We often talk to our customers about lighting if doing a colour inspection, especially when it regards our blonde patrons.
Natural/outside lights gives off a clear screen for the blond tones in your facial skin, instead of the lighting in the salon are you currently also get the service done. Lighting at the salon can either come in multicolored bulbs that give off a yellowish tone from multicolored bulbs that bring more cool/ash tones.

From the photo above you can realize the image to the left has been shot in the salon where individuals utilize fluorescent bulbs that makes a warm glow across the hair and softens dimension. Once we stepped outside into natural light you are capable of seeing the authentic shade of blonde in the hair. Within this case that the Vanilla Blonde definitely stands out!

In case you ever have any questions concerning the final consequence of your haircolor its own vital that you say this to your stylist, then be amenable for the variations of light and also understand the perfect way to judge the color would be under day lighting.
Feel free to comment below with any issues!! Have a wonderful week!!