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Very Personal Care for Exceptional Hair


Because women see their hair as an intimate expression of their identity, Kérastase offers them very personal care for exceptional hair, combining the expertise of the best hairdressers in the world with the knowledge of scientific teams working at the forefront of hair research.

Since 1964, Kérastase represents the finest in luxury care for hair, setting new standards in professional haircare products distributed through selected salons, where hair is analysed in detail and the whole process becomes a ritual of beauty and well-being.


Kérastase meet the expectations of women thanks to L’Oreal Advanced Research which has selected its most advanced technology for the Kérastase Collection: Kérastase products are unique, avant-garde formulas with innovative ingredients. Women aspire to Kérastase for the ultimate in hair care and the ultimate in beautiful hair.


In Hera Hair Beauty salons, women discover the Kérastase experience thanks to luxury rituals and the expertise of the our best Kérastase hairdresser: we know that every woman is unique and with ten haircare ranges designed for all different types of hair, every woman can benefit from a personalized beauty program designed by our specially-trained Kérastase hairdressers.


with a professional hair diagnosis


Sitting in our hairdresser’s chair, you wish you could extend the head massage a few moments longer. We’ve designed a series of signature hair rituals around this moment.


As craftsmen of hair care experiences, we’ve prolonged the beloved scalp massage, included gentle gestures to help release tension, incorporated subtle scents to transport you with eyes closed. Based on your chosen ritual, your hair and scalp are indulged in a delicate yet thorough sequence of caring gestures, deeply treating hair from root to tip.

Kerastase Singapore



The signature Fusio-Dose ritual is the most personalized service Kérastase offers and is exclusively available in our Hera salons. With up to 20 possible pairings, the results are instant and can target 2 key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density and dullness.
A revolutionary in-salon hair treatment, Kérastase Fusio-Dose offers customers a bespoke solution for their own unique hair needs. Our Kérastase stylists will perform a professional hair diagnosis and create a customized mix of Fusio-Dose concentrates and boosters, designed to transform your hair within minutes. These customized hair treatments can treat nearly every hair concern for our clients. Generally speaking, we target your hair’s main issue first. We can then create an individual treatment that not only addresses your greatest concern, but also can treat two to three other areas which require attention. It’s pretty amazing actually.

If you have over-processed, dry hair that loses its color quickly, we can treat it. If you are worried that your hair is starting to thin out, but also seems to be dry, and lacks shine after color, we can treat it. And the best part…it’s instantaneous. After merely a few minutes of experiencing one of these treatments you will experience positive results. So the next time you feel like you need a little help, but don’t know what is the most important, treat it all!

Keratase Singapore

Chronologiste: Regeneration


Designed for those looking for the ultimate indulgence for their hair, Chronologiste works like a miraculous elixir to purify and revive lifeless hair. It features the signature mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed into the mask moments before applying. The scalp is regenerated and soothed, hair feels toned, strengthened and repaired, locks are silky and glowing with newfound volume.

Kerastase treatment
Kerastase singapore

Elixir Ultime: Sublime Shine

To experience all that precious oils have to offer, this ritual performed in 5 acts uses the media darling Elixir Ultime Oil to create a series of blends tailored to your hair. A relaxing massage and a custom oil zoning technique facilitate the penetration of the oil’s active ingredients for hair that is more resilient, softened and infused with natural shine.

The Long Hair Training Program

Coached by Hairdressers


The Extentioniste long hair training program is a salon-exclusive service that will instantly reduce split ends by 78% and eliminate breakage up to 99% after just one application. By treating hair from root to tip, it allows hair to reach up to 4cm in 3 months with hair that is in optimal health throughout the lengths, allowing you to reach your long hair goals.

Kerastase Singapore

Dandruff Elimination Protocol


Helps Eliminate dry and oily dandruff flakes – Purifies the scalp – Stimulates biological scalp activity for better scalp quality – Hair is soft, weightless and radiant.

Kerastase scalp treatment

Soothed Scalp Protocol


Soothes scalp discomforts such as burning, redness, itchiness and tingling – Eliminates scalp impurities – Alleviates, refreshes and moisturizes the scalp – Hair feels revitalized, light and supple.

Kerastase Singapore

Hair Loss Control Protocol


Stops premature follicle aging – Stimulates biological scalp activity for better scalp quality – Regenerates hair’s metabolism – Texturizes hair for immediate volume and fullness.

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Far more than the place to get your root touch-up or an occasional trim, book an appointment at our Hera salons with one of our Kerastase certified award-winning international hairdressers from USA, UK for a complimentary personalized hair diagnosis or ask our hairdressers about the signature and our salon-exclusive Fusio-Dose treatment. You can also stop by anytime to browse and shop the complete Kérastase range, no appointment necessary.


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We offer 100% guarantee on all services within 7 days after they were performed. We will either re-do the service to your satisfaction, or provide full refund to you if you have paid for the service.