Do you get nervous thinking about sleeping with your permed hair?

To prevent the weight from crushing your curls, you do not have to sleep on your back.

Nothing to be concerned about, particularly if you use the proper products and establish a straightforward hair-care regimen.

So I would start tonight and finally give my sore neck a rest if I were you.

Learn how to avoid damaging your permed hair while you sleep.


Does snoozing mess with your perm?

This is a myth!

Although it is normal to be afraid, sleeping on your perm merely makes your hair momentarily limp and frizzy.

Use a curl cream before night to stop this from happening. This keeps the shape of your hair so that you may wake up with bouncy curls.

However, there are other steps you may do to guarantee complete perm protection. Find out which goods and techniques are most effective for you by reading on.

Sleep on your side if you have permed hair for the best results.

How to sleep with permed hair – sleep on your side

Can I sleep on newly permed hair?

Sure, you can, though it would be helpful to sleep on your side instead of lying flat on your back.

You can also use a satin pillowcase and put your curls up so that the weight of your head doesn’t crush your curls.

Don’t tie your hair yet, as this could affect the structure of your perm.

The real routine begins the day you wash your hair (which is at least 48 hours after)

And we’ve detailed what you can do before you sleep and when you wake up in the following sections.

You can, however, it would be better if you slept on your side rather than flat on your back.

To prevent your curls from being crushed by the weight of your head, you may also use a satin pillowcase and wear your curls up.

The structure of your perm may be impacted if you tie your hair up just yet.

The next parts go through what you can do before going to sleep and when you wake up. The true regimen starts the day after you wash your hair, which is at least 48 hours later.

What are your permed hair care options for nighttime?

Shower and let your hair air dry.

There is no shame in opting to take a shower in the evening as not everyone has the luxury of time in the morning.

Because there is less pressure, you have plenty of time to fully wash your hair and, of course, enjoy the remainder of your bath.

Just be certain you use the appropriate shampoo. If you have not already, click over to our post on choosing the right formula for your curls and scalp if you have not already.

Rinse the product off after lathering & conditioning to avoid leaving any residue on your curls. Even a little bit of shampoo or conditioner left in your hair might leave it sticky and prone to dirt accumulation. A thorough wash will also make drying your perm simpler.

The current trend is air drying. It is the most gentle way since it avoids overheating your hair or destroying the structure of your curls. A towel can help you go to sleep faster if you need to.

To prevent turning your perm into a tower of frizz, use a microfiber cloth.

If you do not have one, you may scrunch your hair using a cotton t-shirt and your hands. However, avoid forcefully rubbing your curls. This just damages your hair’s cuticles while doing nothing to speed up the drying process.

Establish a nightly hair care regimen.

Do you believe that hair care is a little underappreciated in comparison to skin care? When was the last time someone inquired about your hair care regimen?

Even if one is not required, aftercare is important for achieving healthy, bouncy curls.

It is not necessary to have a drawn-out or complicated regimen. Determine the things you need based on the kind of hair you have and style it simply.

Usually, dry curls need a leave-in conditioner. Additionally, lightweight serum helps reduce frizz. However, if you have damaged hair, a protein treatment that is moisturizing and nourishing can assist in bringing your curls back to life.

Finally, a little massage of the scalp is beneficial for everyone. A massage may boost blood flow to your hair follicles and encourage hair growth in addition to soothing and lulling you to sleep.

How can I keep my perm safe while I sleep?

You have all the time you need since you do your hair care at night, which is ideal because permed hair requires a little bit more attention.

Use the correct products, style your hair simply, and get the right kind of sleep to protect it. You can count on having clean, bouncy curls every morning.

Product suggestions

  1. a leave-in moisturizer

Your hair receives additional hydration and protection from leave-in conditioners.

You do not need to wash them off as you would with conventional conditioners. They work best when used either after washing or air-drying your hair or just before hot-tool styling.

All hair types benefit from leave-in conditioners, but dry and damaged hair benefits the most.

The product does not have to be applied to your roots. Instead, concentrate on your ends and locks to prevent extra oil from collecting on your scalp.

  1. Protein treatment

Your hair’s structure may change after getting a perm, and unanticipated damage is possible.

But do not worry, protein treatments may strengthen curl patterns and repair damage. Additionally, it might provide an additional layer of defense for chemically treated hair.

Protein treatments provide important fatty acids, vitamin E, amino acids, or other minerals. They are a comprehensive therapy that is only used once or twice a month.

If you prefer to use the product at home, let it on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes before washing. After a few sessions, you will see and feel the improvement.

  1. A hair oil or serum

Hair oil and hair serum are two distinct products. Although they both act as heat protectors, there are key differences.

You may appear smoother and shinier by using hair serums. Apply a few drops of this to wet hair, working your way from the roots to the ends. They are excellent compliments to a morning or fast style regimen since they shield your hair from smog and extended sun exposure.

Contrarily, hair oil focuses more on nourishing your hair strands. You should evenly spread it throughout your mane whether you apply it to moist or dry hair. You do not have to start from the beginning. You will have lustrous hair when you wake up since it reduces frizz and moisturizes individual strands.

  1. Silk or satin pillow space

Your hair may get frizzy in the morning if you sleep on cotton bedding.

Less prone to brush against your curls as you sleep, silk and satin are smoother. You may wake up with curls that are smoother and easier to maintain thanks to their ability to lower static.

You may use a microfiber towel to sleep on if you do not have satin sheets. Another way to maintain your style is to gather your hair in a silk scarf or turban. Even the transfer of hair products to your bedding is avoided.

Recommended styles

  1. Loose bun

Did you get loose curls or beach waves?

If so, loosely bunning your curls will help keep their lovely “S” form.

However, a bun could interfere with your ability to sleep.

Therefore, without tugging it too tightly, you should position it as high on your head as you can. You may make additional buns across your head if your hair is too short to form one cohesive bun.

  1. Braids

If you want to add extra volume & curls overnight, braids are fantastic. Any size and kind of perm may be applied in this way. To prevent needless hair tension, be sure to braid your hair lightly.

Avoid tight hairstyles and complicated braids since they might cause your hair to break off. Use a straightforward, loose side braid in its place.

  1. Plop

There is not much style involved in the “plop.”

Put a holding gel or cream in your hair, then place a microfiber cloth over your curls. As you toss and turn over the night, secure the corners to prevent them from falling off your head.

If your hair is still a little bit moist, you may also choose the “plop.” Your hair is dried overnight with a towel, which also helps the curls hold their shape.

Recommended sleeping positions

It is advisable to sleep on your side if your bedding is not silky or if you do not want to loosely twist your curls before bed.

To avoid putting all of your weight on one side every night, try to achieve a balance.

This posture is OK if you do not mind sleeping on your stomach.

How to make curls seem fresh in the morning

Did you follow this advice and still have ruffled hair & flat curls when you woke up?

Nothing that a little water can not remedy, so do worry.

Simply go to the sink and spray your curls with water to revive them. To give your hair a natural bounce, toss and twist it as much as you wish.

You may also add extra body to your perm by using a volumizing mousse. Finish the look with a holding cream to make sure it lasts.


You do not have to go without sleep after receiving a perm!

By making the appropriate product purchases and implementing a straightforward hair care regimen, you can maintain your curls. Using a silk turban or sleeping on satin sheets will also be beneficial.

Even though it may be a little more effort than you are accustomed to, going the additional mile at night can maintain your perm looking just as good as the day you got it.