Cholesterol is among the most available and affordable agents for deep conditioning treatments. Beauty-conscious people and professionals have used this solution for decades. Whereas it can be used on every type of hair and all individuals with Cholesterol, there need be any fear of greasy residue or debris build-up. The human hair consists of fats, lipids, and proteins. Whereas protein acts as the lifeline of the human hair, fats, and lipids are also pivotal in the strengthening and growth of the human hair. Cholesterol, based on studies carried out, influences the growth of the hair.  The newly popular hair treatment with Cholesterol has existed for decades. This article serves to explain the process of the hair treatment procedure with Cholesterol as well as its benefits to the human hair.

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Hair treatment with Cholesterol helps to mend and replenish moisture to dehydrated and damaged hair. The treatment formula has long been used by the African and the American communities for several decades to give back the hair its moisture and softness after repetitive styling procedures.


The benefits of using Cholesterol for hair treatment

Cholesterol for Hair Treatment: Benefits + How to Do

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Cholesterol is described as a naturally occurring emulsifier that is used in the production of hair products such as hair shampoos and conditioners. It is added in concentrations of about 5%. Studies have revealed that Cholesterol can influence the proliferation of Keratinocyte and the formation of the hair shaft.

Although there isn’t any adequate research to prove the influence of Cholesterol on hair growth, several studies reveal that a cholesterol level change in the hair can result in hair disorders such as hirsutism and alopecia.

Anecdotal proof tends to suggest that it can restore the moisture in the hair, strengthen its follicles, and enhance its structure. It can also repair hair dryness and brittleness. Additionally, Cholesterol also is believed to help in the retention of moisture in our natural hair. We have some hair treatments with Cholesterol, which helps in the strengthening and protection of the hair. These treatments will be described in the next section.

Note: The given Cholesterol treatments only work on the skin’s surface and should be washed away. It should never be ingested. If excess Cholesterol is ingested, it can lead to chronic health damage.


Hair treatments with Cholesterol

1). Hot oil hair treatment with Cholesterol

This type of treatment is useful in the restoration of the natural moisture of the hair. An additional benefit of this type of treatment is to restore the hair sheen. This improves the health and appearance of the hair more than its previous condition. People who frequently use hair heating tools with chemicals to treat their hair can use this type of cholesterol treatment after applying shampoo to their hair.


2). Homemade hair treatment with Cholesterol

Mayonnaise is among the oldest types of Cholesterol. In the 1950s, when heat styling hair tools were available, people conditioned their hair with store-bought or homemade Mayonnaise. This type of treatment resulted in good hair with a shiny appearance and a soft texture. It also creates thick waves and curls. But, it will make the hair smell like you bathed in egg salad! If you use Mayonnaise for your hair treatment with Cholesterol, it will result to a luster, sheen, and softness of the hair as well as a desirable smell. But, there are no proofs to verify these effects.

3). Hair Cholesterol treatment with deep-conditioning

The most commonly used procedure for hair treatment is the deep conditioning with the cholesterol method. This is the right way to go about it. Apply and leave the conditioner on the hair for about 15 minutes. Ensure you cover up the hair by using a plastic hair cap. Then you could wrap up your head using a warm towel. Alternatively, you could get under the hooded dryer. For severely damaged hair, you should leave on the conditioner for one hour. Although several known deep-conditioning hair treatments have olive oil, they can include a certain quantity of olive oil for people who need superior results. There are reports that the procedure ensures the smoothness and silkiness of the hair. But, there are currently no scientific proofs to verify this claim.


People should only use the hair treatment with Cholesterol externally. It is not wise to think that eating foods rich in Cholesterol will help your hair improve. To achieve the intended result, Cholesterol should directly be applied to your hair. Consuming cholesterol-rich foods will increase the amount of Cholesterol in your blood. This can also adversely affect the health and could cause serious heart problems. Thus, foods high in Cholesterol should be avoided. To make your hair silky, shiny, soft, smooth, and beautiful, you should follow the outlined treatment.


Professional Answers to the questions from readers.

How frequently should I treat my hair with Cholesterol?

This depends on how bad your hair got damaged. If your hair has significant damage, if you use it once weekly, your hair could be repaired and rejuvenated.  When your hair gets to a healthy condition, you can then decide to treat the hair twice or once per month.


Can Cholesterol be left in the hair?

Due to how damaged your hair is, you can leave the Cholesterol in your hair for between 15 minutes and one hour. However, if you feel uneasy, you can check the hair periodically or just wash off the Cholesterol immediately.


How is a homemade hair treatment with Cholesterol made?

You could use ingredients that contain a high level of Mayonnaise and egg yolk.


Why is cholesterol hair treatment different from protein hair treatments?

Hair treatments with protein is used to strengthen the follicles of the hair. The follicles are fundamentally composed of protein. Hair treatments with Cholesterol are used to soften, hydrate, and improve the structure of the hair. It can also be used to repair the hair that has been damaged.


What type of hair can cholesterol treatment be used on?

The cholesterol type of hair treatment can correctly be used to patch-up a brittle, damaged, and dry hair due to the extreme use of coloring and chemical treatments.