After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, it is the time of the year for comeback when full-grown adults gather to play dress-up as well as there is nothing which SCREAMS Halloween more than a makeup masterpiece on your face.

This we begin the search for the ideal Halloween makeup inspiration with the a question in our mind: What are the looks that is both sexy and scary? Look, scary Halloween makeup are not for all. You might still be haunted by someone who dressed up like a creepy clown one Halloween night years ago that spooked the heck out of you and your friends. A spooky Halloween makeup can be as simple as dressing up as a bloodied zombie, vampire, or werewolf. However, there are certainly more scary makeup ideas out there if you tap into the wide range of thrillers or horror films which can be your inspiration for the scariest Halloween costume yet.

But some of you would rather make Halloween costume party-goers laugh with a funny makeup or costume rather than causing the young kids to run away in fear with a scary Halloween makeup. However, both responses will still advise to nail down the Halloween with a killer makeup, but if you do wish to go over to the darker side this Halloween, take a careful look at these scariest Halloween makeup inspirations.

Most of us would still love to creep people out a little by putting on something extraordinary, like a wrapped in gauze and fake head open wound with blood dripping down that does not precisely make you feel adorable, you understand? Thus, we did some research onlineโ€”which involved long hours of endless browsing through IGโ€”to find the scariest Halloween makeup. Whether you fancy glam or gore, we have a look for whatever your spooky heart will like.ย  So if you have not decided your Halloween costume yet and waiting for some new inspo, scroll down to view these jaw-dropping spooky looks to try on October 31. All you need to do is pick a scary Halloween makeup which meshes with your chosen level of fear, and you will be bound to make a chilling entrance at the Halloween party or elicit squeals when you open the door for trick-or-treaters. Warning: Serious inspiration may happen and get ready to SCREAM!


Artist: @beautybymols