We are often asked questions by clients who are looking to take care of their hair with a biracial pattern or how to grow their hair faster or how to reverse damage from heat. We’d like to offer as much information as we can to help get the answers you’re looking for, so we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked hair myths in the hair salon community.


Hair can be “Bi-racial”

A range of hair textures may be seen on people with dual heritage. Sometimes individuals have multiple curl patterns in their hair. Research has showed that it’s not uncommon to find someone with both curly and straight hair – “bi-racial” hair.

If you are looking for advice on hair care online, the most appropriate descriptions to use are the keywords such as: fine, curly, wavy thick, coarse, thin, dense, coily hair, afro-textured, color treated, virgin, brittle, dry, soft, short, long medium and voluminous. It is common to hear someone describe their hair or hair of a child by the term “biracial.” If someone is attempting to provide hair-care assistance, this does not provide any useful information. Knowing your ethnic lineage or racial is not a good way to identify your needs for hair care. To describe someone’s hair by their race is not uncommon and is frequently well meaning, but it could restrict your accepting advice from these people. It’s hard to classify biracial hair correctly, since most hair types are a mix of various hair textures. Biracial hair is a complex term, and doesn’t specifically refer to a particular hair type or style. It could be straight or wavy, kinky curly, or a mix of all or some of these hair types. The people can identify the kind of curl pattern they’ve got by making use of a hair types classification system that is ranging between one and four. When they are aware of the type of curl they’ve got, they can select the appropriate products and techniques to care for it.

Eggs and mayonnaise are a protein-rich treatment

egg for hair

The mayonnaise base is egg yolks, lemon, vinegar or oil . It’s been a typical method to mix it together with EVOO as well as eggs in order to make a DIY protein treatment however, it’s not a viable treatment for protein treatment in reality. Proteins need to be hydrolyzed in order to attach to the cuticle of your hair and the proteins found in mayonnaise and eggs are simply too big. It doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefits of the vinegar or oil that are in the DIY recipe however, if protein is what you’re seeking in your hair, you may need to buy an actual protein treatment which is a chemist’s formulation to help strengthen your hair.

Cold water closes the hair shaft while hot air opens it.

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Young woman washing her long hair under the shower standing with her back to the camera rinsing it off under the jet of water with her head partially turned to the side over grey mosaic tiles

The reason that deep conditioning in a hooded dryer can provide soft and moisturizing results is due to the heat assists certain ingredients adsorb, and not absorb, onto the shaft of hair. Adsorption is simply adhering to the shaft’s surface in contrast to absorption that is when substances get inside the shaft. The adjustment of the pH levels in hair is what allows closing and opening of the cuticle of hair. Cold water won’t close the cuticle as well. However, making sure to stroke your hair downwards and not twirl it when washing it is a great method to protect the cuticle of your hair from rubbing against the hair’s grain.

Hair growth products that will make your hair look better

hair growth: Grow hair faster naturally with these 10 foods

There is nothing that can cause your hair to grow. A healthy, balanced lifestyle consisting of healthy balanced eating, regular exercise as well as a clean and healthy scalp, along with lower levels of stress are how you ensure your body is working well to nourish the hair’s follicle. There are occasions when the hair follicle is damaged and a dermatologist as well as specialist in trichology can identify and address the issue because the conditions of the scalp can impact the ability of your scalp to grow and foster hair. In addition, there is nothing that can speed up the process of hair growth. If there are any products that claim to help you grow hair, the truth is that they nourish and strengthen your hair to ensure that the hair breaks less frequently and maintains length. There are also ingredients that may boost growth by encouraging circulation of blood to your scalp but it doesn’t boost the growth rate of your hair.

Shiny hair means healthy hair

curly hair

This couldn’t be far from the truth. When your hair appears curly, the hair will be less likely to shimmer. Hair that is kinky is composed of individual strands with torsions that make it difficult to reflect light. This is a common occurrence in Type 4 hair, but is not restricted to that curl pattern. It doesn’t suggest that the hair is unhealthy.

The products will help your hair curl

Curl definers, such as mousses, gels, and creams are able to capture the natural curl pattern of your hair; they don’t give curl definition. There are Tumblr websites and Instagram feeds filled with 3c and 3-b curls, it is easy to grow hair envy, however, no one has the curls definition. The best method to find out whether you have the curl definition is to look at your hair when you put water into it. If curls and clusters don’t form it is likely that you do not have a definition of curls and that’s okay as you do not have the curl definition naturally. The absence of curl definition is merely an indication of damage in the event that you used to have curl definition, but isn’t able to be restored. This is a sign of damage as your hair could be suffering from an elasticity or protein issue.

Darkening your hair with dye will ensure it is healthy


If your hair is bleached and lightened, and is showing signs of breaking, then dyeing it with brunette colours won’t restore the health of your hair. Protein bonds have been broken and cannot be repaired, as with any other damage caused by chemicals. Transforming the hair color is certainly your right for any aesthetic reasons. However, in terms of the health of your hair, all one can accomplish is maintain it while transitioning to virgin hair.

Reversible heat damage.

Heat damage is irreversible . There is no way to train your hair with heat. If the moisturizing or hydration treatment or protein therapy `restored” your curl pattern and you didn’t experience heat damage . A second important point to remember is that damage from heat doesn’t only manifest on straight hair. Sometimes, it’s a loose and frizzier hair texture that is accompanied by excessive dryness. Do not believe that just simply because your hair doesn’t appear to be relaxed, that it isn’t damaged.