to blonde” and other shades.

And, if ever there’s been a moment to put your hair back into the ponytail, it’s the right moment now. A Ponytail hairstyle helps in putting on the mask around the ears, but make sure you have a few pieces that fall out, so that it’s not a boring ponytail any more. Make sure it’s the perfect party ponytail that will bring out some character in you. Make your eyes look more attractive by using mascara and an eyelash curler.

Eyes Have It

Putting on a face mask will definitely draw focus to the eyes region -particularly since all of emotions are now projected exclusively through our eye. “Are you smiling? Do we feel happy? Disappointed? Sad? The pesky lines can become more in the focus” by wearing the face mask.

With masks covering the majority of the lower portion of our faces when you’re on the go, there’s no better time than now to focus on your peepers. If you have never used any eye serum before, this is the best time to get one. They can boost the effectiveness of our creams for the eyes. Eye masks can also soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If it is applied correctly, eye makeup can go far in brightening your appearance covered by the face mask. Some may prefer to apply an illuminating concealer on the outer lid of the eyes with only some contouring around the crease and slightly on the brow bone to provide a clean effortless lift to the eyes. Liquid eye tints are great options as well because they’re easy to apply, durable and won’t flake or move.

If under-eye bags are a problem (they can be highlighted with the position of the face mask), it is advisable to use some highlighter on the bone slightly higher than the cheekbones, to give them some lift. For ways to put the spotlight on your eyes, try scouring on the internet for tips on makeup from different cultures with the norm of wearing face masks or coverings and they could also be a source of your inspiration.

All we need to do is take a look at the trends in makeup of and the Middle East to see that beauty is still visibly shining through even with the majority of your face covered. It is well recommended to apply a curler to your lashes before applying mascara to make your eyes pop. It’s essential to take extra attention to your eyebrows since well-defined eyebrows can assist in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. We are prone to losing our eyebrows as we get older and some may prefer to use pencils to shape them and then apply pomade to give them more depth. A fuller brow can give instant lift to the entire face.

The primary purpose of your mask is protection, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself using patterns and colours. Selecting the right type of mask to match your look and facial features can completely alter your appearance. When deciding which mask colour will complement your skin tone and hair colour the most, it is best to consider your last occasion when you wore a gown or a dress to go out for dinner. It’s a rule of thumb that black and white masks do not bring any benefits to anyone (black masks can appear too harsh and white masks may reveal stains from foundation, and other issues).

For the majority of us, navy blues, cool pinks, greens and blues face masks are safer options. If you’re a redhead or have a warmer skin tone, it is most probably safe to avoid face masks of hot pink or orange colours. Those with darker skin tones might think about putting on a luxury golden face mask. A bold red face mask will certainly stand out from the face-covering crowd.

If you’re wearing an all-white mask, such as a hospital or KN-95 mask then you may consider covering it artistically with a cloth with an attractive colour pattern. It is well recommended that redheads should consider green face masks for a complementary natural look while dark brunettes should try the shades of blushing rose. Yellow flatters everyone as it is considered people of colour. If you have a heart facial shape, do not wear a black face mask because it could make your chin appear smaller.