Are you interested in knowing whether it is possible to dye or colour your hair as well as go for keratin treatment on the same day?

Yes you can but you must adhere to the instructions given when you follow the procedures. 

Since the order of elements, in this instance will changes the finishing results of your hair.

Hence it is important for you to apply the colour first and then apply follow by the Keratin treatment.

We’ll make it simple for you.

If you approach it in reverse way which is to first perform the Keratin treatment first, then the colour, thus there is a chance of getting terrible colour patches in your hair that are on the brink of turning into straw.

If you’ve completed the keratin treatment and you have not colour your hair on that same day, you must be patient to wait for two weeks before dyeing your hair again.

In this instance the first step is keratin and then colour.

All of this comes with an explanation that we’ll elaborate on.

First, let’s be clear about what we are talking about up to the moment.

If you’re looking to finish everything (both hair colour and keratin) in one day, apply the colour first before proceeding to the keratin treatment.

If you choose not to perform both on the same day, you should do the keratin first and then wait for at least two weeks to do the hair colour, .

In our hair salons, we get a few times per week as we have clients visit the salon, thinking they’ve been scammed by the keratin treatment they’ve been provided.

The problem isn’t the Keratin. It’s the incorrect information. They dye their hair , then straighten it, without paying attention to the sequence they do it in.

In our society, we live where maximizing time is over valued. Women are used to doing three, two or even four tasks simultaneously.

However, let us share something. When comes to your hair’s appearance, the primary crucial items are common sense as well as knowledge. From moment to moment, and step by step.

If you follow the sequence of the hair colour and keratin treatment, you’ll have smooth, rejuvenated hair, not just in appearance , but in colour.

It isn’t easy and it can be full of frustration when you’re trying to look stunning within just a blink.

We will also offer some great reasons to be patient.

We’re here to reveal:

  1. Hair colour or keratin? What should you first do?
  2. How long should you be waiting if you have applied keratin but you are planning to colour your hair?
  3. How do you take care of your dyed hair that is treated using keratin to ensure it appears attractive and shiny for longer
  4. Which One Should Do First? Keratin or Hair Colouring?
  5. How long should you be waiting if you have performed the keratin treatment and now you wish for the dye to be applied after keratin

Dyeing your hair, and then applying a keratin treatment can be an ideal win-win at the final.

Let us give you an explanation.

In the process of applying the colour, the ammonia will open the cuticles of hair to inject dye into the cortex. It triggers a process called oxidation which elevates the pH of the hair by 10.

In the process, the hair is more alkaline as the integrity of hair structure is degraded and weakening it which causes breakage and makes it dry.

Therefore, if you apply a keratin treatment immediately after applying the dye you’ll:

  1. Repair and fix the structural damages that the dye is bound to cause for your hair.
  2. It will also normalized the PH level in your hair.
  3. Close and smoothen the hair cuticles.

Incredible, right?

Keratin treatment will cover the hair by forming an protection layer that can inhibit the colour pigments in your hair from escape after you wash it and expose it to sunlight.

Thus, the treatment with keratin will help keep the colour in place, instead of blocking it.

What happens if we have an keratin treatment, and then would like the hair dye to be applied two days after?

In this scenario the situation is quite different.

You will need to wait for exactly two weeks to dye your hair following application of the Keratin treatment.

How Long Should You Be Waiting for Your Hair Colour After You Have Done the Keratin Treatment?

If you’ve had Keratin treatments then you must patiently wait for two weeks before attempting to colour your hair again.

To appreciate the importance of waiting for this particular time it is important to know the way dye affects your hair.

Two important ingredients facilitate the process of hair colouring:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide that will soften the cuticle of hair and dissolves the natural hair colour.
  2. Ammonia: Opening the cuticle of hair the new colour.

The process function properly so that you receive maximum effect out of the dye. Your hair must absorb the dyes pigmentation.

This means you shouldn’t have any obstructions that block the hair pigment molecules from getting into your hair.

A recent keratin treatment performed will leave a thin layer of protein on your hair. It takes two weeks for this layer of protein to penetrate into your hair thoroughly.

This way, it will increase the strength of each hair fiber until it reach the nucleus.

At this point any thing that hinders the keratin penetration process could result in poor keratin treatment results, such as:

  1. Frizz can be found in certain parts in your hair.
  2. Elimination of the Keratin.
  3. Uneven colour.

This is why you must allow the keratin to perform its work completely within your hair over a period of two weeks and then , after that you are able to dye and colour it.

We are sure of it. It’s worth the effort to allow for two weeks before colouring your hair following the application of Keratin.

Now, you’ve dyed your hair, and you have also done the Keratin treatment.

Are you interested in knowing how to take care of your hair?

How To Maintain Your Coloured Hair with Keratin to Ensure the Shine and Vibrant?

You know that when you have performed a hair colour and keratin treatment in the recommended order tboth will enhance your hair’s strength and gives it the most effect it needs.

Also, it’s crucial to keep in mind certain aftercare tips to ensure that your hair will look gorgeous for a long time.

The first step is to choose your hair conditioner carefully.

Your hair dyed with keratin requires gentle shampoos that are formulated with microkeratin. These substances constantly improves your keratin treatment to ensure that your hair always appears fresh and the smoothening effect will be maintained for longer.

It is recommended to stay clear of components in shampoos such as sodium chloride and sulfate.


Because sulfates are surfactants and they will remove your scalp and hair off their essential natural oils. They also degrade the acid layer which keeps your scalp clean and free from infectious bacteria.

Salt On the other hand will result in harsh abrasion.

Utilizing shampoo that has the salt component can dissolve the keratin coating and eventually eliminate or shorten your costly keratin treatment effect.

Also, be aware that keratin treatments are semi-permanent, which means they will disappear when you wash your hair.

The most important thing to keep your keratin treatment longer lasting is not washing your hair as often.

We suggest you to use a dry shampoo in between washes since it will stop the hair’s surface from getting in contact with water for longer than it is needed.

keratin treatment singapore

It’s the most effective way for keeping your hair looking clean and shiny, without water.

If you can, stay clear of cotton pillowcases as they can absorb moisture and dry your hair.

The cloth can also cause friction within your hair, making it tangled in knots.

If you’d like to keep your hair smooth and free of tangles when you get up, you should invest in a satin or silk pillowcase.

Silk and satin decrease the friction between the hairs which means less breakage. Silk also won’t absorb your hair’s or skin’s moisture.

That’s it for today.

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