Keratin treatments are not a one size fits all topic. We have already discussed before on how different brands and formulations of keratin work for varying hair types. But, there is another question: Do you need to colour your hair before getting a keratin treatment?

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This is because it’s one of those things that came first, the egg or the chicken. Fundamentally, keratins will certainly have lightening effect on hair due to their nature and properties, regardless of whether they come in any brands or formulas. It’s getting very challenging because the purpose of keratins is to make hair look healthier and less frizzy instead of changing the hair colour. It makes sense that people would seek a keratin treatment to smoothen their hair after a harsh chemical process such as a hair colour or highlights. What do you need to do if the keratin treatment is going to change the colour of your hair?

Bleach May Be the Exception
It is not clear and always there will be debate on whether a keratin treatment should be done before any colour treatments or after a colour treatment for most shades. If you have bleached hair, it may be possible to do colour first because your hair won’t get lighter any further. Bleach can cause damage to the hair cuticle. Keratin treatment will smoothen the cuticle.

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Keratins will almost always lighten artificially coloured hair excluding those bleach hair.
For those who have coloured their hair, it is unavoidable that some hair may lighten. A keratin treatment will not change natural hair colour. Hair that has had only a single process hair colour treatment is the most susceptible to unwanted lightening by keratin treatment. Hair also lightens faster if there is only single process hair colour to cover gray.

Bottom line: Before you make any moves, consult with your stylist. There are many manufacturers of keratin smoothing products. Each manufacturer has its own guidelines regarding when to colour the hair before or after keratin treatment.