If you were familiar with sitcoms from circa 1950, you would have probably observed the difference in the appearance of over 40 women from those of today. Agreed that these women from the 50s used have dresses on working around the home and seemed to always have on an apron; however, what makes them different was their grey hair.

According to Nora Ephron, in the 1950s, only about 7% of women applied color to their hair. However, women of today prefer to conceal their silver hair color by using dye coats. Of course, our culture conditioned women to think that being a youth is more appealing and that being old is terrible. However, this trend is currently shifting.

The Grey Hair Movement

Something is going on around salons within the continent and further. Women prefer to stop using chemicals and, instead, accept their whitening hair. We can see this pretty much everywhere.

The Instagram handle @grombre supports grey hair plus women who have it. The followers on the platform have more than 210,000 members. Thousands of people have seen specific videos like 5 Going Grey Don’ts. Certain celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel have been seen spotting silver strands while they pose on the red carpet.

It seems that there are several reasons why people seem to maintain their grey hair. For certain people, it is equivalent to burning your bra in the twenty-first century. After all, it is now allowed for men to grow old gracefully. Many aging men like Matt Leblanc and George Clooney are currently being called “silver foxes.”

Currently, a survey conducted on Match.com demonstrated that about 72% of people surveyed feel like the grey hair that men have to appear to be distinct, whereas, on women, this may make them appear old. Perhaps, today’s women are tired of clinging to today’s double standard, which is pretty much unfair.

Some women are also searching for methods to go organic by getting rid of products that have hazardous chemicals and making their lifestyles healthier. And there is nothing more hazardous than using dye on your hair every month. Veronica Sophia Robinson, who has authored different books and a supporter of accepting your grey hair, has warned about the probability of hair dye increasing the risks of contracting ovarian cancer by a factor of 75%. This realistic number is sufficient for making people thinking about getting their hair colored.

The 2015 grey hair pressure group also excellently helped in minimizing the stigma of grey hair. The young supporters such as Lady Gaga, Pink, and Kelly Osborne using grey hair confidently has brought back to the front the once rejected hair color. Additionally, only a few women have beautifully aged more than such female grey-haired women like Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, or Helen Mirren.

How you can go grey

If you think that going grey is a thing you will like to do, firstly congratulations. Since you decided to take the plunge, the next thing for you to do is discuss the next step with a reliable professional. These professionals will help you make sure that you get a transition that comes without any pain. This will better ensure that you can now see your goal come into reality.

If you are willing to stick to your first grey hairs, do not yield to the temptation to pluck off the hair. On the flip side, it is not true that if you pluck out your grey hair, there shall be three, which will grow to take up its place. This is simply an old wives’ tale. However, it can hurt your hair’s follicles and may cause your hair mot to grow back. Instead, you could consider using some of the following less harmful alternatives.


Based on an account by the name of Katiegoesplatinum, you have three main alternatives. The first hair allows your hair to grow in, and simply trimming this regularly until you complete this transition. However, this method is only targeted at people who are incredibly patient and those who support the use of the two-toned hairstyle for some time. Putting in layers that are long, especially the tousled type, can help you blend in the greys.

The second type is pretty extreme – choosing the buzz type of cut and allowing the hair to grow all over. Whereas this can seem drastic, the style tends to accent the face’s bone and eyes structure.

The third alternative – and for lots of people, which comfortable the most – is the pixie hairstyle. This depends on the short style you are willing to choose; this may reduce your transition time. For people who have initially chosen the first alternative and now come with pretty lengthy roots, this could be the best time to select the pixie.

Regardless of the hair length you choose, you can choose the longer hairstyle if you add more hair extensions.

Hair coloring

The objective maybe not to use the hair dye and select natural grey colors; however, you do not just choose any boring style. There are numerous ways to make yourself comfortable with a new color. Lindsay Loo, a New York City-based Wella Master Colour Expert, recommended stretching out the amount of color you have between hair colorings – typically two extra weeks.

With this done, you can quickly see how your hair is reacting. If this is something that you like, you can allow it to grow out. If it something you do not like, try exploring a different style, even this means that you have to switch back to your dyed color hairstyle.


For those who do not know the meaning of balayage, we shall be letting you know about this. “Balayage” is a hair coloring style that is hand-painted, which uses extended, sweeping hair strokes to add a lightener to your hair strands. When transitioning to the grey hair color, this beautiful work helps the grey hair blend in with other parts of the hair.

This makes them much more subtle. This balayage hairstyle comes with pretty low maintenance, as well as an additional bonus. This means that you still get to keep your fantastic hair length. Additionally, with the balayage style hair extensions, your hair can either be longer or thicker, or both.

Special maintenance routine for your white hair.

People with grey hair need to use special care on their hair – though the grey hair care products appear to be cheaper than those that help you hide them. Furthermore, in most scenarios, this can means switching out your existing products to get new ones.


Whereas grey hair tends to look stunning, sometimes, they tend to come with a yellowish color. To prevent your hair from going brassy, you should use either a purple conditioner and shampoo. Yes, indeed. If you add violent highlights to your grey hair, the hair can be brightened up. This will keep it cool and crisp.


If you have grey hair, you will notice that it tends to appear more brittle and dryer than other shades of hair. Therefore, it is vital to choose other products that improve your nourishment and are free of sulfate. You could even prefer to introduce treatments that come with deep-conditioning, hair masks, and coconut or argan oil, which are natural oils. Furthermore, do not forget that styling tools that need heat can dry up the moisture in your hair, which is pretty much required.


If you love perusing your local store’s cosmetics department, we have some good news for you. You can shop for makeup products. You do not have an official hair color; you can add hair color by choosing cosmetic colors. You could now choose to include color through the cosmetics that you have chosen. You could select that more epic eye shadow application or the bright-colored red lipstick that you always like to try.

Based on an explanation from Marian Rothschild, an Image Consultant, it is best to accentuate the eyes and brighten up the lip color. This shows that it can be exciting to go grey.

Furthermore, people who choose that preferable crimson lipstick may want to go for that much red sweater selected that they have been looking for now. All the pretty vibrant color appears nice with your grey hair.

For people who are tired of pouring toxic chemicals all around their heads and paying pretty high prices, perhaps this may be the best time to protect their wallet and health. Women worldwide are increasingly opting for grey hair, which is the best time to jump on the bandwagon. Therefore, get a purple shampoo, your reliable hair extensions, and create a new image of yourself – a bold, comfortable, and grey-haired vixen.

The following are some exotic women who are proudly sporting grey hair. Maybe, you could find the best style of inspiration from the design.