Keratin Treatment Singapore

Hera Hair Beauty is the leading hair salon in Singapore for providing permanent hair smoothening services with Keratin hair treatment. We are proud to provide only the best, safest and up-to-date products available with the most advanced technologies.


We are one of the first salon to specialise in the Keratin Treatment in Singapore and presently, we are trained to provide customized bespoke keratin treatment which is optimized and tailor made to suit your hair and lifestyle needs.


Hera Hair Beauty Salon has been known for our expertise and knowledge in permanent hair smoothening using keratin hair treatment and the results we achieve. We have renowned international hairdressers hailed from London, USA, Dubai etc, who are certified educators and keratin professionals themselves for more than a decade. Moreover it is vital to communicate to our clients that all our products are globally tested and certifiably safe.


When you come for your first keratin appointment, it will begin with a thorough consultation which includes a hair and scalp assessment and our professionals provide analysis is to ensure that the right treatment is chosen for your hair and scalp type as well as your lifestyle.


Please call us on +6592371254 to book.


We are providing the Best Keratin Treatment in Singapore!


As you may not know, permanent hair smoothening is a time consuming service that many salons still facing challenges to offer their clients whilst preserving the quality and lasting results. We are the pioneer in the Singapore to offer the customized keratin treatments approach which allows our clients to finally find the permanently smooth hair that they have been looking for!

keratin treatment singapore

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keratin treatment singapore

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keratin treatment singapore

Goldwell Kerasilk is the latest, revolutionary premium hair smoothening products that delivers long-lasting hair transformations entailing excellence, quality and safety. Change unruly hair into smooth any silky hair with the new Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Hair Treatment Service!


Meet the premiere system of longest lasting, bespoke keratin smoothening service and home care products. More than half of woman population have unmanageable frizzy and curly hair especially in extremely humid weather condition like Singapore. Precious time and money are lost to blow-drying and flat-ironing in the pursuit of soft, smooth, straighter and silky hair. Goldwell’s exclusive Kerashape technology which harnesses a new generation of smoothing ingredients like glyoxylic acid, keratin, and silk proteins to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, creating new keratin bonds that stabilize the hair shape for up to five months . With the latest breakthrough in Goldwell’s hair technology, its Kerasilk Keratin smoothening service and home care products can prevent the time and money wasted on salvaging the unmanageable frizzy hair and instead, the after treatment hair will be as smooth as silk.  This revolutionary new keratin treatment also kick starts a break-through in approach and expectations. The Goldwell Keratin Kerasilk two-component system allows customization of smoothing treatment specific to each client’s hair and scalp type and individual desired result. There are two bespoke formula intensity for clients with different curls and frizziness. Eventually, curls are softened and defined, leaving hair manageable but not flat and straight. Your hair will stays voluminous and the frizz is smoothed and looks natural and never flat and you can incorporate color service into any custom Keratin Kerasilk Hair treatment.


-Reconstructs dry damaged hair at the same time as straightening
-Effective for all types of hair
-Short and simple process
-Long-lasting results (16-24 weeks) durable to various conditions
-Can wash, dye, highlight and cut right after the hair treatment
-Non-oxidative components maintain hair pigments

Application: 2 – 3 hours

Price: from S$285
(Price depends on texture, length, thickness and amount of product used)

Leave in 1 – 3 days

Same day rinse or wait 1 – 3 days for straighter results

Our Past Keratin Treatment Works

All our international hairdressers are Certified Keratin Professionals and have been performing hair straightening services for more than a decade. We even have hairdressers who were certified product educators for some of our Keratin products.

Why are We the leading Keratin Treatment Singapore Professionals?


1. All our international hairdressers are Certified Keratin Professionals and have been performing hair straightening services for more than a decade.

2. We even have hair professionals who were certified product educators for some of our Keratin products.

3. We use the latest technology and advanced new quality products available.

4. We have a choice of bespoke customized treatments to suit all hair types and lifestyles.

5. We provide the best aftercare hair treatment products.

6. All our salons are fitted with effective extractor fans eliminating fumes for your comfort.

7. We will money-back guarantee the results

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