If you are a girl with a large forehead, you will know how hard it’s to find a hairstyle that is both flattering and stylish, and one which also cleverly hides your glaringly noticeable”five head”. We have picked the 30 Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads to give you a hand with choosing a new hairstyle to match your face kind.

With so many terrific hairstyles to choose from, you are sure to locate a fabulous style that will banish your huge forehead woes!

1. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Angelina Jolie Half-up Hairdo With Side Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_01

American film star and filmmaker Angelina Jolie look stunning with her hot half-up hairdo and sweeping side bangs. She sports a cool bouffant, and slightly sloppy bang that hide half of her brow. Bangs are your very best friend when you’ve got a huge forehead, as they draw attention away from the hairline and divert the gaze down to your lips and eyes. Half-up hairdos are also great since they combine the best of both worlds – the glamour of this up and the carefree spirit of loose locks.

2. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Katherine Heigl Cute Curls

Hairstyle for big foreheads_02

American actress and film producer Katherine Heigl look fantastic together with her adorable golden curls framing her face. Her extended bob hairstyle is fantastic for her huge forehead, as the curls slightly cover her forehead and they also draw attention away from her buttocks.

3. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Rihanna Fenty Sexy Bob With Side Fringe

Hairstyle for big foreheads_03

Singer and songwriter Rihanna Fenty stones a hot bob with a huge, sweeping side-fringe. If you’re looking for a brief hairstyle that will fit your huge forehead, then this is a excellent option. Maintenance is moderate effort – you will have to keep the sides brief and straighten the fringe every morning to keep it smooth and glossy.

4. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Nicole Kidman Side Plait

Hairstyle for big foreheads_04

Australian actor, singer and movie producer Nicole Kidman look divine with her unwanted plait and a wispy side fringe. A side plait is terrific for drawing attention away from the brow, as it draws the eye . Part your hair to one side and fashion your side fringe over one eye for a super hot and mysterious appearance. For additional texture, use a texturizing spray (e.g., a sea salt water spray) in your locks prior to styling.

5. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Rachel McAdams Up’do With Wispy Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_05

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams looks stunning with her easy up and soft, wispy bangs. We love how her bangs are tapered and curved so they are longer in the sides, framing her face perfectly. Wispy bangs cover your forehead whilst still appearing soft and light, rather than thick and tight bangs that can look too harsh. For an extra-romantic finishing touch, embrace your hair’s natural feel and allow the flyaway hairs frame your face.

6. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Yvonne Strahovski Curly Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_06

Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski looks fantastic with her hot curly bob and a little side fringe. The side fringe and the curls operate to hide her huge forehead, while her trendy below-the-chin length bob reflects her spunky nature and contemporary style. Finish up with a light hairspray to maintain your hairstyle in place.

7. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Jena Malone Sleek Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_07

Once more, the side fringe is vital to concealing a large forehead, and it is effortlessly stylish too. You may choose a sleek and sexy side like Jena’s, a wispy and textured side fringe, or a piecey side fringe that covers more of your brow. Ask your hair stylist, that style would suit you best, taking into account your personal preferences and your face shape.

8. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Allison Williams Soft Waves

Hairstyle for big foreheads_08

For those who have a huge forehead and long hair like Allison’s, attempt a side-swept parting which sends your long locks cascading down your face, partially hiding your brow. Insert a few layers towards the ends of your hair for additional definition, and some pretty earrings to additional draw attention away from your brow.

9. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Leighton Meester Mid-length Waves

Hairstyle for big foreheads_09

Her glistening, bouncy waves direct attention away from her huge forehead, and we love the fashionable medium length of her hot, light brunette locks. Take inspiration from Leighton and opt for an amber fade hair color, from moderate brunette roots to warm and intimate golden brown tips.

10. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Christina Hendricks Bold Layers

Hairstyle for big foreheads_10

Her middle parting allows hair to partly conceal her huge forehead, while the daring layers at cheek level direct the gaze downwards. For additional impact, opt for just a couple of layers on your hair so the layers are clearly visible.

11. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Tyra Banks Long Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_11

Former supermodel and TV character Tyra Banks look absolutely divine with her glossy and sexy long bob hairstyle. Tyra has publicly joked about her”fivehead”, and she is a major advocate for adopting natural beauty and enhancing your best features. Simply gorgeous!

Hairstyle for large foreheads: Jennifer Garner Long Side-parted Locks

Hairstyle for big foreheads_12

We adore her daring side fringe and the hot waves in her glistening chestnut-brown hair. A side-fringe is extremely flattering for a huge forehead, as it hides it also redirecting attention to your lips and eyes. For best results, be sure your hair is super-healthy and glistening by making sure it is properly moisturized.

13. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Malin Akerman Tousled Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_13

Swedish Canadian actress, singer and model Malin Ackerman look magnificent with her blond tousled bob. She wears her hair in a somewhat off-centre parting, with gentle waves that frame her face. These waves also hide the top corners of her brow, which makes it look smaller.

14. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Kate Beckinsale Long Layers

Hairstyle for big foreheads_14

Layers are extremely flattering for all face shapes, assuming you maintain the shortest layer under chin length (note: bangs and fringes do not count as layers). A centre parting and A-line bang operate very well to conceal a huge forehead, whilst still leaving some skin visible. To get a super sexy final appearance, take inspiration from Kate and straighten the layers that frame your face, and include subtle waves into the tips of your hair.

15. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Britney Spears Long Locks With Side Fringe

Hairstyle for big foreheads_15

Recording artist and entertainer Britney Spears have made her comeback, and she is looking gorgeous with her long brunette locks and a small side fringe. The side fringe interrupts her huge forehead, creating a trendy diversion that enriches her eyes. To draw attention away from a huge forehead, be certain your eyes are perfectly composed and your face is flawless.

16. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Mary-Kate Olsen Cute Braided Up’do

Hairstyle for big foreheads_16

We adore her cluttered crown braid, and her light, summery blonde hair colour. Braided hairstyles draw attention away from a huge forehead with their detailing, and wispy flyaway hairs with side bangs are a bonus since they further hide the top corners of the forehead. You may search YouTube for online tutorials about the best way best to make a halo/crown braid, or another sort of braided hairstyle you fancy.

17. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Alexis Bledel Glamorous Up’do

Hairstyle for big foreheads_17

Actress, model, and manufacturer Alexis Bledel look effortlessly beautiful with her simple yet glamorous upward along with a cute side fringe. For those who have a huge forehead, do not be afraid to wear your hair up – simply wear it with a side fringe or bangs, and pick a side parting to make styling easier. If you do not have bangs or a knee, you may make a negative fringe by styling your hair with one section sweeping across your forehead and trapped in the side.

18. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Amy Jackson Sleek Ponytail

Hairstyle for big foreheads_18

Her side fringe can help to partially conceal her huge forehead, and her pretty earrings and perfect makeup further draw attention away from her hairline. Take inspiration from Amy and maintain your hair shiny glossy and smooth for a glamorous and alluring final appearance. Utilize an anti-frizz spray to tame flyaway hairs, and put off the heat styling for some time to allow hair to recover for any heat-related damage.

19. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Diane Kruger Messy Side Plait

Hairstyle for big foreheads_19

German actress and former fashion model Diane Kruger look laid back and effortlessly beautiful with her cluttered side plait and organic makeup. Her side-parted hair covers the top corners of her huge forehead, which makes it look less boxy and not as noticeable. Get Diane’s beautifully manicured look by making a great deal of texture on your hair before styling it in a really loose and messy side plait.

20. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Ellen Page Sweeping Side Fringe

Hairstyle for big foreheads_20

Her side fringe / bangs cover most of her huge forehead, accentuating her gorgeous hazel eyes instead. This hairstyle requires a substantial quantity of volume, so begin by trapping your hair with volume boosting shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair is dry, use a tiny bit of anti-frizz serum to tame the worst pieces of fuzz, and leave the remainder natural.

21. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Zooey Deschanel Choppy, Angled Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_21

In case you’ve got a particularly higher forehead, then you can opt for more bangs that skim your lashes. Before getting your bangs, speak with your hair stylist to pick the best style for your face shape. Additionally, thick bangs that completely cover your forehead aren’t a terrific idea if you are prone to acne, as your brow can get oily under the bangs and cause breakouts.

22. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Kate Bosworth Low Ponytail & Side Fringe

Hairstyle for big foreheads_22

American actress, singer and model Kate Bosworth look fantastic with her hot low ponytail and a flattering side fringe. The low ponytail is a grown-up and hot version of the normal ponytail, and it is fantastic for girls with large foreheads because it draws attention away from the hairline. The negative fringe is a bonus, as it partly covers a huge forehead.

23. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Rachel McAdams Sexy Mid-Length Hairdo

Hairstyle for big foreheads_23

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams looks phenomenal with a hot mid-length hairstyle which sports a side-swept fringe and plenty of waves. The side swept fringe is mysterious and sexy, and it is also quite flattering for her huge forehead. We absolutely love this volume-pumped hairstyle, and her summery light blond hair colour with its own wheat blonde highlights and honey blond low-lights.

24. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Summer Glau Cute Chignon

Hairstyle for big foreheads_24

American actress Summer Glau appears glamorous with her adorable chignon and long pieces of hair that frame her face. The chignon is similar to a fancy bun which are secured at the nape of their neck, and it is ideal for formal occasions and first dates. Keep your hairstyle somewhat”undone” and loose to get a more natural and intimate style.

25. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Christina Ricci Modern Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_25

For those who have a round face and a large forehead like Christina’s, it is best to decide on an angular side fringe or side bangs to break the”circle” outline of your face. Outward flicking waves and curls may also be quite flattering – just make sure you keep your bob length just below your chin, or it might make your face look much rounder!

26. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Mena Suvari Asymmetrical Bob & Blunt Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_26

American actress, fashion designer, and version Mena Suvari look fantastic with her blond asymmetrical bob and blunt bangs. Blunt bangs are extremely flattering for girls with large foreheads, as they completely hide the brow and draw all of the attention to the eyes. In case you’ve got a broad forehead, then opt for eye-brow length bangs, and in case you’ve got a high forehead, then instead go for eyelash skimming bangs.

27. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Alexis Bledel Wispy Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_27

American actress, model and manufacturer Alexis Bledel looks stunning with her mid length wavy hairstyle and wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are less daring than dull bangs, as they still leave some skin visible behind the hair. Fantastic for a softer and more intimate look!

28. Hairstyle for big foreheads: Zooey Deschanel Side Bun & Thick Bangs

Hairstyle for big foreheads_28

New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel looks heavenly with her unwanted bun and thick, messy bangs that completely hide her huge forehead. The negative bun is quirky and modern, and it is a excellent modern style statement. For the best results, pump your hair full of volume so that it seems super-thick and healthy before turning it into a bun. Consider using volume boosting styling mousse on damp hair and blow-drying using a round brush for additional volume.

29. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Yvonne Strahovski Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

Hairstyle for big foreheads_29

Her side parting retains her hair covering the top corners of her huge forehead, which makes it look smaller. Decide on a profound side parting (one which extends back on your mind ) to keep the hair on the side. Utilize a curling iron for glossy and smooth hair, and a few anti-frizz spray to help keep it looking pretty and polished.

30. Hairstyle for large foreheads: Zoe Saldana Medium Layers

Hairstyle for big foreheads_30

Actress Zoe Saldana looks stunning with her layered medium-length locks. She wears her light chocolate-brown locks using a middle parting which allows her hair to cover the top corners of her brow, which makes it look smaller. To further draw attention away from a huge forehead, take inspiration from Zoe and keep your cosmetics impartial with bright red lips.

We hope you have enjoyed our 30 Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads! No more big forehead woes or wanting that your face was different – all you need is the ideal hairstyle to match your face kind!