Fuzzy-free and Simple Tips for Men with Curly Hair

Despite the prevalence of curly hair in males, not much has been written or published on the proper hair care, haircuts, and styles for guys with curly hair. The fact is that most curly guys choose to cut their curly manes to tame their curls rather than paying attention to what is required to rock their curly hair.

We hope to share this article with you for you to understand more about men’s curls, coils, and kinks with plenty of pertinent knowledge and helpful ideas. We have experienced and seen the nightmares that come with having curly hair, so we write this article to share all of the advice and knowledge we have gained over the years serving mens with curly hair.

In Hera, we have had countless of men come to see us with flat, listless curly hair or thick, frizzy, unmanageable curls and we take huge pleasure in restoring the natural shape of their curls by controlling and organizing volume and movement when cutting the curls.

Finally we also help them to understand how to make their curls work best for them and the needs of each curl type are different. For example, wavy hair will often need encouragement for formation, while with tighter curls the focus should be elongation and organization. Whether you currently embrace your naturally curly locks or are thinking about letting your generally styled hair run wild, the revolution of Hera salon’s curly cut can make all the difference for the look of your hair. Most importantly, we have perfected a professional, customized salon-quality hydration treatment for curl care using products specifically formulated for all curl types—from loose to tight curls, coils to spirals as well as waves.


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mens curly haircut singapore

mens curly haircut singapore

mens curly haircut singapore

All About Curly hair

Now for the important part: what is curly hair? Since many guys have curly hair but are unaware of it, we think it’s best that we respond to this question directly before you continue to read the article.

There are two types of texture that can be grown on the scalp, curly or straight hair. The texture of the hair shaft, which is created within the follicle, determines the texture of the hair (hence either one of the two textures). A follicle is a microscopic opening in the skin where one hair strand emerges. The real structure of a hair strand is found in the shaft.

For the hair to develop its height and breadth, the keratin layers are built up one on top of the other within the follicle that make up the shaft of a hair strand. The layers of keratin are equally distributed and laid in straight hair which is one of the two textures of scalp hair, resulting in a strand with a symmetrically rounded cross-section area. However, in the case of curly hair, the keratin layers are deposited unevenly, resulting in an asymmetrical and lopsided hair shaft; this uneven layering of the hair shaft is what gives curly hair its curvy appearance.

Since curly hair is inherited, each person’s curly hair is unique since the type of curly hair (degree of curviness of their hair strands) is already predetermined by their DNA and is just theirs. The curly hair may be inherited from the father’s side, the mother’s side, or even a combination of both sides but it is normally in the situation of interracial children with a straight-haired parent and a curly-haired parent.

Male Hair Types

We have previously said that you are the only one with the degree of curviness which you have. It is simpler for you to select the appropriate men’s haircuts and hairstyles for your curly hair type since the same degree of curviness may be categorized into different types.

The two most well-known hair-typing references are those created by men’s hair specialist Rogelio Samson and hairdresser Andre Walker.

These are the 4 hair types for males, according to Rogelio Samson’s hair type chart:

  • Kinky, curly hair
  • Coiled hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Straight hair (straight hair is both a texture and a hair type)

The three main types of curly hair for men are believed to be wavy, coiled, and kinky. The essential points of each of the three types of curly hair will be covered in the following sections, along with a reference image for each curl type so that you can see them visually.

Wavy hair or wavy curls

Wavy hair that resembles the letter “S” in the alphabet because of its wave-like texture. The least curly among the hair types, wavy hair is also the easiest in terms of styling for guys. Adrian Grenier is a famous celebrity with this wavy hair type.

You can see what male wavy curly hair looks like in the image below; take note of how the hair curls and starts to create wave-like forms after it has grown to a medium hair length.

Coiled hair or coiled curls

Hair that has been curled in a spiral-like patterning which forms ringlets and coils. Men’s coiled hair is a little more challenging to style, but it has a nice amount of volume that improves the look of the hair. Kenny G is a male celebrity with coils in his hair (a well-known professional saxophonist).

Observe how the ringlets or coils are clustered into thick hair and how the curly hair maintains the clearly defined coiled shape in the image below that shows what males with coiled curly hair look like.

Kinky, curly hair or afro-textured hair or kinky coils

Hair with kinky curls has edges that are sharp rather than smooth that tends to curl up as tiny spirals, giving it a more compact appearance. Kinky curly hair has a reputation for being the most challenging men’s hair type in terms of styling (within reason), but it also has a natural propensity to volumize to great lengths and shape, making it the most voluminous hair type for men. Will Smith is a male celebrity with kinky curly hair.

The image below is an excellent illustration of what male hair with kinky curls looks like. Take note of the sharpness of overall coil patterns and the extremely tiny size of the curly coils.

Men’s Curly haircuts

We can advise you that curly hair requires a different cutting technique as compared to straight hair. Contrary to straight hair that normally uses wet cutting technique, curly hair certainly has some benefits with the technique of cutting the curls dry. However, the art of mastering wet cuts for curls and the ability to professionally assess the fall of the curl following the cut and diffuse is an incredibly unique skill too. Besides, curly hair must be cut with a shaping emphasis rather than a chopping emphasis. This implies that although certain men’s haircuts look great on guys with curly hair, there are other men’s haircuts that look awful on curly men.

Unfortunately, a lot of barbers and hairdressers cut curly hair like it’s straight hair, which nearly always results in a terrible haircut. Curly hair, on the other hand, requires careful cutting with the appropriate haircuts if one wants to flaunt a good-looking mane of curls. Straight hair can get away with almost any haircut.

Make sure to go through this curly haircut guidelines in the menu at the top of the page to get a wealth of hair-styling knowledge that will help you to choose and have the best haircut for your curls.

Curly Men Hairstyles

The same emphasis on caution must be made for curly men’s hairstyles as it was for the previous advice on curly men’s haircuts. The key point to remember about curly hair is that it will always have a propensity to coil back into its original natural shape; for this reason, hairstyles that call for excessive flattening or combing are useless.

The older, traditional slicked-back hairstyle, which calls for the hair to be flattened backward with pomade, is a fantastic example of a terrible men’s haircut for curly hair (in the 1920s, this was a very well-known curly man hairstyle). On the other hand, what we refer to as the “contemporary” slicked back style, which has the hair swept back using only the fingers, is a great men’s haircut for curly hair that mimics the traditional slicked-back style. The elegant, slicked and classic hairdo is maintained while the curls are not pulled too flattened or hard by using the fingers to scoop and sweep the hair back.

For what it’s worth, if you want to comb your curly hair, you must usually use a wide-tooth comb for styling your curls. If you accidentally use one of these two men’s styling tools—a conventional men’s comb or a hair brush—on your curly mane, you run a very high danger of harming your curls and follicles since your curls will be caught and tugged firmly by the brush’s bristles or comb’s teeth.

Hair Care for Men with Curly Hair 

Contrary to popular belief, not all hair products work well on curly hair. In reality, there is a certain category of hair products that are particularly helpful for men with curly hair. Similarly, if you have curly hair, you should steer clear of or use certain hair products as little as possible.

It’s also crucial to understand that a curly hair man needs more than just hair-styling products. For curly males, hair care solutions like deep conditioning or hair conditioning products are great curly hair home care and maintenance buddies. It may be surprising to know that the vast majority of men with curly hair have no idea what a hair conditioner is. However, learning about these products and applying them properly can have a very good effect on the overall appearance, condition and health of the curly hair of men.

Suitable Hair Products for Men with Curly Hair 

The top hair products for guys with curly hair include the following:

Hair cream or styling cream.

Hair gel with a mild hold (firm-hold hair gel is also fine).

Hair mousse.

Pomades that are water-based and have a firm or mild grip.

Hairspray with a mild hold (which leaves your curls flexible and bouncy)

Leave-in conditioner that is to be applied as a styling product).

Hair conditioner

Hair mask or deep conditioner.

Moisturizing or hydrating shampoo.

Natural oils include raw coconut butter, argan oil, and extra-virgin olive oil.

Wide-toothed comb.

Ionic hair dryer (if looking to dry curly hair more quickly or add more volume with other hair-styling products).

Lousy Hair Products for Men with Curly Hair 

Listed below are some of the worst hair products for curly hair men:

Extra-strong hold hair gel.

Oil-based pomades

Strong-hold waxes for hairstyling.

Frequent use of high-strength shampoos like clarifying shampoos or chelating shampoos (once-a-month use or once-every-two-weeks use is OK though and we recommend such a spaced-out frequency).

Daily usage of shampoo of any type.

Flat irons, commonly known as hair straighteners.

Non-ionic hair dryers

A fine-toothed comb or a standard men’s comb.

Hair brush

As a general rule, any hair product with a strong style hold will generally not work well on curly hair.

Men’s curly hair grooming and hair care

Grooming and taking good care of your curls regularly is essential to keeping an aesthetically beautiful mane of curls. Being able to style your curls and sport a magnificent mane of coils, waves or kinks on your head simply takes a few minutes in the morning.

From the time you step into the shower until you’ve completed styling your curly hair, grooming your curls entails getting them ready for the rest of the day. Grooming your curls is a process itself and it is a fairly simple and direct one process. Additionally, maintaining your curly locks (i.e., hair care) is a fairly easy procedure that just requires persistence and consistency if you want to embrace your natural curls of coils, waves or kinks on top of your head!

As we have already mentioned, the objective of this article is to provide you with trustworthy, practical information, tried-and-true hair advice, and tips so that you can better understand your curls and thus unlock a world of limitless hair-styling options to suit your personal styling preferences and grooming requirements.


The most misunderstood hair type is curly hair type, and it’s much worse for men who have curly hair since unlike curly-haired women, most curly-haired men have no idea how to style or care for their wavy, coiled, or kinky-shaped manes. In hindsight, we hope that this article has provided you with all the guidance, knowledge, and suggestions required so that you may lastly get a good-looking head of curls for yourself.