This is the ultimate hair hack: How to reverse the hair damage process and restore healthy, soft and silky hair. To conceal the hair damage signs, we used to use shine serums and conditioning masks in the past.

Nowadays, there is hope for hair that has been severely damaged by styling or colouring. New technology called “inner strength” that rebuilds hair from the inside is revolutionizing beauty.

Keratin bonds are hair’s ladder-like structure. The rungs may break if you heat or colour your hair. Too many breaks can cause hair to snap. This new revolutionizing technology ensure that these bonds are permanently reconnected, making hair physically stronger.

Most hair salons offer bond menders like Olaplex, L’Oreal Professionnel Smartbond and Wellaplex. They can also be used as add-on in colour sessions or as an individual standalone repair treatment.

The idea is also being used in home products. Here’s everything you need to know about strengthening your hair. Ranging from masks to shampoos and anti breakage dyes.

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Who will benefit from in-salon bonds repair?

Anybody with hair damage or who has had their hair colored. The hair’s internal structure is destroyed by heat styling using irons, tongs, and blow-drying. Because it rebuilds bonds in the same process that causes it to break down, bond repair is particularly useful for minimising damage from hair colouring or highlights processes.

What does it mean for blondes?

Bond repair can make your hair look lighter without causing hair breakage. Kim Kardashian was famous for going platinum using Olaplex. It is well recommended not to push the hair to the extreme condition.

It is more common to see people using bond repair to minimize damage, while maintaining the same blonde level. Extreme colour changes such as going icy or platinum blonde within one day will still be problematic because bleach will continue to degrade hair long after treatment. Hence, tou’ll also need many bond-repair procedures in-between.

What is possible for darker hair?

Bond menders are certainly a great option for coloring brunettes and redheads. Darker hair dye can be more damaging than you think. The hair structure is also being damaged by the dye you use since it is common to spread the dye right to the hair ends.

What happens if my hair is too damaged or fragile to colour?

Bond repair can be done as an individual standalone treatment to strengthen the hair and make it more resistant to further chemical processing.

This will make me go back to virgin hair.

Unfortunately, it will not. Although you are re-establishing the hair bonds, your hair will not be as strong as before the chemical process. It can make a huge difference to the damaged hair but it is not a magical fix.

What is the cost of this?

You can expect to pay between $50 and $80 for a blow-dry or regular color service.