Although many believed they would think that the man-bun was going to simply be a short-lived fad but the man bun has proved otherwise its longevity and staying power. The man bun can also hold it’s own against other trendy hairstyle choices, along with the well-loved pompadour as well as the undercut. If your hair is a decent good length then it’s a great hairstyle to look into. All you have to do is choose the ideal man bun version from our inspiration that suits you!

1. Classic Man Bun

The man bun style is easy to create and looks stunning. This style is best suited to hair that’s shoulder-length or longer and featuring simple buns that are tied in the middle of the head’s back. While the hairstyle is not as distinctive as it once used to be, it is still trendy and fashionable. And, best of all, the classic man bun is also very practical. If you’re looking to get those long hair out of your face or desire a chic hairstyle This is a fantastic alternative that doesn’t require going to the barbershop.

2. Mini Man Bun

Gentlemen with medium length hair are also able to rock man buns and look amazing. However, if your hair is too short then a mini man bun is the only thing you’ll be able to pull off. Don’t let this deter you, however. Mini man buns can still look unbelievable stunning and is a great method to wear this man bun trend. Be sure to make the bun lower on your head, which will help to avoid the lower sections of the hair from turning loosen.

3. Half-Bun

Another fantastic way to interpret Man buns can be the half-bun. The half-bun is made up of the top part of hair being swept into a bun. The rest of the hair is left loose. It looks fantastic on guys with medium or long hair. If you’re just beginning to grow out your hair, you could opt for this hairstyle since it is easier to maintain and create with shorter hair strands rather than a full-on man bun. If you notice that your hair pieces are falling out and becoming loose, try using a tiny amount of the hair product to hold them in position.

4. Top Knot Man Bun

A top knot can be described as a variant of a man bun which sits higher on the top of your head. It can be made neater and tighter for a clean and sharp appearance but loose, messy to create a more relaxing and natural appearance. Whatever style you pick the most important aspect is the placement of the bun. To achieve the perfect man bun style, sweep your hair upward in ponytail prior to creating your bun. The ponytail’s bottom should be sitting on the top of your head, or slightly higher.

5. Messy Man Bun

For a sexy, casual, relaxing look, try a man bun and make it messy. Man buns that are messy work perfect for guys who want an casual appearance, but need hope to look stylish. The messy hairstyle is also suitable for men with wild or wavy hair because it makes use of their natural texture. To achieve the appearance, don’t brush it and instead use your hands to gently pull your hair into a low ponytail. After that, firmly tie it into messy buns at the nape of your neck.

6. Man Bun with Mid Fade Cut

Combining two hairstyles that are trendy to become one hairstyle is a great option to look cool and fashionable. While not every pairing will work well, man buns and mid fade haircut are an perfect match in heaven. Combining the two hairstyles gives an impressive and unique look. To make it more attractive and catchy, choose a low undercut which starts around in mid of the forehead.

7. Low Man Bun

A low-man bun is an great alternative to the classic man bun style. The appearance, which is comprised of a nape of neck’s man bun that conveys an unpretentious, relax and carefree look. It’s a great choice for informal and casual occasions and celebrations. Therefore, even though you might not be able wear the look to work, however, it’s worth keeping this in mind for the weekend or other days free.

8. Tendrils Man Bun

Give your long hair a new edge for any seasons by sporting with loosely tendrils man bun style. This look is an amazing update of the classic man bun as it looks modern and fresh. To get the look, you must first pull your hair into a high ponytail. Thereafter, use an elastic band to firmly secure and tie the hair in a bun. Try to keep the ends of your ponytail to loosely stick it out of the top.

9. Man Bun + Beard

If you’re looking to take this man bun trend back to origin of hipster, then a beard is essential. If you pair a man bun with beard, you’ll capable of creating a chic hipster style. While the look isn’t difficult to make, it can take some time when your facial and head hair isn’t long enough. There are few tricks and tips you can apply to make your hair and beard grow longer, faster and stronger.

10. Man Bun + Dreadlocks

If you’ve worn dreadlock hairstyles for a long time or are just beginning to get into the look, man buns can be a fantastic method to wear these locks. Not only can a man bun hairstyle with dreadlocks appear stunning, but it’s also very practical, particularly during the summer. For best results, keep your man’s hair loose and messy. This will showcase your dreads in a chic and casual way.

11. Half-Up Top Knot

Similar to the half-bun, the half-up top knot is secured by placing half of your hair into the form of a bun, while letting the rest to be fallen loosely. The distinction between the two can be seen in the fact that the half-up knot is tied higher on the top of the head at the crown. It’s a result that looks unique and interesting. This is why it’s perfect for guys with an eccentric or bold fashion.

12. Top Knot + Shaved Sides

Do you want to take your top knot hairstyle to the highest level? Instead of loosen half the hair, why don’t you shave it off? This will create a daring bun that has a trendy disconnected undercut hairstyle. Although this hairstyle is too intense for most people, those with a lot of confidence will appreciate it as an winning appearance. You can also grow beards to add further attraction to your look should you desire.

13. Man Bun + Braids

If you’re a gentleman who wants to spice up your man bun without cutting or shaving, braids could be an excellent option. Combining a man’s bun with braids will give you an fashionable and exciting look. While they might seem complicated to make, braids aren’t too difficult to make, and practicing will help you make it perfect. Consider starting with a simple plait before gradually progressing to more complex styling.

14. Double Man Buns

If you’re looking to take your man buns to the next level, then you have to be considering on double man buns. This hairstyle, which has two man buns rather than the classic one bun, is accomplished by making two same knots that are placed on either side of the crown and back of the head. The result is extremely striking and bold. It’s a great choice for men who prefer to make a statement and aren’t afraid to explore different hairstyles.

15. Asian-Inspired Man Bun

Before hipsters, the man bun was actually a traditional hairstyle for the Japanese and was often adorned with hair sticks that helped keep it in place and provide an aesthetic element. Nowadays, you can get the inspiration and recreate the great traditional Japanese buns with your very own man bun that is inspired by Asian culture. To achieve the perfect style, simply brush the hair backward neatly and then tie it into a tight bun that is high on the back part of the head. If you are full of confidence, then you can add one or two hair sticks to finish the Japanese bun appearance.

What is a Man Bun?
While the man bun was initially created with a hairstyle specifically for hipsters, it has now evolved into a more mainstream style. Nowadays, many gents from various groups decide to rock the look and it has become incredibly well-known and popular. The man bun is only be worn on long or medium hair lengths, is made by pulling the hair backward or the crown of the head, and then secure it into an encircling loop or coil.

What is the best way to style your man’s bun?
Man buns are very easy to style. All you need is a hair tie or band. You can apply the hair spray to texturize your hair, however, it’s not really necessary. Begin by scooping all of your hair up into a ball, then gather it in a ponytail of the desired height. Secure the hair tie around the hair one time as if you were tied an ordinary ponytail. After that, for the next few passes, you should just pull it about halfway through before you begin with the second loop. This will capture the main portion of the pony, and then pulling it into the shape of a bun.

How long do you hair have to be to make the man bun?
The the minimum length for a man’s bun is approximately six inches. However, ideally you’d like it to be to be longer, which is around 10-16 inches. To grow such a long hair from a shorter men hairstyles can take a period between 12-18 months, which means you’ll need to remain patient.

What’s wrong about man buns?
Man buns are a divisive and controversial style due to a number of reasons. When they were in their peak of popularity in the mid-2010s it was heavily linked to hipster culture, that many felt was too pretentious. At that period and still today it’s quite noticeable socially, appearing in social media or any pop culture which makes it appear to be to be a little over-the-top. But the main issue which has led to the rage of the critics is the fact that it goes against gender norms that for certain people, could be challenging and confronting, particularly men with fragile masculinity.

Can a man bun cause hair loss?
Man buns that are worn too tight every day could cause what’s known as the alopecia of traction. This is a symptom due to loss of hair along the hairline at the front, due to constant pulling of the hair’s hairline by such excessively heavy and tight hairstyles. Ideally, you’ll want to vary your hairstyles so that it’s not regularly pulling in the same direction. Try low pony or braids instead. While you are able to wear the man bun every day and just make sure not to pull it too tight. Also, remove it overnight to give your hair some time to rest.

Do man buns remain in fashion?
Although man buns might not be as prevalent as they were in the back mid-2010s but they’re very stylish and trendy. It’s not just stylish on its own, but it also works well with other fashionable hairstyles like pompadours, the undercut or fade cut. Additionally, it’s an excellent alternative for guys who have longer hair and looks fantastic when coupled with a full beard.