You’re giving yourself hours of pampering and going to the salon for your hair is a very special moment. While it is great to relax and enjoy the moment, your stylist may ask you to do certain things at the salon that you might not be aware of. You might think about it this way: As you walk into the salon ready to indulge in hours of hair & beauty treatments, there might be a few things you are doing that may make your stylist unhappy about you. They want to provide you with a relaxing experience, and they are always right. However, there are some things that you as a loyal client can do to help them make their job easier. You will love your stylist and want them to enjoy cutting or colouring your hair.

While there are some obvious considerations (like arriving on time, not talking about last night’s Tinder date on speaker), there may be others that you aren’t aware of. Listen to stylists share their small complaints with clients and the things they wish they could see when they are enhancing our looks.

1. Do not lie about your hair history
You might feel the need for a white lie to your stylist about your hair history if you sneak in a box dye job outside of your appointment or don’t want your hair to go back to that reddish-coloured time. This small lie can have serious consequences.
Your stylist will ask you about your past hair services history. The stylist wants to know what your hair needs in order for you to get the desired result. Your hair could be in danger if you are not open with your stylist. Thus, if you wish your new ombre colour to look like the reference photo on your phone, it time to own up everything you have done.

2. Brushing Off Salon Products
Do not complain to your stylist about split ends or frizz. Instead, look at what products they have at the salon. They aren’t trying to sell you a car. Use professional products that you have purchased from your stylist. These products are guaranteed to be authentic and will deliver the desired outcome. Your hair stylist is your hair doctor. Your prescription for maintaining your best hair at home is the products you’re being advised.

3. Reduce Fidgeting to a Minimum
Although a slight turn of your head here and there is normal, you should keep your movements to a minimum. While we appreciate your desire to keep eye contact, as we are strategically placing your colours or holding sharp scissors hence it is important, we ask that you stay still. To avoid an asymmetrical haircut, keep your focus and eyes on one spot.

4. Do not colour your bleached hair on your own
If you are a blonde and would like to make a change, it is definitely not worth saving a few bucks by doing it yourself. This will make your stylist swoon. We’ve seen so many clients attempt to bleach their blonde at home and it can be difficult to go from blonde to brown or worse, to blonde to black in your own kitchen. It is not possible to reverse this process so it is crucial to have a professional assess the situation and make recommendations before proceeding any further. Make an appointment to save everyone the headache!

5. Do Not Rush
You will be disappointed if you ask your stylist to dye you blonde in 30 minutes. You have to wait for the dye to set, so don’t rush to get your appointment. Hair colour takes a certain amount of time to process. Make sure you allow enough time for your salon visit. The stylist will need to apply the colour and process it. Rushing the application only makes the outcome less desirable. Instant hair colour is not possible. It’s better not to make the appointment if you aren’t able to give it the time and effort you want.

6. Do not remain silent if you don’t like what you’re seeing
Don’t be keep to yourself if you are unhappy with the haircut. It is better to talk up and communicate on the hair goals during the appointment than afterward in an angry Yelp review. While it is okay to be fussy, you should be transparent and communicate openly on what is your desired hair goal. Although clients like to believe that every time they get up the chair, they find themselves in a new person. However, once they step out of the door, it is clear that they are still the exact same person with a different haircut. You are allowed to share your opinions and your preference. Our job is to listen to your thoughts and help you decide what you think and desire. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you want during your consultation.

7. Do Not Micromanage
It can be frustrating if your hair colour doesn’t match the reference image in the magazine or phone. But trust your stylist’s explanations and reasoning — they have been doing hair for longer than you. You should only trust a hairstylist you feel comfortable with. They have been educated, apprenticed, and most likely continue their education. Your stylist should take control of the haircut or hair colour process and not micromanage it. Trust them and there is a reason for their decisions.

8. Respect The Space
Although it is possible to make a fast phone call while you are seated, it’s not a good idea to turn it into an entire Skype conversation. Respect the space when you’re in the salon. Talking on the speakerphone is not a good idea. It is annoying for your stylist and can be distracting to other clients trying to relax. It’s likely that you won’t enjoy hearing your co-worker’s noisy conversation about how they used their coffee cup the third time, it is safer to think that others near you do not either.

9. Do not show up late
Schedules can often like a Tetris-style game with perfectly planned appointments. If we wait 10 minutes, we won’t have a break. 15 minutes wait means that our next client will not be pleased. 20 minutes wait means that we likely can’t take you. While we understand that sometime it happens in life, a quick call to your stylist to let them know you are running late or to arrange for another date or time will ensure that the appointment is focused and meaningful for you, our client. These are minor niggles and suggestions, as you can see. Your stylist will love you in the end, but they will do their best to make your appointment enjoyable.