Come and visit our new Nail Bar at Hera Hair Beauty. We are excited to open our new space!

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At Hera Hair Beauty, we pride ourselves on our vibrant space that thrives on fun customer experiences. Continuing to upgrade our space is a big part of maintaining the modern tone of our nail salon. We’re excited to announce that we have recently renovated a brand-new space to our salon. Check out the new bar and get access to our wide range of nail treatments.

Our salon is not only about your nails but about a fun experience of self-care. Come for the great nails, and stay for the atmosphere. At the nail bar in our new space, you can get your nails done while drinking a cocktail or complimentary hot drink.

Beverages and Drinks

When you get your nails done in our new space or one of our other comfy spaces within our salon, you’ll have access to a range of  beverages and drinks. We offer coffee, teas, cappuccinos, and more to help you relax whilst having your treatment. All customers have the option to enjoy complimentary hot drinks with nail services.


The welcoming atmosphere and fun drinks are an important part of our salon. However, at the core of our services are professional nail artists who will brighten up your nails while keeping them healthy. We offer various services to customize your nails

Manicures and Pedicures

Simple but effective manicures and pedicures can come in many different forms. These services are optimal if you need to touch up your nails and cuticles with shaping and trimming in addition to styling them. Whether you’re looking for a classic manicure, gel manicure, or just a simple shaping and base color, a manicure will leave your nails looking and feeling fresh. You can also upgrade your manicure to a luxury manicure to get treatment on your hands as well.

Pedicure services mirror manicure services, as many of these options are available for feet as well. Choose a classic or gel pedicure, or upgrade to a luxury pedicure service. The luxury service goes beyond your nails and includes an added focus to your feet, removing dead skin cells and massaging your feet for healthy skin and more relaxation.

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are meant for people who are looking for longer nails. This treatment uses plastic to elongate the nails and then covers them with an acrylic solution to achieve a natural look. With this service, you can make your nails longer while still getting a bright and vibrant look applied over the extension.

Nail Art

Nail art is optimal for people looking for a more complex, stylish design on their nails. Think of this service as an elevated manicure. Your nail artist will still shape your nails and do everything they need to make your nails healthy. However, you will get a design that is levelled up from a simple coat of colour. Our professional nail artists are trained to provide neat and artsy nail art. If you’re looking for cool and fun designs that will make your nails stand out, this is the option for you.

Why Get Your Nails Done

People get their nails done for many different reasons. One reason is to keep nails healthy. While breaks between manicures sometimes can be healthy, keeping your nails clean and trimmed helps to keep your nails fresh. Further, there is no harm in shaping nails to keep them neat. There are even some treatments that can help your nails grow. For example, gel manicures strengthen nails and provide a layer of protection, allowing your nails to grow better.

On the other hand, some people get their nails done for the unique styles and designs. Many people are drawn to the bright and vibrant nail designs that professional nail technicians can provide.

Similarly, some people get their nails done for the experience. Getting your nails done can be fun. For many people, it’s a way to relax and practice self-care. Just like massages, getting your hair done, or getting other beauty treatments, nail care is a way to invest in yourself. Have a drink and chill out while our nail technicians work to keep your nails healthy and design them to your liking.

No matter your reason for getting your nails done, we offer the services, drinks, and environment to make your experience exciting and unique.

Check Out Our New Space!

We always strive to provide a great customer experience from start to finish. Check out our new nail bar and gain access to our wide selection of drinks and services. Whether you’re looking for a full self-care experience, a way to clean up your nails, or a unique and extravagant design, we’re the salon for you.

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