The summer is here and lots of us will soon be heading for the sun during the next upcoming weeks.

Although we are all aware of the dangers and risks of exposing your skin to UV radiation under the sun, our hair is often neglected.

It is sometimes believed that sun-kissed hair is an indication of good hair health but in reality, sun-drenched weather can cause damage to our hair and cause them to be in poor health and condition.

This is why taking care of your hair while in the sun is crucial and it is essential to have the correct products.

To help you with the protection of your hair during the holidays, the following tips have summarized all the must-haves to care for your locks in the sun.


Sun hat


The most common misconception about the hat is that they’re needed for people to wear in the sun when they’re lacking or have no hair, as they shield the scalp from sunburn or sun damage, but this isn’t the case.

Although hats can provide additional protection to protect the scalp from strong UV radiation, they also protect the hair from exposure to sun’s rays as well.

 If your hair is exposed to too much sunlight that consists of UVA and UVB rays, these UVA and UVB Rays may strip the hair of moisture and cause damage to hair’s cuticle and protein. These may result in fizziness, dry/brittle hair ends, discolouration and split ends , or even hair thinning.

 Plus, if you have your hair coloured, wearing a hat is the best way to secure the colourist’s amazing work for a longer period of time. This is because the sun’s rays will lighten the colour of hair’s melanin by stripping and fading it.

Hence, put on the hat you want and make sure you cover your head in a proper manner. It’s still possible to find one that’s a fantastic accessory for fashion and also a sun protector.

Protection from UV 


Wearing a hat might appear like a sensible option but it’s not necessarily the only option to shield your hair from damage caused by the sun.

There are a variety of sun protection products you can apply on your scalp and hair to safeguard it from sun damage.

Look for UV-protection sprays that are water-resistant , heat primers/oils, or mineral parting powders which can hold in colour and moisture while shielding your hair from heat and other elements.

If you’re looking for natural remedies, search for products that contain ingredients like coconut oil (SPF of 7 or more), Karanja seed oil (SPF of 20) and Shea oil (good for hair and scalp health) and Plum oil (an antioxidant superpower).


Fuss-free Accessories and tools 

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Take your look from day to night by using simple accessories that don’t take up much space and weight in your bag but will allow you to create some stunning looks when you’re on vacation.

Considering packing a variety of hair bands and grips allows you to wear your hair in a different kind of styles. A headscarf is the most hassle-free item you can put on at any time of the day. It can cover your hair and make you look sophisticated and fashionable.

 Additionally, vent brushes as well as velcro rollers provide your hair with extra volume without the need for heat tools that can create more damage to your hair.


Multi-purpose styling products

If you are planning a vacation overseas, one of the major stresses is that you have to follow strictly to the baggage weight allowance of the airline without any additional cost. That’s why having to pack a few items that can meet your hair’s needs is crucial.

For instance, the texturizing spray will give extra volume to your hair, and absorbs oil as well as provides your hair with the ability to hold braids and updos. Similarly, a hair oil can help hydrate dry hair ends, and acts as a shield against chlorine, entailing healthy and shiny hair. It can also be used to smooth out any flyways prior to styling of hair.

Please do not fret if you’re lacking space in your bag. The beauty stores inside the airport are usually stocked with products for hair after you’ve passed through the airport security. You may also check out what is available in the local stores in wherever country you are heading to. You never know when you could uncover a gem at an unexpectedly attractive price.

Deep conditioning treatment

After a long day under the sun having your hair exposed to ultraviolet radiation, chlorine, and sea salt water, you’ll need to provide your hair and scalp with extra nourishment by applying an overnight treatment of deep conditioning.

Sea salt and chlorine are extremely damaging and harmful to the hair. Chlorine bonds with your hair and will strip away the natural oils that are present in your hair, making it feel damaged and dry as time passes by, while seawater can also have similar drying effects on the cuticle of hair too.

Leave-in conditioners are able to act as a barrier when you apply the product to your hair prior to swimming in order to replenish and hold the moisture that has been lost.

Lightweight conditioners are ideal for fine hair. However, conditioners with a lotion-like consistency are ideal for curly hair. Heavier treatments are recommended if your hair is thicker.