how to cut your own bangs

Bangs may be pesky. They develop out fast. Without expertise, taking things into your own hands is not the best thought. We have a client who had been left having a straight-edged tuft of own hair 3 inches over my eyebrows. However, with a little bit of instruction, doing a cut yourself is not too difficult.

Source: Camille Styles

  1. Plan out your bangs out of the remainder of your hair and pull back hair into a ponytail (which means that you do not cut more than you really need ).
  2. Ensure bangs are styled and dry how you’d ordinarily wear them. Should you reduce your bangs if they’re wet, you’ll most definitely end up cutting out more hair than you ever planned.
  3. You must comb your bangs properly to ensure that all your hair is as flat as possible.
  4. To directly trim across bangs, comb with a fine tooth comb and then maintain the comb only slightly over where you need your bangs to be trim.
  5. Employing the comb as the manual reference and cut hair directly over and parallel to the comb. (Occasionally it frames your face well to get your bangs slightly more over either side, while more pliable from the center. Should you do that, be certain that you cut a smooth angle into the centre so that it mixes together and look gradual and smooth.)
  6. If you mane is very thick, arrange the cut in two portions. Section outside the top half your bangs, and trim on the underneath section . Then cut the very top section so marginally more than the under section. This will make sure that your bangs stay flat and straight rather than bending outward.
  7. If you are cutting bang that is sweeping with angled, follow the directions for directly over bangs first, however cut your hair with precision to just under the eyes.
  8. Sweep your bangs to the side with your palms along with the comb, which means they fall into the side in an angle. If you’d like more of an angle, cut on the other side to the length you would like and then cut an angle till you reach the other longer side.
  9. If you cut directly across or at an angle, once you are finished grip your bangs directly between your palms and cut into them (therefore you are holding the scissors parallel into your own nose ) just across the border to soften the tough line.