Image result for honey blonde hairHoney blonde hair is a combination of light brownish and sun-kissed blonde with warm golden tones . As a result of this double blonde and brunette tones, the honey blond hair might be accommodated by making it lighter or darker to accommodate unique skin tones, eye colours and individual fashions. Together with honey blond fans ranging from Beyonce into Rosie Huntington Whiteley, there exists a honey colour for everybody. Below, checkout 30 of the most useful honey blond inspiration looks that’ll induce one to give it a try to your self.


Golden Honey Blonde

Golden honey tones are the best colours for providing own hair a beachy, sun kissed feel — perfect if you are needing a summer shade refresh.


Dark Honey Blonde

For People with a obviously dark base colour or more tanned or olive complexions, darker honey colours are particularly flattering. Now swaying an ashy blonde however trying to change things up? Honey beiges get the job done nicely while they add warmth into arctic tones without even turning the shade overly showy or yellowish.


Honey Blonde Highlights

For your many indetectable has-she-hasn’t-she end result, attempt soft highlights concentrated round front as opposed to an overall total all over colour.


Honey Blonde Using Light Blonde Highlights

If you like extremely light blondes but do not adore the maintenance that comes with this, having a honey root smudge helps blend on your normal shade more easily.


Natural honey blond

Warm tones may wash those out with fairer skin. Choosing a cooler toned honey colour similar to that one is going to provide you an even far more natural-looking and flattering outcome.


Auburn Hair Using Honey Blonde Highlights

Whether you have always desired to go reddish, or you are an all natural red mind looking to incorporate more measurement, auburn and honey are a more superb combination.


Short Honey blond Hair

Honey blonde hair functions nicely for all hair lengths, that can be great news for the shorthaired girls. Give a weary bob a brand new lease of life having a light-reflecting honey blond colour.


Light Honey Blonde

All of us love the way that this lighter honey blond combines cooler tones at the top with warmer, gold tones at the layers below.


Honey Blonde Balayage

Hate needing to go to the hairdresser to get your colour redo constantly? Consult your stylist to get balayage rather than conventional high lights — that the colour is used free hand therefore there isn’t any unpleasant lines since it develops out and also the upkeep is nominal.


Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Is your colour too dull? Boost chocolate and chestnut brunettes with the accession of some lighter blond strands.


Red Honey Hairstyle

This appearance strikes the ideal balance between crimson red and blonde, which makes it a wonderful pick for those natural red heads appearing to really go blonder.


Honey Blonde Highlights for Black-Hair

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Honey balayage is sweeter than you ever dreamed just like this drizzle of honey balayage all over our lovely client’s hair resembles a drizzle of honey over anything else—it just makes everything sweeter. Our master stylist, Jen has taken her to this dramatic road and layer honey over dark roots, mixing it with caramel for a dazzling gleaming golden mane. Though a little more outgoing than most, this balayage look is mesmerizing with its dynamic colour placement and vivid shade selection. Each strand seems to feature more than two colours, making it a blended dream! Are you sold on honey balayage? Why not? After all, you fall right between blonde and brunette. Doesn’t that mean you have it all? No matter your hair colour or style, hope our balayage inspiration will take you to your next salon appointment with us. DM, Email, Call or Book Your Appointment Online —-> #singaporehairsalon #singaporehairdresser #singaporehaircolor #singaporecolorist #singaporehairstyle #singaporecolorist #hairstylisttribe #hairstylistlife #hairgoals #hairbeforeandafter #haircutandcolor #haircolors #haircolorideas #blondehairgoals #blondehairstyles #blondehaircolor #blondehaircare #blondehairs #balayage #balayageombre #balayagehaircolor #nofilterhaircolor #expatsingapore #expatlivingsingapore #expatlifesingapore #singaporeexpat #singaporeexpats #singaporeexpatwives

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This fairly foilyage blending demonstrates darkish raven locks and honey blond are an extremely stunning combination.


Jennifer-lopez Honey Blonde Hair

Jennifer Lopez with long curly honey blonde hair in a half-up half-down ponytail


Jennifer-lopez with extended curled honey blond hair at a Half-up half-down pony-tail. Whether she is wearing her own hair at a fashionable lob or glamorous flowing curls, J-lo’s gold honey blond has been her signature colour.


Honey Platinum

Warmup trendy platinums and enhance your complexion with a gold, buttery blond.


Caramel Honey Hair HighLights

Hair colour blend do not come sweeter than that intense caramel honey.


Honey Chestnut

If fall have been a hair colour, we are pretty certain it’d Look just like this honey and chestnut blending.


Ash Honey Blonde

Part brunette, a part blond, 100 percent ashy hairgoals.


Caramel Crush

While cool blonde shades will sometimes washed out you, adding some warmth into a colour might cause subtle and more natural-looking outcomes. Consider mixing caramel low-lights with your normal base to achieve the extra depth effect.


Strawberry Honey

Mixing at a Little strawberry blond with a hot honey Colour makes to get an ultra-flattering shade for majority of skin tones, specially in the event that you’ve got light skin and dark eye shade combo. Subtle and slightly darker compared to a timeless honey Blonde hair colour, this colour brings a touch of pink to blond hair, creating a really stunning appearance.



Honey Hair Colour Base

If the skin gets cooler undertones and also you need to rock a classic blonde bomb shell hair-style, with a hot honey blond as being a base might be a fantastic method of having this light hair colour work foryou. Consult your stylist to utilize warm honey tones and Low-lights through your hair-root, because these can generate a wonderful contrast to brighter blond colours and make your own hair colour pop!


Sun Kissed Brown

front view of a woman with red lipstick and honey blonde hair, sun kissed brown waves

If you are a natural brunette and wish to liven up your own appearance, this honey blond hair may be the ideal method to put a light shade on trial, without needing to go the whole hog. As an alternative, have fun with a subtle sun-kissed appearance with the addition of a glimmer of lightness to this brown hair to raise the tone just a little.


Ombre Honey Blonde

Honey blonde hair may look superbly bright and sweet. However, In the event that you want to bring a pinch of edginess into the appearance, then proceed to get a bold, contrast hair colour by pairing the lighterer colour with darker ombre colours. Keeping your hair-roots whiter and brightening the hair-tips will provide this blond hair colour for more rock and roll!


Pale Honey

Having more depth on this platinum blond to entail a stunning mid-shade of honey this may add a touch of sweetness to people who have paler skin tones. However, the very best thing about this colour? As It’s a more muted variant of honey blond hair colour, it could become more flattering onto a variety of skin tones, even without detracting from the daring platinum base.


Copper Honey

A hint of coppery tone can enhance the honey blond hair glow gloriously, in addition to providing you really a refreshing take on his blond hair. It’s also a fantastic method of having blonde without needing to worry about surplus maintenance, since this colour works beautifully all through the warmer seasons, too.



Dark To Light

Before and after of a woman with dark to light honey hair

In case you are likely to take the dip from dark tresses into honey blond shades, be confident it can look fantastic once you decide on the ideal shade! Ensure you select a stylist with a great deal of knowledge and take photographs so there is no doubt about the final result. Your stylist should have the ability to direct you from the shade of honey blond which is ideal for you personally.


Warm Balayage Blond

Woman with wavy warm honey blonde balayage hair

Warming up darker tresses without splashing honey blond allover your hair by employing carefully-placed balayage high-lights. Your stylist can hand-paint distinctive varying honey hair shades, though the mid-lengths and endings of your hair to generate a multi-tonal finish.


Honey And Warmer Reds

side view image of a woman with wavy hair with balayage in honey blonde hair colours

We adore this magnificent colour, which is ideal for changing your tresses into some gorgeous fresh autumnal colour. Mix warm reds, together with brunettes and honey tones to make a totally different finishing. It isn’t blonde, but when you would like to dip your toe in to the blond land, this really is really a fantastic thing to do.


Brighter Honey Blonde

When it’s real honey blond hair that you are hunting, then this glowing offering must tick all the appropriate boxes. It’s light, fresh and warm which gives your locks a brand new lease of life. This really is an perfect colour to enjoy year long.



The gorgeous fact about honey colour is it seems brilliant teamed with darker colours. Channel your inner honey-bee using this stunning colour. The hair-roots are hot and chocolatey, as the mid-lengths and hair-tips transit to glowing, creamy colours of honey blond.


Look no further, visit our Hera Hair Beauty salon and have a consultation with one of our talented international colourists to discuss how different shades of honey blondes will work for you.

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