Can you use purple shampoo to fix your hair after the keratin treatment has turned it orange?

If your hair turns orange after the keratin treatment, you cannot use purple shampoo.

Use a blue shampoo instead since the blue pigmentation will neutralize and balance out the orange tones in your hair.

If your hair was previously brown 4, brown 5, and dark blonde 6, a keratin treatment could lighten it further. The coloured hair can be modified by the keratin treatment by up to two levels. However, for virgin hair, it seems to be more resistant and it can only be modified up to one level.

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Does keratin alter the colour of your hair? Can it be made darker or lighter?

Nearly all blondes started using purple shampoo as their go-to hair product when it first became popular.

But if you read these sentences carefully, you surely noticed that it has indicated “blondes.”

The fundamental reason is purple shampoo works well on yellow hair and this is the fact.

The colour wheel, which demonstrates that yellow is purple’s opposite, has already been explained theoretically. When purple shampoo is applied on yellow hair, the hair is technically “toned” as a result.

However, you will need to use a blue shampoo instead if you find that your hair has orange undertones appearing after the keratin treatment.

Again, this is because the colour wheel has taught us that blue will neutralize orange tones.

This is the fundamental of colourimetry.

Therefore, do not waste your money or time.

Do not use the purple shampoo in your bathroom, even if your sister sometimes uses it on her hair. You won’t benefit in any way for your orange hair.

With that in mind, we are certain there’s a query that has been keeping you up at night for days.


The causes are connected to your hair’s past.

During keratin treatment, the hair protein, keratin, is artificially applied to the hair to enable it to appear shiny, frizz free and smooth, thus this treatment has become very popular. Keratin treatments will fill up the porous and weakened areas in the hair that was resulted from the loss of the natural hair keratin overtime. This negative effect of over porous hair will cause hair breakage, tangled and fizziness. The keratin treatment will rebuild the hair by recoating all the lost keratin protein back to your hair strands.

This final finishing of the keratin treatment will be smooth silky manageable hair that will eventually wear out only after a few months. Thus, basically, Keratin treatment is just mimicking an ultra-powerful deep and strong hair conditioner.

Besides, Amino acids, vitamins, or other nutrients may be easier fed to the hair by penetrating the cuticles and entering the hair core making your hair to be frizz-free, lustrous, and silky after keratin treatment.

Since keratin will affect the hair’s core, thus technically it might change the colour pigmentation that gives your hair its colour. How?

That’s what we meant when we discussed your hair history earlier.

Your coloured hair may lighten up to two levels with the keratin treatment. Pigmentation molecules are released when the cuticles are open to absorb the keratin protein during the treatment. It will be interesting to know that the colour will be altered by only one degree if you’ve never coloured your hair before or known as virgin hair. You are aware that keratin may lighten hair as of now. But why did your hair start to turn orange?


And we’ll just first think about if the base colours belong to any of these three colours: Dark blonde 6, light brown 4, or brown. Just how did we guess?

The fundamental reason is that the predominant pigment of these three colours is orange. Your hair thus lightened when the keratin was applied, or rather, it faded to orange.

Because of this, we hairdressers always stress how important it is to colour the hair fifteen days after using Keratin.

This is important to prevent the hair colour from fading, we insist on this.

The heat of the flat iron, which is a necessary step to activate the keratin, has an impact on it as well.

The flat iron is used at a temperature of more than 230 degrees Celsius to seal the layer of keratin coated in the cuticles. This will also accelerate the fading of colour even more.

After having the keratin treatment, your hair has turned orange. However, hold on wiping the grin from your face just yet. There will be an effective solution which is you may use a product to get rid of that unpleasant leftover hair colour.


This blue shampoo that deposits pigment will in turn create a coloured film on your hair. Your newly hair’s keratin coated on your hair will not be removed or penetrated by it.

Ways of using the blue shampoo without harming the keratin treatment

The blue shampoo is just like other normal shampoos but you cannot use it every day.

To start, we assume you are already aware of the fact that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day with any shampoo after the keratin treatment. If you do, you will merely decrease the natural moisture in your hair.

You also don’t need to use blue shampoo if you wash your hair every other day. It may be used in place of your regular shampoo.

Keep in mind that using too much blue shampoo can cause your hair to become blue.

Here is a broad overview, however, keep in mind that each manufacturer has its criteria.

Remember to thoroughly study the instructions for the brand that you have ultimately chosen to purchase.

It should be used once or twice a week in place of your regular shampoo. Remember that because its pigments are only deposited on the exterior of the hair strands, the orange hues will return as soon as you stop using them.

You should let the blue shampoo sit on your hair after application for around 3 to 5 minutes. The length of time depends on the brand that you have used. Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer since if you leave the blue shampoo on your hair for longer than recommended, the pigments will get saturated and the colour will alter.

For the pigmentation to stick effectively to the hair cuticles and prolong the length of the orange tones neutralization, it is advisable to rinse the blue shampoo using lukewarm to cold water.

In order to reactivate the keratin with heat, you can blow-dry your hair on medium or high heat.

Later, since sulfates-free are known to be good colour protectors, you should wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo instead of normal shampoo. As a result, these sulfate-free shampoo also will not remove the pigments of the blue shampoo.


If keratin treatment is performed on brown or dark blonde hair, the colour may fade up to two levels and turn the hair orange. The reason is because some of the colours from the hair dye may be released when the keratin protein is penetrating the hair’s core.

Use blue shampoo for the neutralization of the orange hues, but be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to prevent turning your hair fully blue unexpectedly.