Keratin treatments can make your hair shiny and smooth. You should protect your hair from creases for the first three days following your treatment. This includes while you sleep. It’s simple to protect your hair with a silk pillowcase. Use your straightener to remove any frizz or creases that may occur while you sleep. To maintain the beautiful, sleek results of your Keratin treatment, you must take extra care of your hair.

Protecting Your Hair During Sleep

1. While you are sleeping, let your hair down. For the first three days, your hair should be straight to allow the treatment to set. Avoid using hair wraps, sleep caps, scrunchies and hair wraps as they can cause creases and waves to your hair. Instead, let your hair down as you sleep. If you fold your hair, it will create a crease at the fold. This means that you cannot use any kind of wrap or cap on your hair, even if you don’t have a ponytail holder.

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2. To prevent frizz and creases, use a silk pillowcase or satin one. Silk is smooth so it reduces friction between your hair & the pillowcase. To protect your hair, choose a pillowcase made of 100% silk or satin. You should replace all pillows you use. You should also replace your pillowcases made with cotton ones. This can cause frizz and possibly ruin your results.

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment

3. So your hair stays straight, lay flat on your back. After you’ve settled down, smoothen your hair so it falls flat below your head. Next, place your head on the pillow and make sure your hair is straight. For the first three days following a keratin treatment, you should try to sleep on your back.
Your hair can get frizzy or creased if you sleep on your stomach or side. To prevent your hair from rolling to your side, you can place pillows or a blanket around your body. This may help you to stay on your back.

Frizz or Fixing Creases

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1. Make sure to brush your hair every morning immediately after you get up from the bed. You will probably find your hair a bit messy upon waking up. It’s normal for your hair to be messy when you wake up. However, it is important that you smoothen it as quickly as possible to ensure the keratin treatment results unruined. To remove tangles, run your brush through your hair. Your hair should not be too frizzy or kinky because of this keratin treatment. Do not spray hair products on hair before you brush it.

2. Make sure to check your hair after you’ve finished brushing it that it is sleeky enough. Your silk pillowcase can reduce the risk of frizz and creases, but they could still happen. Use a handheld mirror or your bathroom mirror to examine your hair every morning. The handheld mirror can be angled so that you can see your hair’s back. You can fix any creases, dents or frizz with your hair straightener. You want your hair straight and free from any frizz or creases. A hair straightener can smoothen even a tiny dent. It will remain in your hair once the treatment has set.

3. If your hair gets wet while you sleep, dry it with a blow dryer. It is normal for your hair to get damp during sleep. It’s important to dry your hair as quickly as possible. Turn your blow dryer to medium heat and then blow dry your hair until your hair is completely dry. High heat can cause hair damage. To minimize damage, use a heat protection product and stick to a moderate heat.

4. To smoothen creases and frizz, use a hair straightener within the first three days. Straightening any creases and waves should be done as soon as possible. This will help you maintain a smooth keratin treatment. To flatten your hair, run your straightener through your hair at least twice. Your straightener should be used every time you notice a crease or wave in your hair within the first three days. Your keratin treatment might not set if you did not straighten it as soon as possible.

Take care of your treated hair
1. During the first three days, please refrain from touching your hair too frequently. To help straighten your hair, it’s fine to brush your hair once in a while. Your keratin treatment results of your hair may become damaged if you touch, brush, or play with it as kinks, dents or creases may be created. This can damage the results of your treatment. For the first three days, you should not touch your hair unless you are fixing creases or frizz. It’s fine to brush your hair after 3 days.

2. After day 4, wash your hair two to three times per week. After you have received your keratin treatment, don’t wash your hair until at least three days. You can wash your hair up to 2-3 times per week after that. This will maintain your hair’s health and prolong the life of your Keratin treatment. Every time you wash your hair, some of your keratin is removed. This means that washing your hair more often could reduce the lifespan of your keratin treatments. Dry shampoo can be used to clean hair if it becomes oily or dirty before washing it.

3. To prevent keratin loss, use a sulfate and chlorine-free shampoo. The keratin can be removed from hair by chlorine and sulfate. This could affect the results of your treatment. Check the labels on shampoos and conditioners to ensure they do not contain sulfates. Look for products that can be used after a keratin treatment. There are products that can be labeled “sulfate free” or “chlorine free.” Ask your stylist for recommendations on the best shampoo and conditioner.

4. To add moisture, use coconut oil or argan oil for 3 days. You might need to moisturize your hair after keratin treatments. Start nourishing your hair with pure coconut oil or argan oil after three days. Use a small amount of oil to coat your palms and then rub your hands together. Next, rub your hands together and smoothen your hair. If necessary, add more oil to your hands. You should ensure that the oil you use is 100% coconut oil or 100% argan oil.

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5. You should wait until day four to style your hair. You can’t style hair for the first three days because it is important to keep your hair straight. After three days, your hair can be styled however you wish. On the fourth day, you can go back to your usual styling routine. You can curl your hair, braid your hair or create up-dos. You will need to wait until day four to use hair accessories such as headbands and scrunchies, ponytail holders or hair clips.

6. Please refrain from swimming for four days and after fourth day, if you need to swim, please wear a swimming cap inside any chlorinated water. Your keratin treatment may not be successful if your hair is wet within the first three days. You should also avoid swimming in hot tubs or pools that contain chlorine. This can cause your hair to lose its keratin. Hence for the first four days following your treatment, it is very important that you should avoid water. Wear a swim cap if you are in a hot tub or pool. If you don’t have a swimming cap, try to rinse your hair thoroughly after exiting the hot tub or pool.