Are you considering making a big chop? Think about the micro bob: It is a super short hairdo which blends the best of the two worlds of a gaminesque pixie haircut and a face-framing bob. This stylish short haircut has been worn by many late celebrities from Audrey Tatou to Emilia Clarke; every iteration more fetchingly effortless than the previous.

Enough to say, this ear-length hairstyle gets a certain flair of its own as well as it can be put on in many different ways. You can wear it by slicking it back for a sleek futuristic vibe, pin it backward for a lovely messy half down half up style, wear it pin-straight or with your natural texture.

Technically, a micro bob is considered a short haircut in which the hair tips only barely reach chin length or end just above. The hair is being trimmed and falling off naturally. There is minimal styling needed. This super short and sexy crop has been appearing in every part of the world and we know why. Get inspired by some of our favorite takes on this gorgeous micro bob look.

micro bob

Artist: @hairgab