Intense and pristine, soft and more rich, cool or warm, highlighted or a black colour, everybody has their own way of rocking light brown hair, and with great reason! Keep reading to get the light colours of brown to improve your face feature with various shades of brown.


Copper Light Brown Hair Colour

light brown hair

Dynamic and filled with shine, this medium brown packed full of orange highlights is excellent for fostering dull or dark locks without going blond. It’s also the ideal option for brunettes who wish to slowly become redheads. Embodied from the actress Bette Davis and her half-brown half-red locks through Hollywood’s golden age, this shade is full of vibrancy and may be worn by anyone no matter what their foundation colour. Blondes can go for a complete coverage colouring treatment, whereas brunettes have the option of highlights for varying shades that blend into their dark base colour. Opt for these intense orange brown highlights without hesitation! They include a twist to a locks and best match pale to reddish skin tones and blue-green or glossy eyes. But do not think about opting for these highlights in the event you have a dark complexion, even as aluminum brown may clash with this. Instead, decide on a caramel shade.


Cocoa with Light Brown Hair Colourlight brown hair

Featuing here is super dark brownish shade, near to the ebony brown. But it differs from this extreme colour as it contains more brown than black. Easy to wear, this is the mischievous light brown hair colour of Audrey Hepburn, which gave her a posh and mystical edge. To replicate this look, you should go to get a permanent colour, whatever your normal shade, to rock extreme brown locks. This colour is a simple method to provide those with chestnut to light brown hair a makeover. But , it can occasionally create orange highlights in blonde or blonde hair. If this happens, you are able to restate the highlights using purple shampoo for a flawless colour! That said, the cool shades of chocolate match all women and go perfectly with pale and dark complexions. Not to mention that it is the perfect colour for making brown eyes sparkle and blue-green eyes pop!

Caramel with Light Brown Hair Colourlight brown hair

This medium brownish colour, decked out with golden highlights, is ideal for adding luminous shimmering for your hair. Caramel brown is darker than the very comparable hazelnut or honey brown, and this indulgent colour is suitable for all hair colours . However, it seems a lot more organic on a dark chestnut to medium brown base. With its warm pigments, caramel brown softens your features and enriches all complexions, from light to dark. For instance, this shade gives Eva Mendes irresistible charm, making it among her weapons of mass seduction! This shade is usually reached by employing a colouring treatment which will slightly lighten your locks. For quite dark hair, prior bleaching must put in the desirable golden highlights.

Honey Light Brown Hair Colour

light brown hair

Full of contrasting effect, this sun-kissed brown colour is the best balance for brunette who is uncertain if they should go blonde. It is even intense in golden high lights than brown caramel, but with a dark base than hazel nut colour. Having this colour entails a semi lightening treatment that can only be utilized to light to moderate brownish locks. Fundamentally this colour levels to Californian highlights for brunettes, adding an extreme yet natural lightening results to your own lock          . Ideal for giving a sun-kissed appearance to light brown hair, honey brown is often reached by mixing blonde highlights into darker hair. This colour suits all skin tones, giving you a luminous complexion in the blink of an eye. With this particular shade you can say hello to a irresistible sexy cool look right away!

Ice brown Hair Colourlight brown hair

Similar to ash brown, this luminous hue suits hazelnut to ebony bases. It sets a iridescent veil above your locks, providing them an exceptionally sophisticated glossy look. It gives a distinctive look and enriches women who are full of personality, like Eva Green who is a loyal fan of this shade. Obtained in the tone-on-tone colour, rich in purple stripes, this shade of brownish creates cool silver highlights. It provides a chilly silvery nuance into the hair fiber’s surface, hence its title. Don’t be concerned if you’re not even a brunette – if you have fair hair, it merely takes another point to darken your foundation with a first brown colouring treatment. Following that, the renowned silver highlights are added. But before cooling down your brown, check that you have the right complexion (with gold or pinkish tones), as ice-cream tends to make pale complexions appear dull.


Hazelnut Light Brown Hair Colourlight brown hair

This is still another brown heated up by gold highlights which is more radical than honey-coloured highlights. In reality, this light brown verges on blond! Similar to hazelnut, it’s more light-reflecting than caramel hair colouring. That is a stroke of luck, as you cannot beat hazelnut for burning dark eyes or making light brown coloured eyes pop for a guaranteed unbelievably sexy look! This charming shade was showcased beautifully by actor Ingrid Bergman, the muse of all Alfred Hitchcock. Luckily, you can rock this colour no matter what your natural colour. It is not difficult to accomplish on chestnut to light brown haira regular colouring treatment is sufficient. However, if your base colour is chocolate into ebony brown, be prepared to reevaluate your blonde or bleach your own locks to find the wanted outcome.



Chocolate Light brown Hair Colour

brown Hair color

This deliciously rich colour is a black brown with gold highlights plus a bit of mahogany. Dark but milder than cocoa with shiny warm highlights, so it provides you an enchanting setting like Claudia Cardinal to get a mysterious seductive look. Superior news: if you fall for this irresistible shade, this organic colour of brown, that can be filled with depth, suits all of complexions and eye colours, from the lightest to the darkest! Another massive benefit is that chocolate brown could be set in with a usual colouring treatment, whether your base colour is blond, hazelnut, brown or red. Only people that have black hair needs to resort to small bleaching to acquire this terrific colour.


Ash brown Hair Colourlight brown hair

This trendy brown, intense in high lights, gives your hair an enhanced pronounced silvery gray colour than ice brownish. Ideal for making your brownish hair subtle without dramatically transforming it, it’s made by applying a tone-on-tone colouring remedy which cools down your natural colour. If you are blond or a red head, then you should however go to have a permanent hair colouring treatment to go brunette before having gray highlights set up to find that amazing Romy Schneider look. Although elegant when coupled with the celestial characteristics of this blue-eyed ambassador, ash brown is not for everyone! Though it enriches dark skin tones and balances out red and pink complexions, it tends to dull pale ones. You have been warned!


Mahogany Light brown Hair Colour

Mahogany Light brown Hair Colour

Seriously much like copper brown, mahogany is different from the latter owing to the red high lights coupled with brownish-red shades for a gorgeous new look. A complete balance between three colours to get a vivd colour of brown, this one surely doesn’t go un-noticed! Rich and full of depth, this warm bold shade is highly recommended for seductive women who exude personality, like Sophia Loren, one of the very first to put on it. Perfect for improving black or olive complexions or walnut naturally darkened skin, it also matches red skin tones. Still another advantage: the colourful highlights of mahogany go perfectly with all eye colours, a true godsend for a hassle-free new look! Suitable for all bases, it is easier to stone this shade if you’re a brunette, by enhancing natural brown with purple highlights, instead of for a blond who might have to resort to a colouring treatment beforehand to attain the perfect colour.


Natural Light brown Hair Colour

light brown hair

Comparable to dark chestnut, this particular shade of brown is the lightest of all of them! It is called”mild” despite being dark, as its light golden highlights evenly light your foundation colour. This is the perfect shade of brown for those who would like to lighten their hair without any highlights! Elegant and natural, it enriches all girls, something actress Raquel Welch knows all too well. So don’t hesitate to brighten up your brown locks using a lightening colour treatment or conversely, darken your light base by one to three tones to receive this easy-to-live-with brownish hue. Warm and glowing, this shade of brownish complements all complexions in a variety of ways by boosting shine and adding personality to mild bases or by beautifully toning with golden to dark skin tones. With this shade, you can say goodbye to dull locks missing in thickness! It enriches your own eyes, which will gain in intensity, and it will soften black eyes to make them look lush and deep.


Dark / Ebony Light Brown Hair ColourImage result for Dark / Ebony brown Hair Color

That is actually the darkest brown there is. Asians are often born with this hair colour: a colour verging on pitch black. Made famous by the 1930’s vamp actress Louise Brooks and then from the pin-up Bettie Page who’d jet black cubes in the 1950s, this colour is the charismatic brown of beautiful and independent femme fatales. In contrast to preconceived ideas, this colour, that is filled with character, satisfies all girls regardless of what their foundation colour or complexion. It makes your eyes pop up, even more so if they are light-coloured. However, if you are a brunette, then going ebony brownish is simpler than if you’ve got blonde hair. A simple black colouring treatment is sufficient! However, for people with fair hair a pre-colouring remedy to darken your foundation colour is required to find this intense brown shade. The single drawback is the maintenance necessary for growing out follicles because of the big contrast between your natural colour along with the hair dye. So you should carefully look at this before taking the plunge for this light brown shade shade!



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