Not all people define us and can have slender faces. A number people are blessed with cheeks that bunch up when we smile and faces. Don’t despair if you are one of the women with a round or chubby face. You should be shouting for joy, if anything. I think faces are more attractive than faces – there is something about a cuteness about them which is lose and the way.

They are also a curse if you do not know how to wear you hair together like this may be a boon while faces. Wearing your hair stand out a little too much, concealing your cuteness and which makes you look spherical. Don’t panic, I am not contradicting myself and stating chubby faces are a bad thing – I firmly believe the opposite – it is only a case of understanding how to wear your hair, what lengths suit you and what styles you need to finally avoid. With that in mind, here is my final collection of 20 hairstyles that match plump and round faces…

1. Mix Up Your Layers

Mix Up Your Layers

Among the best ways to create your face look a round and fantastic would be to frame it. Get your stylist to include plenty of layers that are long, moderate layers and layers to give a effect to you. This may take focus away from the face and is great as it is a style you can wear perfectly whether you have wavy, curly or straight hair.

2. Bob


I love the bob design – particularly as well as looking fantastic. If you have got a chubby or round face, consider getting a chin length bob. This will make your bone structure stick out and may call attention. The curve of this design, if you wear it straight or wavy, will frame your face giving an appearance to it.

3. Change Your Parting

Change Your Parting

A middle parting might look great but they have a tendency to draw attention to the cheek area look fuller and rounder – . Experiment with unique partings to see what impact they have on your appearance to fight this. You may try wearing a parting although A side parting looks fab.

4. Curl Your Hair

Curl Your Hair

All of us love hair that is straight but I am sorry to say with a chubby or round face it avoided. You may believe the appearance slims but it draws attention. Consider wearing your hair to give your hair volume, this look will help to slim down those cheeks.

5. Sweeping Bangs

Sweeping Bangs

I am concerned that it will not cut, when attempting to make your face look slimmer. They’ll wind up drawing on far too much attention and resting in your cheeks. Ask your stylist to give you a bit of side bangs – this can help draw attention drawing attention and highlighting them.

6. Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

You think I am crazy but trust me when I say that cuts can be a boon for girls with round faces. Yes, you are displaying your’problem area’ but does that have to be a bad thing? Pixie cuts with tapering will appear the best but do not be afraid to ask experimentation and your stylist’s view. Highlighting what you believe are your defects can do you wonders.

7. Half Up Do

Half Up Do

If you are not ready to show off the complete extent of the roundness of your face then how about trying a half up do to find out what you look like along with your round cheeks on display first? This is a style and, even your face is being eyeglasses, if you leave a few strands do. You can put as much or as little hair as you need into your up so it is worth experimenting do. Some women’s suit with most of the hair up while others match having very little up, it’s all down to personal taste so don’t be afraid to try a few variations of the style out.

8. Long Layers

Long Layers

I realise that the variation in style is not for everybody although I said before layers. In case you’ve got long hair and are proud of it then you can always become easy long layers cut into your hair. When allowing you to get the most out of your luscious locks, they draw attention. If you’re somewhat nervous about this particular style, then start off by having only a few layers cut and slowly build them up.

9. Sleek Ponytails

Sleek Ponytails

Why are you trying to hide away your pretty face once more? Why don’t you take advantage of your curves and show it off? Sleek ponytails help you do that. Having your hair all pulled back from your face helps show the shape of your face off. It enables people to see into your eyes and highlights the curve of your neck. Where is the downside?

10. High Buns

High Buns

All of us love a bun that is gorgeous, do not even attempt to deny it. To make your face look longer and therefore slimmed down, pull on your hair. The height will alter appearance and the shape of your face and you get to flaunt this sexy and hot style . Win, win!

11. Short Haircut

Short Hair

Before but I wish to reiterate how short hairstyles are able to look on girls with round faces, I said the bob hairstyle. Forget that silly myth that they make your face look rounder – that is miles from true! Your face really softens and get the most out of your cheeks. I will admit short styles do require a little trial and error to locate your perfect length, therefore I recommend getting your stylist to take a little hair off in a time until you are content with your new look.

12. Chignons


This is a excellent style for girls with round faces. Needless to say, it looks great on girls with faces but that is not the point. Soften your lips and to making it work on a round face, the trick would be to leave a few strands of hair the frame your face.

13. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

Then try wearing a ponytail, if smooth and sleek is not your style. It will have all the exact results in your face and will also give your hair thickness and feel, drawing more attention to this therefore highlighting your round face less. It is a trial and error style – some girls like it cluttered, others enjoy a locks of hair. It is entirely down to you!

14. Long Locks

Long Locks

Having hair that is long does wonders for a round face. It helps to elongate and slim down the expression of the face and provides you with a kick ass feature for individuals to look at. I love long hair, it is among the best looks in case you ask me!

15. Classic Waves

Classic Waves

We have covered curls and now it is time to let you know why easy, classic waves are fantastic for round faces. Much like curls, they enhance the appearance of your face and give your hair volume and texture, instantly slimming out the expression of your face. You can have it all or waves, waves that are loose of your hair. It’s terrific for making a statement and personalizing your own style.

16. Sleek And Straight

Sleek And Straight

Alright, I know, I know, today I’m contradicting myself but trust me when I say it is not for a great reason. You probably weren’t satisfied with me when I told you that straight hair was not great for round faces that’s true… to an extent. If you just can not avoid having luscious smooth locks, then try adding a little bit of moose of gel into your hair when you are finished styling it to rough it up a little. The matte, unkept appearance with look fab with your smooth hair so you get the best of both worlds.

17. Accessorize


If you wish to draw attention away from the shape of your face with minimal fuss then an accessory is the ideal way to do that. Simply select slide it! Nobody will even be looking at your face.

18. Side Braid

Side Braid

I’m a huge fan of the side braid, largely because of how it completely transforms your appearance. It is great because while your face opens up it enough to draw the eye so nobody will care round your face is.

19. Add Height

Add Height

Your face will be immediately elongated by pushing up your tail or half do. The height on your hair will make it look the appearance of your face reducing. This is a simple illusion which gives results.

20. Tousled Hair

Tousled Hair

Simply tousling your hair while it short, shoulder or bobbed span is for slimming down round faces, fab. Add a little bit of gel or mousse and work your hands. You can have your hair so that it’s well worth finding out what looks great on you and experimenting as you like, as mussed up.