Vintage Waves remain trendy, and to be honest; their popularity has increased more than before. We will discuss our mechanism about How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style. We would then share important tips from backstage at different runway events from all over the world.

How to Make the Classic Hollywood Waves style of hair

Just how they are depicted in these images, you can have the waves either in looser or tighter forms. Furthermore, the waves are ideal for both longer and shorter hair. You could achieve each of these looks if you correspondingly adjust the size of the curling tongs that you are using. To achieve tighter waves, you need smaller irons. In the same way, you can achieve looser waves with larger irons.

The things you shall need for this process

Before we go entirely into the procedure, we should elaborate on the things we need to recreate this Hollywood style. Before we begin to style, styling products should be used. This should be used with a product that protects the hair. The product that has a high performance; this means that a little hair product application will yield the intended results. The solution should be applied from the hair’s mid-lengths towards its ends to get the best results.

How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style

You shall need several hair clips, the hairdryer, the iron curling tong, a rat tail comb, and the dressing brush. The moment you have all the tools you need; you can follow these stages to master this technique.


Stage 1

You can begin this technique by first applying the Iles Formula Finishing Serum from the hair’s middle lengths and towards the ends. Furthermore, it would be best to get the hair prepared by using your hairdryer to blow it. Several people tend to rush this stage or ignore it. However, this stage is the most essential. It is vital to prepare. Therefore, take your time to build the foundation properly.


First, start by applying your Iles Formula Finishing Serum from the mid-lengths to ends and prep your hair by blowing it out with your hairdryer. Some people like to skip or rush through this step, but believe it or not; it is the most critical step. Preparation is vital, so take the time to do it right by building in the foundation.

Stage 2

Soon as the hair is prepped correctly, it then gets sectioned. This is the time where you decide the place to part the hair. We usually start at the lower nape area. We would make a section that is 1 inch in thickness. This section is made with the rat tail comb. Every other part of the hair gets wrapped and be clipped on the top side of the head.

Stage 3

This is the stage that we start curling the hair. Before this part is created, you will have to decide the direction where the curls will go. This means that when the hair gets parted towards the left side and you need the waves directed out of the face, then we would have to curl all hair sections towards this same direction. The moment that you have decided this, curling begins. All curled sections will come with a thickness of 1 inch. It would be best if you were consistent with this thickness because this is how you get the best results.

Vertically place the iron while its tip points down, and start by using the hair to wrap around the iron. The density of your hair will determine the time that the hair will sit around the iron. The process is finished when the hair appears warm to the touch.

If you get the curls released, you should gradually get them unwrapped to avoid disrupting the curls’ pattern because it is still prone to changing until it cools. This process leads to the next stage.

Stage 4

The moment that you are done releasing every section, gently wrap back the curls into place and use the duckbill clips to clip them. If you do it this way, you will have a stronger curl pattern and hold throughout the day. This typically happens if the hair is allowed to cool down while in the curled position completely.

How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style



Stage 5

It would be best if you kept repeating this similar process all through the whole shape of the head. If a looser version is something you want to create, you can increase both the section and the iron size. Just note that all sections are curled in precisely the same direction, with the same corresponding tension.

Stage 6

Soon as you are done with the whole head and have all curls completely cooled, the clips can be removed, and the curls are then let down. It would be best if you gently took off the clips to avoid excessively disrupting the curls.

Stage 7

This section is very important. Get the dressing brush and brush through your curls. It would be best if you kept on brushing while brushing in big sections. If it appears that you have sufficiently brushed the curls, continue brushing it. This is an essential step since when you use the dressing brush to brush, you will make all the waves align with each other. The wave pattern will begin to manifest. Right now, if there is still some time left before heading out, your duckbill clips can be used as it is shown below to push the curves into the hair waves.

How To Create A Classic Hollywood Waves Hair Style

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Stage 8

This is the last step and can be slightly tricky since you can easily do it excessively, knowing that less quantity is more. This final step can be a little tricky because it is very easy to overdo it, so think less is more. People who want their waves to fall into place and give them more definition should begin from the top with the first wave. They can then use their rat tail comb to place it just under the first wave horizontally.

Gradually get the comb pushed beneath the wave until the wave begins to show more definition. You should know that this method is not a teasing one, but you only give the wave a push. Teasing leads to the destruction of the wave’s pattern. Use this trick in the places that you want the waves slightly accentuated.

You could customize the design to fit your preferences, and this is what the style is about. You can check the image we provided below, which shows the finished results in other variations. This ranges from the looser waves to the tighter waves; plus, shorter variations are also shown.