Over the years, we have several clients asking if they could colour and perm their hair on the same day. After giving them explanations and some thoughts, we have decided to write down all the information we had provided and make it into a blog post. This will allow more people to benefit from the information, and not make the same mistakes as others.

Here it is:

Can you perm and dye my hair the same day? The answer is you can’t. Both of these processes are incompatible and do not work together. Both cannot be done consecutively on the same sitting and within the same day. Instead, it is advisable to follow this: Perm your hair first, wait for around two weeks, then colour or highlight your hair.

Table of Contents

  1. Can you perm and dye my hair the same day?
  2. Why it is not advisable to dye your hair and perm it on the same day?
  3. How long should you wait to colour your hair after a perm?
  4. Can colouring my hair damage my perm?
  5. How to prepare your hair and style it for a perm
  6. Is it possible to colour and bleach your hair at the same time?
  7. Conclusion

Can you perm and dye my hair the same day?

This is a straight answer to a straight question. Although some claim they have succeeded, we can assure you that they are lying. Both treatments alter the hair’s internal structure and make it impossible to make it work. Here are some reasons why it is not a good idea to dye your hair and perm it the same day.

Why it is advisable not to dye your hair and perm it on the same day?

Both of these treatments use very strong chemicals to alter the structure of hair. The hair will experience some damage from both the treatment and may lose some of its natural moisture. Let us show you an example.

Imagine that you begin your day with a perm. After the perm, your hair will naturally lose some of its intrinsic moisture. If you further continue to colour your hair, you can damage your hair due to additional chemical effects. The end resulting side effects could be uncontrollable frizz or can cause hair loss and hair ends that are split like the grounds after an earthquake.

It’s not a good idea to do this in one go. It is important to allow your hair to heal from perming. You can dye your hair after you give your hair a rest for about two weeks.

There is nothing wrong with either hair perming or hair colouring services… but it is not advisable to do them simultaneously on the same day. Let your hair rest for a while before enhancing it further with some beautiful colour or highlights :).

What is the best time to colour your hair after a perm?

It was mentioned briefly above. It’s a topic that we will further elaborate as follow.

However, if you’re dead-set and firm on colouring your hair after a perm treatment, the minimum you can do is that you should wait at least seven days instead of the recommended two weeks. You should also shampoo your hair at least once. As we have said, most hair professionals suggest that you wait at least two weeks before applying colour to your hair. Don’t rush to dye your hair if you are concerned about how your hair reacts to these treatments. Wait for your hair to recover.

Why should you wait?

This is because your hair is being damaged. Both perm salts, permanent hair dyes may contain chemicals that can be extremely damaging to hair. People who have had their hair permed and dyed their hair within the same day will likely tell you they did damage their hair.

Some people will experience minor hair damage, such as some frizzing or dry hair. Others may see more severe problems. Some people may experience scalp irritation, hair breakage or excessive shedding.

Another reason to wait is that you may not get the desired colour if you perm your hair and dye it on the same day. Because if you have the two processes will be react together and the colour result is one shade lighter than you intended. The fundamental is that if you colour your hair after a perm, the cuticles may not be closed properly and chemical bonds won’t stabilize. The result is a hair colour that is not straight and won’t last as long. Also, the curls won’t be as full and bouncy as they were intended. Perm manufacturers also recommend that colour be added after perming so the dye molecules don’t get pulled out. Your hairstylist might be able add colour depending on which brands or types you choose. However, since these are all chemicals you need to make sure they do it. Hence, you will get amazing results if you are patient.

Can colouring my hair damage my hair?

No, your perm will not be damaged if you colour your hair after the perm. Permed hair can be coloured safely, provided you wait 2 weeks for it to heal from the perm treatment.

Semi-permanent hair colours are safe. Semi-permanent colour is recommended for you if you are more cautious. It is called “deposit only” and is therefore safe. Semi-permanent hair colours do not contain peroxide or ammonia. It is therefore not harmful to your hair.

The important thing to remember is that the semi-permanent colour can be washed out approximately four to eight shampooing times.

How to prepare your hair and style it for a perm

You now know you need to be cautious when dyeing and perming your hair. We will give you some tips on how to prepare for a perm. You will get the best perm possible and your hair dye the best! Here are three tips to help you.

Don’t layer or thin your hair. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t layer your hair or thin it. However, you should be careful not to do this too much for the best perming results.

Avoid henna colouration, herbal or keratin treatments. Perm treatments affect your hair in a chemical reactive way, as you have read. For instance, treatment such as keratin treatment will cause a layer of protein coating to form round your hair. This can interfere with the chemical process of the perm. Our best advice is to tell your hairdresser the history of you have done with your hair for the past few weeks. This will allow your hairstylist to make the right judgement and decision on what to do and give you the best results.

Upkeep your hair well! Although it sounds simple, many people overlook this important fact. The simple truth is that perms last longer if your hair is healthy. Perms will not work well if your hair is already damaged or dry. Use quality homecare products to prep your hair for the perm.

Is it possible to dye and bleach your hair at the same time?

Yes, you can dye your hair right away after bleaching. You can also dye your hair in the event of bleaching. It all depends on the hair condition and root condition. Let’s say you have bleached all your hair. You know you cannot dye and perm your hair the same day. It might be worth knowing if you can bleach your hair the same day or let it rest for two hours. You can bleach your hair for up to 2 hours. However, we can tell you that it is almost the same (though it all depends on how your hair looks). The bleaching process is may also caused hair damage depends on the condition of your hair.


You now know that it is impossible to dye your hair and perm it the same day. You must wait at least 7 days, but ideally 14 days. This is to make sure everything goes as you expect.

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