Kerastase Singapore – Fusio-Dose Treatment


This Kerastase Singapore treatment can consider as an exclusive treatment that enhanced by the professional gestures of hairstylists-experts. It is a tailor-made programs adapted to every hair type for targeted efficiency, transmitted by precious textures with extraordinary sensitivity, that instantly sublimate the hair matter.


In shorts, it is all about personalization based on each individual’s hair type and now, Tailor-Made is the new luxury! Look at the colour of the booster. It’s so colourful and easily caught by the eyes too!

Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment is pushing back the limits of customization for breathtaking hair full of vigor and beauty. It is more efficient, personalised , ergonomic and also a better staging of blending procedure during the process of treatment.



4 Concentrates & 5 Boosters


The new range of Fusio-Dose Keratase Singapore treatment contain of 4 concentrated and 5 boosters that can meet every individual’s hair needs. The hairstylist will first introduce their name and start to explain the whole process of the treatment. It took about 5 mins to let me know the basic idea of the whole process and then the hairstylist took a device to scan and identify hair primary and secondary need.



This Kérastase diagnostic camera can zooms into the hair up to 600 times and based on that your hairstylists can create an ultra-precise diagnostic to identify a primary and a secondary need of your hair. The choice of concentrate determine based on your hair condition while the selection of the boosters can be based on each individual woman’s personal expectations.

Choosing among the 4 concentrates and the 5 boosters, the hairstylist selects the best combination of pure active ingredients present in high concentration professional and blends them to instantly and spectacularly transform the hair. A “Concentrate – Booster” combinationis specially designed for each individual woman.

So here’s my result! I need both of this! A green concentrate and densite booster!


Booster Density:

-body-enhancing active ingredient , intensely texturized itself on the thinnest areas to give body to the hair.

-Result: restructured hair, more toned from roots to ends


-A bio-mimetic cellular cement made of ceramide designed to repair and protect the hair , replenishes the surface of hair to bring uniformity and a natural touch.

-Result: protected from external aggressions, the hair become more soft & shiny.

The whole process took about one hour and without using any hair steamer. It is really quick and easy. Your hair will definitely feel smooth and shine after the treatment and with a touch and you can be sure of this.


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