9 Ways You Can Add More Volume to Thin Hair Do you feel that your hair is lacking of volume especially during this quarantine period stuck at home? Do you feel your hair is always lying there on your head, totally no life, appearing as flat-as-road-kill? You ought to show them who is boss. Thankfully, by following through a few easy and simple tips, you can add some body to these limp tresses, rejuvenating them into a flowing mane full of energy and bounciness.


1. Part with your Usual Hair Parting

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Have you every realized that your hair parting has been exactly in the same actual spot since Ronald Reagan had been in office? If that’s the case, it’s the right time to force your hair follicles from their comfort zone by shifting your hair parting. The hard truth is if you constantly part your hair in the exact similar spot, you are actually enforcing it to lie flat and then behave itself permanently. By changing your hair parting to another side parting or you may try the trendy centre parting, you will be surprised that your hair will be boosted with instant volume and lift.


2. Turn your world upside down

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You have to bid goodbye to your usual blow-dry in the upright position. It’s time to bend forward and hang your head and hair upside down when you blow-dry your hair. This way of blow-dry will naturally try to pull your hair away from your scalp, thus certainly there will be more volume to your hair. Moreover, if you try to blast your dryer on your whole mane with cool air once it’s dry will also enhance the fullness in your hair and loosen up the hair from the effect of blow-dry.


3. Layer your Hair

10 Simple Ways to Give Thin Hair More Volume

When you were a child, did your mommy use a mild coating of her spit to the surface of your hair to try to tame it? If that’s the case, then you have been quite unfortunate. Not only this will probably create odd smell like saliva on your head, but additionally, it will result in a flatter hairdo — which will not look great at all and it is not a good look now too.

Fortunately, being a mature woman now and you are responsible for your own hair. You may already know that one of the most effective method to liven up your own locks with volume and body is to introduce layers as they reduce your hair’s weight and immediately enhance the bounce, volume and energy. Be cautious though. A lot of layers or those layers which are too short can make you appear like a time traveller arrived in the 1980s. Moreover, if you would love to add layers and thickness, then you can consider to go for hair extensions and avoid the scissors totally especially for those having fine and thinner hair.


4. Master the Finger Curling Technique

Do you know that there is a fun and interesting method of adding body to your mane while having a lively hairstyle which does not need any hair equipment or heat. It is named the “finger girl” which simply refers to the mastering the art of creating curls and waves with your fingers to lightly twist or curl sections of your hair diligently. When you’ve your curls and coils just how you would like them, simply employ abit of the spray to hold the hairstyle and voila! You will attain a head filled with voluminous and natural looking waves.

One more simple method to introduce body to hair would be to let it dry with braids in. This will certainly give you natural waves with little work.


5. Quit straightening

Pin-straight lock maybe suitable for some women but not everybody. The sad fact is flat and lifeless hair will add years to your look as it can highlight those laugh lines and crow’s feet. Rather than undertaking the laborious task to straighten the hair daily, you might want to adopt your normal wave or curl, introducing those beautiful bouncy curls to your hair. If you cannot bare to forgo your straight hairstyle but still yearn to add body and volume to your mane, you may choose to introduce hair extensions. Not only can you raise the hair length in case you want, but you can also enhance your hair’s overall body, thickness and volume.


6. Borrow your grandmother’s rollers

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It ends up that the little old women of yesteryear had the perfect idea. Rollers will always work! Whether you decide on those modern rollers hot or the old fashioned kind of “put them in before bed”, both entail a terrific method to attain subtle, gorgeous bouncy curls, achieving the end goal of giving volume to your hair. Moreover, it is well known that for those rolling away from the face will provides you with glam Hollywood waves, while towards the face results in a more vintage, Veronica Lake effect.” Yes, even your grandmother’s rollers will radically change you into a Hollywood starlet.


7. Change your colour

Were you aware that hair dye really can change your hair texture by roughening it up to result in the extra hair volume? Yes, a visit to your regular hair colourist will not just offer you a stunning fresh colour, but they will also increase your hair body and volume during the hair colouring process.

It is interesting to know that when these foils are put strategically on your hair, they can also cause your hair to appear far more voluminous than before. It is all about illusion and playing tricks to the eyes. A wonderful method to add highlights without having your hair to go through those chemicals or return to the salon for recurrent root retouch would be to consider employing hair extensions using a darker or lighter colour.


8. Bye-bye daily wash

Shampooing on a daily basis is really bad for your tresses and no matter what is stated on your shampoo bottle. It will stripped all the natural oils from your locks which may cause damaged to those longer hair. Rather, try to adopt shampooing every second or third days and you’ll have those flouncy hair follicles that entail more voluminous hair with body. Moreover, it is recommended to embrace the second and third day texture to do those messier braids or hairstyles that will have stronger holding power.


9. Know your bristles

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Using the wrong hair brush may unleash serious harm on your hair follicles, while the perfect hair brush can safeguard your hair and even stimulate its growth. As stated by many hair experts, the most hair friendly brushes have natural boar or elastic nylon bristles. Thus, during blow dry, these hair brushes will not get overheated easily induced by the hair dryer and they’ll not catch in your hair. A brush made of cushioned base is also highly recommended.


10. Get reacquainted with mousse

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You may not know that hair mousse had been given a bad rap by the giant hairdos of the 1980s. However, the simple fact is hair mousse really works effectively! Where would the holding power of hair mousse, there won’t be the Hair Metal Bands of yesterday whose hair had been kept in place during their head banging riff. Nowadays, mousse plays a critical role to give our hair, especially the hair roots, voluminous and fuller body. The fundamental is that mousse causes our hair strands to be bigger, so they will looks “meatier” which allows for much more pliability resulting in the hair volume.


11. Use dry shampoo

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It is well known fact that dry shampoo and not diamonds, are every woman’s best friend. Especially if this woman has finer and thin hair. By its design and purpose, dry shampoo certainly will boost volume and body to the hair. And additionally, it may halt volume-sucking oils from accumulating. If you’re hoping for your hair to receive greasy before employing dry shampoo, then you are making mistake. By employing the dry shampoo first day of the wash cycle, then you can avoid developing those oils and depriving your hair of the required body.


12. Give CBD oil a try

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It is the fact that healthier hair equate to happier hair. Thus happy hair, obviously, is full of bounciness and volume. A fantastic hair product for nourishing your hair is CBD oil. It is intense in the two amino acids and antioxidants which are known to strengthen and hydrate hair follicles while shielding them from harmful free radicals, so maintaining your tresses in tip-top form.


13. Sea salt spray away

In case you live a great distance from the sea, but still wish to acquire wavy beach hair, do not fret. You, too, can have those beach waves by employing some salt hairspray to wet hair and scrunching them with your hands till they are dry. You may even try this on dry hair and scrunched for a mid-day refresh. It is not advisable to overly use it especially into your hair roots which may cause harm as salt can be very dehydrating.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you may bid “good riddance” to your lazy, lifeless hair. Thanks to a plethora of body-enhancing hair products, the simplicity of gorgeous hair extensions, and also some useful DIY tricks-of-the-trade, even the flattest of hair follicles could be transformed to a voluminous tress.