You have to consider a job interview like attending a date

Does your hairstyle affect your interview and the chance of securing a job? Your employers will be watching your body language and physical appearance from the moment you enter the interview room until the moment you leave. You’ll be astonished to learn that some companies are not happy when applicants show up with unkempt hair and a messy outlook, although the hair may seem like an insignificant part of your body.

Your date with girls can become peeved if you show up with messy hair and a sloppy appearance. Similar to this, showing up for a job interview with untidy hair would probably create the erroneous impression that you’re irresponsible, lazy or nonchalant.

Even if your hair will not be the only factor in deciding whether you get your ideal job, your hair is still crucial in creating a positive first impression. There is a good chance that the other person won’t take you seriously if your hair is untidy and you have neglected to style it before the interview or date.

This is not to imply that you have to look your best for a job interview, regardless of your hairstyle or haircut. An impression of competence, elegance, and confidence is projected better when one has proper and prim hair. Employers will assume that a neat appearance reflects an organized intellect in the absence of any other information.

What type of hairdo would therefore be appropriate for a job interview, you may wonder?

Ladies and gentlemen, always dress professionally for the position you are applying for. Free and easy hairstyles often seem casual, amateurish and disorganized, yet perfectly coiffed neat hairstyles are sublime. Here are some recommendations for appropriate haircuts for interviews.

Some Suitable Hairstyles for Interviews

Loose Curls

If you are having long or medium hair and want to wear it down naturally as it is, consider choosing natural waves or curls for a sophisticated or polished appearance. Not only is this haircut fashionable, but it’s also hassle-free, so keeping it doesn’t need any additional effort for maintenance.

Note: Keep it simple so your hair doesn’t get all the attention.

Go Sleek

Again, if you have long or medium hair and do not wish to tie it up for your job interview, a different option to keeping soft curls is to maintain sleek, or straight hair that is tugged behind the shoulders or the ears. This has a studious and elegant appearance that exudes confidence.

Low Bun

Many job seekers choose a low bun since it is quick, simple, fuss-free, and often seen as formal & professional by most employers. It has a classic appearance and an air of sophistication that makes it feel appropriate for any situation.

Another type of hair buns which is known as messy buns, however have to be avoided as the fillers could be distracting. You’re prepared for your job interview if you keep the bun tidy, neat and simple.


Sweets N Short

For the men out there, clean neatly styled hair or gentleman hairstyle is always a good choice. Gel your hair backward to appear polished, clean and neat if you want to maintain your medium-length hair.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, remove any fillers from your face, particularly because shorter hairs are more likely to obstruct.

Try Natural Waves

Natural waves are a good option if you have short hair and want to spice it up a little. It’s a fast and easy approach to making yourself appear better.

The waves will give the hair some style and volume without appearing overdone or too excessive.

Rock Trendy Braids

Don’t feel constrained to a simple braid that runs straight down your back. Consider alternatives like a French braid, fishtail, side braid, or a braid of braids.

Fun is definitely possible, but remember to keep it more subdued than over the top. You’re not going to a wedding; you’re going to a business meeting.

Loosen Up

A lovely approach to give medium or long hair vitality is to add loose waves.

Your hair may appear more groomed and polished even if you just curl the hair ends and leave the top straight.

Choppy Bob

Want to give your short, straight hair some life? Add some spunky layers and texture to your hair or you can choose to chop it up.

During your interviews, you’ll project a confident and sleek appearance.

Try a Pretty Pixie

pixie balayage

Another fantastic short hairstyle that suits women of various ages and occupations is the pixie cut.

It is excellent for all kinds of workplaces and interviews since it is easy to maintain and a simple haircut.

Keep It Low Key, High Class

Need a fashionable but simple haircut for your next employment interview? Use smoothing cream to pull your hair back, then twist it into a low bun.

If you want to project a refined, elegant vibe, this is a timeless appearance that is ideal for the interview.

Shake Up Your Ponytail

Tired of the typical ponytail? Apply medium-width curls to your hair using your favorite curling technique, and then complete the look with a lovely side pony.

For a more laid-back appearance, let a few tendrils hang freely, but make sure they won’t distract you or dangle in your face while you’re being interviewed.

Wearing It High

Without sacrificing your style and look, the high bun lifts your hair up and out of the way.

Then, twist your hair into a bun after sweeping it high on your head, one section remaining free. After that, fasten with a hair tie.

Wrap the free section of the elastic around it to hide it, then use a bobby pin to secure the section of hair underneath the bun.

Placement is very crucial. Find the top and middle of your head, then slide a few inches down until your bun rests halfway between the top of your hairline and eyebrows.

Hairstyles to Avoid For An Interview

Excessive Colorful Hairstyles

rainbow hair

By this, we mean that the hair has been bleached and coloured with rainbow and vibrant hues or neon highlights. They may ruin the interview experience for the interviewers by being very distracted and unwelcoming.

It depends on the sector you work in. Such flamboyant hairstyles may not be acceptable if you are applying for a position in the bank, but if you work in a sector where having a catchy image is important, such as influencer or model, that’s a different issue.

Afro hairstyles for Dreadlocks

While dreadlocks and afro haircuts are quite stylish and cool, some employers could mistake them for intimidating, overpowering and domineering, which is something you’d wish to avoid while going for an interview.

It’s recommended to refrain from making up these extravagant styles unless your hair is in your natural state since they may be seen as improper for some professions, particularly if you’re applying for them.

Voluminous, High Hairstyles


It’s recommended to steer clear of hairstyles that are very bulky, high or voluminous, which applies to both men and women. You wouldn’t want to appear too “extra” or to constantly draw the interviewers’ attention to your voluminous hair.

Avoid using gel on your hair to make it like a pompadour style for men; instead, stick to the classic and simple techniques like slicking your hair back or taming pieces of flyaways. For women, keep ponytails low and feminine and avoid adding accessories like a headband or bow to remain age-neutral.

Last Words

The first impression is very important when it comes to recruiting. In addition to your prior experiences and skill set, the hiring managers will pay close attention to how you present yourself. Although your physical appearance may not guarantee you the job, if you give an outstanding first impression and image, it helps you stand out as a candidate.

Every step of the hiring process contributes to your chances of getting the job. You won’t be shocked that employers pay attention to every little detail about you, even something as trivial as your hair!

Questions and Answers

Is letting your hair down inappropriate at work?

No. As long as your hair is in manageable length (ideally medium length), well-maintained, frizz-free, sleek, straight or wavy, wearing it down is not seen as being unprofessional. However, it will appear unprofessional if you have kinky, curly hair that looks to take up a lot of space.

Is wearing your hair up unprofessional?

No. A ponytail is a great alternative for a professional hairdo. Low ponytails are seen to be more effective and professional than high ponytails and they need less time to complete and because a high ponytail may appear bumpy if improperly done.