Mahogany and Burgundy are two brownish red shades that are similar to in appearance. Burgundy is named in honor of the wine Burgundy while mahogany is named in honor of the Mahogany timber. The major distinction between mahogany and burgundy is that the burgundy wine has a slightly pinkish hue when compared with mahogany.

Burgundy and Mahogany hair colour comparison

Major Differences Between Mahogany hair colour and Burgundy hair colour

1. The first difference is that, although they are similar in appearance, mahogany has a brown base, whereas burgundy has a reddish base.

2. Mahogany colour is longer lasting than burgundy due to its ability to maintain its brown base even when it begins to fade. Thus even if it does fade and it will still stay as mahogany and remain the same. However the time that burgundy fades it transforms into a totally distinct colour.

3. While you can pick any kind of highlights to match mahogany, Burgundy is best when it goes with warm highlights.

4. Burgundy is harder to blend with colouring techniques like balayage and highlights.

5. Mahogany is the best choice for extremely grey hair.

6. Mahogany colour can be used for all skin tones but burgundy is best for women who have pale skin.

7.  Mahogany’s pigments are more persistent. This makes it more durable to keep and maintain.

Are you considering whether to dye your hair burgundy or mahogany during this festive season?

You’re definitely looking for a bold colour line that is brimming with your own personality. You’ll want to grab the centre of focus.

It’s perfect for us. But, beyond the intention what is crucial is that once you make the big leap of faith and enter through the large door.

What is the meaning of this?

Each of these colours won’t be missed. Based on their characteristics, there’s only one colour that can shine on you. You’re searching for that.

They appear the same but they’re still different. Today, we’ll assist you in deciding which one of these colours is the best option for you.

Are you prepared?

Let’s look at the differences between burgundy and mahogany. They may appear subtle at first sight but they could be the difference between a good and bad decision.

Different 1: Mahogany has a warm brownish tone, and burgundy tends to be mainly reddish.

Mahogany hair is a mix of different shades of red, brown and violet, as well as others.

It doesn’t clash with other colours because its brownish-coloured base gives it a warm tone. This is why mahogany manes exhibit simplicity, reliability and firmness.

However the burgundy colour has a wine hue that is a combination of dark purple and dark red. It’s dependent on the characteristic and predominant colour of wine.

Burgundy hair is sober and elegant, and is a reference to passion, love and sensuality. It’s usually associated with inappropriate,  irreverent, ambiguity and subjective .

If you’re seeking a transformation in your hair’s colour that will take you to warm, earthy and brownish shades, choose mahogany.

If you like your hair to have shades of red, similar to the wine colour, opt for the burgundy colour.

Different 2: Mahogany colour fades to mahogany in all cases. On the other hand, burgundy is a mahogany-like shade and more brownish.

The length of time the colour lasts is important. Both shades are able to find their Achilles’ heel here.

If it is not treated with the proper care, Mahogany will fade out to a dull brown while still retaining its mahogany-based base. Burgundy On the contrary fades into a brownish red hue which is extremely like mahogany.

If you’re worried about keeping your hair the same colour we suggest you choose mahogany.

Different 3: If you’re looking to apply a hair colour that has undertones, mahogany is far more versatile. However, burgundy only blends well with warmer tones.

Now, the taste and imagination are more in play than strictly technical. If you do choose a hair colour with undertones it is important to determine if they’re cool or warm.

Mahogany is perfect for blending cool and warm shades.

For instance, for example, a mahogany with a coppery hue is a stunning combination, and also an ash mahogany. It’s dependent on the base to which it’s used and your personal preferences, however both shades will complement the mahogany’s colour.

Burgundy is, however, able to find its most powerful allies in warm tones.

You can choose either a reddish or coppery Burgundy. Both have a sensual oomph. If you’re adventurous, although the violet undertone can be cold, it’s the most attractive of all burgundies as it has a enhancing effect on the base colour and creates an unique eggplant colour.

Different 4: If you’re looking to include an artistic colouring technique, such as highlights, then you must choose mahogany.

In this instance there are striking differences. Mahogany offers a wider range of options: highlights, babylights and balayage in both cool and warm shades.

For instance, mahogany that has copper balayage is a stunning unique, distinctive gradient.

In contrast, the burgundy hair is less likely to be used in combinations with other hues. It’s limited to highlights of violet or copper.

Are you looking for some ideas for Burgundy highlights?

Try a balayage style on the Burgundy hair, which is extremely fine and eye-catching. It’s called strawberry blonde.

Different 5: Grey hair is more noticeable with burgundy as it transforms into a purple-pink hue. In contrast, mahogany gives grey hair an intense golden hue as in highlights.

Grey hair has become the unofficial adversary of all hair colours. The same is true for burgundy and mahogany.

If you’re sporting a lot of grey hairs, then we would advise you to choose mahogany. If you have grey hair, it will be taking on a vibrant golden hue that will give the lightening effect appearance only on the roots. The hair’s colour will take on an amazing appearance.

The effect isn’t so elegant with lighter burgundy hues since grey hair will change to the appearance of a pinkish-violet colour. It will completely clash with the other colours.

Different 6: Mahogany can be used for all skin tones While burgundy is recommended for those with pale skin.

Mahogany is a great choice for every skin tone, since it softens and intensifies the tone of your skin based on the level of lightness or darkness you’re wearing.

If your eyes are light, then dark mahogany can emphasise your style. However, if your eyes are dark, then a lighter mahogany can soften your appearance.

Did you notice? Mahogany lets you play around with different shades to show the best features of your face, no matter what your complexion colour.

If your skin tone is fair and you have blue or green eyes the colour burgundy is a great option for you.

Who doesn’t remember Jessica Rabbit? We all identify the burgundy hue with Jessica Rabbit. The light skin and the light eyes can take you to another dimension when you wear the colour of burgundy. However, you must be aware of your makeup since it may cause you to appear more pale.

Different 7: Mahogany pigments last longer than burgundy pigments.

The two colours share one common thing in which you should wash your hair using the coldest water in order to seal your cuticles, which will help the colour last for a longer time.

If you’re not vigilant or persistent in maintaining your colouring of your hair, we suggest mahogany. It is much more durable, longer lasting and has more staying power than the Burgundy.

If, for instance, you wash your burgundy hair, it is recommended to use a dark-coloured towel in order to prevent it from staining red.

Do you need advice when you’re considering Burgundy?

Make sure you use products specifically designed suitable for hair with reddish colours, make sure you don’t wash your hair more than two times every week. You should also apply moisturising products with an acid PH in order to hold the colour for longer.


You now know whether you should pick mahogany or burgundy in accordance with your skin tone, routine for maintenance, and whether you would like to complement the colour change by using colouring techniques like highlights.

Tell us which shade you prefer?

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