Dyeing your hair is an enjoyable way to switch the look of your hair to match your mood or season. You can choose a lighter, sun-kissed shade to match the season or a more dark and sultry hue for the cooler days, for example. For instance, suppose you’ve just gone through a breakup, and you’d like to change your hair’s appearance by introducing rainbow colours.

Whatever the situation the truth is that reaching the desired tone requires dyes that are filled with chemicals. Also, colouring your hair often could cause it to dry, brittle and more prone to breaking and deteriorating the health overall of your hair. Therefore, the problem is: how often should it be dyed and still be safe from these problems?

How often should you be dyeing your hair?

We always recommend going as long as possible to keep the integrity of your hair. As a guideline, it is well recommended to dye your hair once every 4 to 6 weeks. The ideal number of times to dye your hair and keep it healthy depends on your personal hair’s texture, colour and hair type in addition to how you manage and maintain your hair between dyeing sessions. Elements like pollution, frequency of washing your hair, and the amount of exposure your hair gets from the sun can affect the length of time that your hair’s colours last. To get the best results, we suggest consulting with your hair colourist.

Furthermore, it is recommended to opt to colour your hair professionally in a salon instead of using the generic dyes available at your local drugstore. We always think it is best to talk with a hair professional first and let them know exactly what you are looking to do with your hair. They’re the experts and will help you find the best solution, while maintaining the overall health of your hair.

However, there is one caveat in the event where we green light the DIY method of covering gray hair. In this case, we advise you to utilize a DIY kit for touching ups at home for regular maintenance between hair salon visits.

3 ways to make sure your colour last for longer

1. Beware of over-shampooing

Using too many products for your hair, like shampoos, may strip the hair’s natural oils making hair more susceptible to breakage and dryness. This is why it is recommended to determine for yourself how long you can last without washing your hair.

You almost have to train your hair and scalp to go as long as possible [without shampooing]. Over time, you will notice your hair becomes less oily, and you won’t need to shampoo as much. If you’re sweaty and need washing, we suggest to try swapping your shampoo for the apple cider vinegar hair rinse that will cleanse your hair without stripping the hair colour.

2. Incorporate scalp scrubs

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. This is why including an exfoliator for your scalp to your daily routine at least once a week is an absolute must. Find one with ingredients that scrub the surface of your scalp–for example, salt, which will physically exfoliate dead skin cells and purify the scalp.

Apple cider vinegar ingredient used in scrubs is a component that helps maintain your scalp’s pH and clear hair follicles of clogs that are crucial for healthy hair growth and health.

And lastly, stay away from hair scrubs that contain harsh chemical exfoliants or sulfates since they could cause hair colour to fade.

3. Use colour-revitalizing products

Incorporating specific products that are made to extend your hair’s life span the time between visits to your salon is suggested. Particularly, it is recommended to use toning shampoos and conditioners since they can help reduce brassiness in caramel and blonde tones. It is also advised to add the use of a colour boosting gloss to maintain your hair colour shininess and vibrant. (Yes, please!) Lastly, indulging in a lightweight, clear hair oil is a great way to replenish the moisture of hair that has been coloured and to prevent split ends.