The hair dryer: If you have seen one, you’ve seen them all.

In fact, since the very first handheld, mobile hair dryer has been invented in 1920, not all that much has changed with all the styling basic’s layout. That is astonishing considering that even the easy eyelash curler has gotten update.


The Motor

Among the most advanced areas of this Supersonic is that the engine –a patented digital motor V9 for its tech types on the market. Similar to what you will hear in these Dyson vacuum advertisements, it is Dyson’s smallest, lightest, and most advanced digital motor (and what they think are the lightest and smallest utilized at a hair drier, interval ). The motor is around the size of an acorn and, along with your typical dryer that’s its motor up closer towards the nozzle, this one sits at the handheld part of the dryer.


The Strength

Conventional hair dryers can sometimes have a poor airflow (a dressing frustration second only to reduced water pressure), that translates into a diminished dry period –and many assume that when there’s has been a powerful airflow, it means that dryer is way more effective. Dyson’s engineers, however, literally spent decades and countless dollars on research to find out the perfect gust (one that’s both commanded and efficient in drying baldness ). What they understood? A marginally weaker airflow–one that is controlled–is really way more effective when it comes to drying hair. Which might seem counter intuitive if you’re utilized to big gusts of sterile air in your face.


The Audio

Another significant selling point, based on Dyson? In fact, while the Supersonic is by no means silent, it is more simpler than conventional dryers. I equate it to how a typical hair dryer sounds through a closed door–meaning the noise difference is definitely noticeable. If you reside in a studio apartment with your boyfriend who participates in every day, this could make a difference.

The Temperature

Since the PR rep who kept a watchful eye over the sample explained that the Supersonic has smart heat control–meaning it does not go over 212 degrees Fahrenheit–that prevents baldness. If you want something a little less extreme, you can go to 176 degrees Fahrenheit for regular down and down to 82 degrees Fahrenheit to get a cold blast. Nobody from Team Well+Good wanted to put this 212-degree feature to the test, nonetheless. (We couldn’t risk singeing our eyebrows at the name of journalism.)


Attachments & Extras

The Dyson hair dryer comprises three attachments: a lace concentrator, a smoothing nozzle, and a diffuser. Sounds pretty ordinary, right? Except in the event of this Supersonic, they’re all heat-proof and magnetically connected to the body, meaning no more fussing around trying to find each piece to click into place. Also, the drier is at least as effective without an attachment–and going sans nozzle makes it feel far more compact, which lets it serve double duty as your luggage-friendly travel alternative .

The feature that I find most exciting, however, is the rubber mat which comes with every Supersonic. Why in the world would you want one? If you too have watched your hair dryer slide off the bathroom counter and land with a thud on the ground below, you will enjoy the reassurance that comes with it.

The Verdict

As somebody who does not blow-dry her hair regularly, we believe the cost is little too much to spend on a hair drier. The sleek design and more silent sound are trendy.