The hairstyle has ever become part of each individual’s daily style statement and cleanliness. Here, you’ll discover the very best and most fashionable hairstyles for guys constantly. You may observe the way men’s hairstyles have developed from short haircuts to lengthy mens haircuts.

Significantly, there have been a lot of thoughts for hairstyles that are lovely and the sector of hairstyling has flourished. Have you any idea that may even get your morning coffee whilst getting your pet? Many coffee shops now provide this unique and enjoyable means to get their own mens haircuts comfortably.


Men’s Hairstyle Trends in the 70s

To begin our listing of hairstyle development, let us look at this mens haircuts fashion throughout the 1970’s.

1975 Men’s Hairstyle: Wavy Undercut

1975 Men's Hairstyle Wavy Undercut
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This hairstyle matches oval-shaped faces. You’re able to attain the undercut by shaving off the hair on the faces of your mind. It’s very good for curly and straight hair.

1976 Men’s Hairstyle: Spiky Shag Do

1976 Mens Hairstyle Spiky Shag Do
Originally posted by Hair and Makeup Artist

This hairstyle is awesome for those with oval, triangular and round face. It is possible to apply some strong hair wax or pomade to style the spikes.

1977 Men’s Hairstyle: Mullet

1977 Mens Hairstyle Mullet
Originally posted by Ozy

It looks great to have this Mullet by cutting the top part of your hair and letting the back of your hair grow longer.

1978 Men’s Hairstyle: Grease Pompadour

1978 Mens Hairstyle Grease Pompadour
Originally posted by Modern Salon

This Pompadour haircut is suitable for those face with medium to thick hair kinds. You just need to put hair gel, wax or cream and a comb to control the hair going to the back.

1979 Men’s Hairstyle: Afro

1979 Mens Hairstyle Afro
Originally posted by Buzzfeed

This haircut is suitable for all face contour having thick hair kinds. Achieve this style by cleaning your hair every three days.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends in the 80s

Next, let’s see what’s the men’s trending hairstyles during the 1980’s.

1980 Men’s Hairstyle: Mohawk

1980 Mens Hairstyle Mohawk
Originally posted by Cool Boys in Leather

This haircut is awesome for all face-shapes with medium to thick hair types. You can achieve this by shaving the side of  your head. You can either fix the hair with gel or just put it down.

1981 Men’s Hairstyle: Slicked Back Mullet

1981 Mens Hairstyle Slicked Back Mullet
Originally posted by Nettavisen

You can achieve this Mullet hairstyle by putting a hair cream and combing your hair to the back. It is suitable for oval face-shape and great for average to thick hair kinds.

1982 Men’s Hairstyle: Crossed Mullet and Shag

1985 Mens Hairstyle Crossed Mullet and Shag
Originally posted by Fanpop

This haircut is suitable for round, oval and square shapes of face. You can get this easily by growing your hair longer and trimming the top shorter.

1983 Men’s Hairstyle: Big Hair

1983 Mens Hairstyle Big Hair
Originally posted by Footballguys

Get this hairstyle by adding fluff and volume to your hair. You can put mousse or cream to your hair and comb it well.

1984 Men’s Hairstyle: Mullet

1984 Mens Hairstyle Mullet Haircut
Originally posted by Hollywoodcultmovies

This Mullet hairstyle was a very popular choice for men in the olden days. Men can simply cut their front shorter while allowing the sides and back hair grow long.

1985 Men’s Hairstyle: Quiff

1985 Mens Hairstyle Quiff Hairdo
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On the other hand, this vintage Quiff looks awesome on men with thicker hair. You can simply attain its traditional image by trimming your hair short at the back and growing your hair long in the front-side. Style your hair by putting a good amount of pomade.

1986 Men’s Hairstyle: Jheri Curl

1986 Mens Hairtyles Jheri Curl
Originally posted by My3catsrule

This hairstyle is great for naturally curly hair with average to luscious volume. During the 1980s fans of Michael Jackson follow closely their idols Jheri curl hairstyle.

1987 Men’s Hairstyle: Wet Look Pompadour

1987 Mens Hairstyles Wet Look Pompadour
Originally posted by Believeband

Taking a glimpse of this sleek Pompadour hairstyle, many women go mad just to take a look at The King of Rock and Roll.

1988 Men’s Hairstyle: Mohawk Mullet

1988 Mens Hairstyle Mohawk Mullet
Originally posted by Mishkanyc

This Mohawk Mullet hairstyle is shorter on top and longer at the back. It is simply longer in the front, unlike other mullet mens haircuts. To finish the image, you can put on a hairband.

1989 Men’s Hairstyle: Long Straight Haircut

1989 Mens Hairstyle Long Straight Haircut
Originally posted by Tudou

Mostly you can find in those rockstars, such long hairstyle is awesome for those with oval face-shapes. You can achieve a straighter look with your hair treated or ironed.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends in the 90s

1990s saw a range of men’s hairstyles in various shapes and kinds. Here are a few types of the most sought after hairstyles.

1990 Men’s Hairstyle: Long Curly Haircut

1990 Mens Hairstyle Long Curly Haircut
Originally posted byFotolog

A popular option for men is still keeping long hair. They can opt for perms if the hair is naturally straight.

1991 Men’s Hairstyle: Caesar Short Bangs

1991 Mens Hairstyle Caesar Short Bangs
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George Clooney made the ideal choice by deciding on this Caesar-style haircut. When the majority of women watch him due to his excellent acting abilities, nevertheless there are people who only need to watch his easy grin and handsome looks.

1992 Men’s Hairstyle: Flat Top

1992 Mens Hairstyle Flat Top
Originally posted by DJplaturn

The Flat Top isn’t just for army guys. Back in the times, hip hop musicians also favor this hairdo.

1993 Men’s Hairstyle: Cornrows

1993 Mens Hairstyle Cornrows
Originally posted by Nocoastbias

Cornrows are perfect for guys with wavy hair. The procedure sometimes takes a great deal of time but it’s surely stylish.

1994 Men’s Hairstyle: Spiky Crown

1994 Mens Hairstyle Spiky Crown
Originally posted by Hqparadise

You’re able to attain Leonardo’s hairstyle by employing a solid hold gel in your hair. With this kind of a necklace that is stunning, his boyish looks create a good deal of young women and women’s heart melt

1995 Men’s Hairstyle: Curtained Haircut

1995 Mens Hairstyle Curtained Haircut
Originally posted by Teamcoco

Though Tom Cruise certainly looks fantastic with almost any outfit, a great deal of men replicated the Top Gun star’s curtained haircut.

1996 Men’s Hairstyle: Suave Hairdo

1996 Mens Hairstyle Suave Hairdo
Originally posted by Omelete

A fantastic hairstyle for oblong contour faces is that this suave hairdo. You are certainly able to stone this fashion with or with no hair gel.

1997 Men’s Hairstyle: Bowl Cut

1997 Mens Hairstyle Bowl Cut
Originally posted by Ztams

Devon certainly captured many hearts for this timeless hairdo. Many called this type of mushroom vest and helmet scissors. The hair can be cut while after the hairband set in the mind for a guide.

1998 Men’s Hairstyle: 360 Waves Hairstyle

1998 Mens Hairstyle 360 Waves Hairdo
Originally posted by Lalako

Many African American guys chosen for its 360 waves hairstyle. This hairdo entails cutting the hair after a Caesar cutoff. Brushing procedure is utilised to attain the waves while still cutting out the hair off follicles.

1999 Men’s Hairstyle: Dread hawk

1999 Mens Hairstyles Dreadhawk
Originally posted by Modosausrus

In the calendar year 1999, youthful guys opted to get a hairdo also referred to as a Rawhawk. It takes shaving the hair around both sides and the rest of the hair is styled as dreadlocks.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends in the 00s

For the calendar year 2000, this creation found a mixture of innovative and slick hairstyles for guys.

2000 Men’s Hairstyle: Frosted Tips

2000 Mens Hairstyles Frosted Tips
Originally posted by Tampa2011

Hair dyes aren’t just for ladies. The year 2000 saw guys getting more aware of the appearances. For example, this hairstyle entails utilizing hair sprays and gels to make spikes. The hair can also be colored lighter to bring an extra dimension to the appearance.

2001 Men’s Hairstyle: Shag

2001 Mens Hairstyles Shag
Originally posted by Paul

Who states shaggy hairstyles match just girls? People who think it clearly has not seen the magical Zac Efron. This gifted young guy can rock any outfit out of team clip, pompadour, fade, and also a deep-seated cut.

2002 Men’s Hairstyle: Emo Cut

2002 Mens Hairstyle Emo Cut
Originally posted by PRPphotos

Young men prefer the Emo Haircut. This is due to its imaginative side and dark disposition.

2003 Men’s Hairstyle: Faux Hawk

2003 Mens Hairstyle Faux Hawk
Originally posted by Lastheplace

Maroon 5 fans typically watch its lead singer Adam Levine together with his lace panties. While he did sporting a Mohawk at a stage, this faux hawk is a milder variant of this.

2004 Men’s Hairstyle: Bald

2004 Mens Hairstyle Bald
Originally posted by Ouchpress

What’s great with being hairless is you may eliminate spending cash on barbershops. Maintaining this outfit is so easy you may do it on yourself.

2005 Men’s Hairstyle: Buzz cut

2005 Mens Hairstyle Buzzcut
Originally posted by Goodreads

You’re able to attain this fashion by simply trimming the hair very short. It’s low maintenance but nevertheless, look manly.

2006 Men’s Hairstyle: Textured Haircut

2006 Mens Hairstyle Textured Haircut
Originally posted by Seventeen

A fantastic instance of the textured mane is Josh Hutcherson’s locks. It’s already perfect without using any hair solutions.

2007 Men’s Hairstyle: Designed Haircut

2007 Mens Hairstyle Design Haircut
Originally posted by Modern Salon

Artistic men not only apply their artwork for their chosen medium. Your hair may also be a stage to show off your creative skills.

2008 Men’s Hairstyle: Modern Mullet

2008 Mens Hairstyle Modern Mullet
Originally posted by Getty Images

Even though a great deal of men prefer short mens haircuts because of its simplicity, but there are still a variety of men who prefer the Mullet. It can be an old school fashion, but a few men can make it seem cool.

2009 Men’s Hairstyle: Tapered Cut

2009 Mens Hairstyle Classic Taper
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Otherwise called Tapered Cut, this outfit is also known as businessman cut or graduation. The hair can be cut long enough to brush at the top.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends in the10s

Last, the year 2010 forward saw men favoring short haircuts. While there are still those rocking that the guy bun, short haircuts for guys absolutely rule!

2010 Mens Hairstyle: Slicked Back Undercut

2010 Mens Hairstyle Slicked Back Undercut
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You can attain this hairstyle shaving the hair on the two edges and leaving long hair on the top. Then it is possible to apply your preferred hair goods and brush this up.

2011 Men’s Hairstyle: Brit-rock Indie Haircut

2011 Mens Hairstyle Brit-rock Indie Haircut
Originally posted by Modaymoda

Make this ravishing look by growing your bangs extended and combing it forward. The messy style may seem casual but really it requires a good deal of time to achieve it!

2012 Men’s Hairstyle: Modern Pompadour

2012 Mens Hairstyle Modern Pompadour
Originally posted by Fashionbeans

The contemporary variant of this Pompadour is somewhat slicked through the sides rather than the back. Whatever way it takes, it makes the wearer look glossy and glossy.

2013 Men’s Hairstyle: Short Back and Sides

2013 Mens Hairstyle Short Back and Sides
Originally posted by Trendus

As shown above, the hair will be point cut with scissors around the top. Afterward, the hair around the back and sides are cut or shaved to accomplish a shorter length. Even though Justin has naturally curly hair, as you can see treatments and employing some hair goods can tame one’s hair incredibly.

2014 Men’s Hairstyle: Blunt Cut

2014 Men's Hairstyle Blunt Cut
Originally posted by Fashion beans

This hairstyle suits face shapes and variety of hairtypes. It utilizes a clipper over comb method to trim your own mane. With a blunt cut like this, you are able to head out with friends or head to work without applying gels or pomade.

2015 Men’s Hairstyle: Rockabilly Haircut

2015 Men;s Hairstyle Rockabilly Haircut
Originally posted by Polyvore

Meanwhile, this timeless hairstyle has produced a wonderful comeback. The hair will be cut long on top and short on the sides. Then use pomade in your face and curl it.

2016 Men’s Hairstyle: Short Cropped Haircut

mens haircuts short

While plenty of guys still opt to keep their hair , it can involve a routine not all men wish to share in. It is possible to prevent it by picking a short cropped haircut.

2017 Men’s Hairstyle: Choppy Fringe Haircut

hairstyle for men 2018

The year 2017 still sees short hair for a fad for guys. But some men unite it with a hairline that is weathered. Employ some medium hold wax and then brush down it to make it appear stylish yet casual.

2018 Men’s Hairstyle: Fade Haircut

best mens haircuts 2018

Indeed, the Fade haircut is a fashion that is a favorite among men. It may come and go, but when it comes back there’s always a fresh twist onto it. It’s a great deal of variations now but you consistently see guys choosing this hairdo.

2019 Men’s Hairstyle: Disconnected Undercut

new mens hairstyles 2018

2020 Men’s Hairstyle: What will be next’s year Hairstyle trend?

future haircut men
Could this be the haircut of the future in 2020?

While nowadays you see guys choosing a disconnected undercut, this is a modern form of the classic hairstyle.

This awesome collection of men’s hairstyles will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect cut for your face and you can have fun learning by the background of men’s hairstyles. Basically, hairstyles have evolved annually and no haircut is precisely the exact same in each individual. Since you can conclude from this record it’s all about personal taste. So what do you believe is going to be the most recent men’s hairstyle craze for 2020?