As we age and mature, it is difficult to judge if you need to stick to your usual look or amp it up. We advise you to go for a transformation as it will enable a fresh appearance and a new hairstyle can certainly build great confidence undeniably. Regardless of what is your age, you will hope to put on your hair the crown perfectly. You do not wish to seem like your own hair is wearing you instead. It could be downright unsettling. We know that the concern if you will be able to pull off the new hairstyle will influence your thoughts frequently. As standing in front of a mirror for decades will gradually make us realized that we are changing. Do not worry, it is perfectly fine! God created us humans and all humans will age with time! To keep things simple, we strongly advise balance and moderation. If you’d desire a bold hair colour, you may have to adhere to a subtle shape for the haircut. Vice versa, if you’d like a bold haircut, then opt for a softer and subtle hair colour. There’s a very fine line between aging gracefully or appearing as if you are trying too hard. Listed below are a couple of common pitfalls that we advise to be avoided.

Too Long

Haircut That Make You Look Younger

All of us adore glamorous and stunning long hair. However, this is the number one aging factor according to a study conducted among men. It have to be done properly or may turn out to be a complete miss. As we grow older, our hair will become thinner naturally. Hair extensions will be a great and easy fix to maintain the hair length and volume entailing a natural appearance. Even in the event that you have flowing righteous hair older being shape and cut into a style. Moreover, the appearance of longer hair can easily drag down the face. The medium length or beneath the collar bone are greater choices if you do not bear to part with your long locks.


Bold Colours

We really like iconic blondie’s Debbie Harry but the white platinum blonde on mature women may sometimes become a bit harsh as it may resemble the white grey hair. Having a hair colour or higlights makeover as you mature is a fantastic idea. We strongly recommend to incorporate the natural root and some lowlights to such platinum blonde. All of us can look very blonde but best in a subtle manner and style. As we mature, our skin colour will also change gradually. Golden and buttery tones of blonde are far more flattering. As the darker shade of black hair can look very aging so it is recommended to soften with natural highlights within 3 shades of the natural hair colour. This is definitely an easy solution to complement the look. Caramel coloured highlights look stunning on brunettes. For a number of women who’ve coloured their hair for many years, to find the natural tone that blend well to their hair is very challenging. Hence finding a great colourist when you are over forty is very critical to factor into your hair beauty budget and to-do-list.


Bold Haircuts

We value bold fashion statement more than anybody but this is a no-brainer. We recommend that experimental follies of life and style must remain in your younger days. Unless you are an artist at SOHO, such experiment might still be acceptable. Try to avoid haircut with harsh angles and opt for soft blended layered hairstyles for more movement. It is way much simpler to style with more choices and avoiding the awkward hairstyles that you never asked for as the hair grow out.




Dated Colour

As we are well adept in stripy highlights, chunky colour or even skunky colour. This has another no-no of fanciful colour but all in one look. We all are aware that the “money piece” which is a blonde eye-catching highlight is getting popular now. However, as usual when comes to colour fashion, it may turn into a trend over kill. This money piece term began in the colour world a couple of years back as an aim to get a blonder piece around the face. That is flattering and attracts light that’s youthful. However, it has manifested into a significant skunk stripes that we are seeing it frequently. It is important to keep your colour balanced and blended. Besides, the dimension needs to be prioritized by a skilled colourist.


Punky Haircut

We appreciate the confidence and intelligence of short-haired women.  However, it is extremely critical that you pick the perfect short hairstyle wisely that will technically complement your age well. The funky and punky hairstyles are best suited on the cute and young faces. For the mature age, it is best to opt for hairstyles that is classic or softer natural look. However, if you desire to put on a super edgy short haircut, then it is best to match the haircut with a softer appearing hair colour as we discussed previously. But, some of these haircuts actually look great on bold hair colour too, so this is only one of those looks that we think that regardless of what age – a pretty face will go with petite features.


The Bob Haircut

We have saved the most common hair pitfall for the last. The bob is a classic haircut that we all desire but it can easily appear dull and bland. We have chosen the image of Anna Wintour since she has a basic bob haircut and she constantly appears chic. The key to having this appearance as the perfect option is the technique on how it is cut. This is a classic Vidal Sassoon hair contour and shape. If a hairstylist does not understand how to perform this seemingly simple cut (it is not simple!), it can result in an old-fashioned look instead. In case you’ve struggled with your bob hairstyle, it will be wiser to choose a long bob of a more versatile appearance.


Short haircuts for women like bob or pixel haircut may possess a tomboy feel. Adding feminine touches to your outfit can help soften the tomboy appearance. Lace, embellished shirts, pastels, vivid colours, florals, fitted skirts and ruffles are good areas to get started. Avoid clothing that’s loose or tight. Rather, stick with cushioned clothes and coating flowing cardigans or even kimonos. Avoid this “boyfriend” fashions since these will simply add to the manly appearance. If you would like to put on a baggy shirt, you may complement it with skinny jeans or even a tailored skirt. Blazers are just another fantastic way to layer and add dimension to your appearance. Wearing strapless allows the outfit flaunt your short haircut, neck, and concentrate on the face.


Regardless of what you decide on, we should all be proud of our age! Aging isn’t for the faint of heart but we are grateful for our life experiences which have resulted in what we are now. Even in an image and outlook driven, youth obsessed culture, intellect and confidence are exactly what make a woman attractive! Life is amazing because ironically these are things that have age.