BACK IN THE ’80s and the ’90s, many Aussie women spent a lot of money on SunIn. They soaked their hair in it, then sat out in the sun to get lighter hair. It turned out that we didn’t really require the additional assistance from the spray. Even if you don’t use any extra products, spending all summer outdoors will lighten hair. It all comes down to ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes the colour pigments in our hair shafts to become oxidized. This chemical process is similar to having your hair bleached.

sun kissed hair
This may sound like good news to those who have spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours at the hairstylist trying to lighten their hair. However, “sun-kissed hair” is not a good thing. While the sun can make hair look blonde, it also damages hair. The sun can permanently weaken the hair shaft although it help to make your hair lighter. You can expect split ends, dryness, and irreversible damage. Here’s how to fix it. The solution? For beginner, please put on a hat when you are out in the sun and choose those hair products that give protection from UV radiation, just behaving like sunscreen for your hair.

Protecting your hair from UV rays is just as important as protecting our skin. This is particularly important for colour-treated or weak hair. While a long time on the beach can lighten hair, it can also cause damage. That is why you should always wear a hat! While a long time on the beach can lighten your hair, it will also damage it. That is why you should always wear a hat! You should also consider your scalp, particularly your hairline. To avoid burning your scalp, There is some tricks recommended which is to use a high-spf lip balm to protect your scalp and prevent it from getting burn. It’s quick and easy to apply without any grease.

There are many great options available to speed up the process of hair lightening. Anyone who was brought up in the late nineties, early noughties and used hair lightening products will be happy to learn that the technology and formulas for this process have advanced dramatically.
In its dual effects with ultraviolet radiation, salt water also plays a role in lightening your hair. However, salt water can also cause hair damage by swelling and drying hair shafts, making them porous and more prone to breaking.

What is the key? Your hairstylists will know the “sun-kissed” hair hair look which is a popular way to describe it is to mentioned that you prefer to have subtle and soft variation along the front or the ends that are basically the regions where the sun will target. The basic meaning of sun-kissed hair simply indicate that you only want to lighten your hair by one or two shades, but nothing too dramatic.

There are two reasons why you might find that your hair still has been lightened by March even if you keep it out of the sun. And that pool with the chlorinated water you were swimming in? It is not good for your hair as well. Chlorine, an alkaline, can be the most damaging for hair. After swimming, hair should be double-washed. The chemical composition of the pool water can cause hair to turn a green/blue colour.