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Over the last few years, we are grateful to the new breakthrough in science and technology and there are many hair treatments that uniquely beneficial to both women and men alike. The Kerastase treatment is one of these technologies that has helped many individuals over the world to enjoy good hair days for several months for a single treatment. This is what you have to understand about Kerastase treatments and whether or not these treatments are suitable for you.

Who Should Get a Kerastase Treatment?

To put it in a simpler term, Kerastase treatments are perfect for any individual who has over processed, damaged or dry hair. This damage may be caused by perms, heat styling or relaxers or even external environmental factors, like pollution or UV rays. Kerastase treatments were formulated to help to restore and repair the adverse effects by this damage. Besides, these Kerastase treatments can also help to prevent any future damage.

In the last few years, through innovation, Kerastase has enhanced its product line significantly that allows the hairdresser to diagnose every client’s hair problem and come up with a solution treatment which will ideally tailored to the client’s need. In actual fact, there are twenty different ways of customizing the Kerastase treatments in order to achieve the unique hair treatment goals of every client.

What Does a Kerastase Treatment Do?

The treatment provides many instant benefits to the hair. The hair will transform to be softer and more nutrient-rich almost immediately as well as the hair colour radiance and shine will be enhanced. Kerastase can also make the hair denser and reconstruct the hair immediately, that will safeguard it from further damage and making it look more voluminous and fuller than before. Many clients will experience better overall hair texture and 50% reduced breakage especially when styling and brushing as the hair will be more manageable as well.

What to Expect During a Kerastase Treatment

Kerastase treatments are not like chemical services such as colour treatments or hair perms. In fact, many Kerastase treatment will just require a couple of minutes for application and can be performed alongside any other treatment that you have chosen without the extension of your appointment time. The treatment solution that contains all the rich ingredients you required will still go on, then after five minutes, the solution has to be rinsed out. Thereafter, the finishing results will be instantly noticeable after a fast combing through with a blow dry resulting in your hair to be fully transformed. The ultimate is that the finishing results of your Kerastase treatment will be extremely long lasting for up to twenty sessons of shampooing – about three months for most of the clients.

Continuing Kerastase at Home

It is very important for you to follow the Kerastase regimen at home in order to ensure the extension of the life time of your Kerastase treatment. Your hairdresser will give you the necessary advice on the Kerastase products which are best suited for you according to your needs. You might need a Kerastase product which can help you to combat breakage, dryness or frizz or perhaps you need a product to fight a combination of all of these hair woes. While at the comfort of your home, with the right conditioners, shampoos and other products as the after-treatment home care that is the best method to get the most out of your Kerastase treatment.

Kerastase hair treatment is revolutionary which can help you solve daily hair issues that styling, conditioners and shampoo products alone cannot. It will penetrate into the hair for long-lasting results as well as it is certain to help you achieve the full potential of your hair.

Salon Signature Rituals

with a professional hair diagnosis

Sitting in our hairdresser’s chair, you wish you could extend the head massage a few moments longer. We’ve designed a series of signature hair rituals around this moment.

As craftsmen of hair care experiences, we’ve prolonged the beloved scalp massage, included gentle gestures to help release tension, incorporated subtle scents to transport you with eyes closed. Based on your chosen ritual, your hair and scalp are indulged in a delicate yet thorough sequence of caring gestures, deeply treating hair from root to tip.

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The signature Fusio-Dose ritual is the most personalized service Kérastase offers and is exclusively available in our Hera salons. With up to 20 possible pairings, the results are instant and can target 2 key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density and dullness.

A revolutionary in-salon hair treatment, Kérastase Fusio-Dose offers customers a bespoke solution for their own unique hair needs. Our Kérastase stylists will perform a professional hair diagnosis and create a customized mix of Fusio-Dose concentrates and boosters, designed to transform your hair within minutes. These customized hair treatments can treat nearly every hair concern for our clients. Generally speaking, we target your hair’s main issue first. We can then create an individual treatment that not only addresses your greatest concern, but also can treat two to three other areas which require attention. It’s pretty amazing actually.

If you have over-processed, dry hair that loses its color quickly, we can treat it. If you are worried that your hair is starting to thin out, but also seems to be dry, and lacks shine after color, we can treat it. And the best part…it’s instantaneous. After merely a few minutes of experiencing one of these treatments you will experience positive results. So the next time you feel like you need a little help, but don’t know what is the most important, treat it all!

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Kerastase treatment

Chronologiste: Regeneration

Designed for those looking for the ultimate indulgence for their hair, Chronologiste works like a miraculous elixir to purify and revive lifeless hair. It features the signature mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed into the mask moments before applying. The scalp is regenerated and soothed, hair feels toned, strengthened and repaired, locks are silky and glowing with newfound volume.

Elixir Ultime: Sublime Shine

To experience all that precious oils have to offer, this ritual performed in 5 acts uses the media darling Elixir Ultime Oil to create a series of blends tailored to your hair. A relaxing massage and a custom oil zoning technique facilitate the penetration of the oil’s active ingredients for hair that is more resilient, softened and infused with natural shine.

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