Pixie Cut – The Ultimate Inspiration for you

A pixie haircut is your ultimate classic short women hairstyle. It has been a shorter haircut choice considering that Joan of Arc, and actress from Audrey Hepburn and Emma Watson have adopted the edge little haircut with gorgeous style. We would all be lying if we did not acknowledge at the same moment or another (likely if we had been wrestling with a brush and blow dryer over a sweltering summer day) we have toyed with the idea of opting to get a pixie cut.

Have you been obsessed with pixie-style short hair? Read about pixie cut on this site and the way this hairstyle became so common!

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Hairstyles and haircuts have experienced different alterations and improvements throughout the history. Several have come, gained considerable popularity and eventually abandoned by public, but short haircuts particularly happen to be the one to stick and stay around the longest.

pixie cut

Short hair is among these fashions that has stayed relevant to the date, despite all the years. One of the many distinguish short hair cuts and styles, the pixie cut particularly is one that’s always captured an onlookers’ eye also hasn’t failed to create an enduring impression. This doesn’t only encapsulate individuals that are bold enough to try out this fashion themselves but also people who look at many others in amazement and respect their artistic design.

Short Hair – The Fashion of the Future

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After many decades past, women have considered their femmes beauty was related to their own very long, Rapunzel-like tresses and waist-length hair.

Maidens at the Era ardently bore the thoughts that their own hair has been their crowning glory, and that explains the reason why they were constantly discovered with thick, long, beautiful hair they frequently wore their backs down, braided, or curly into complicated buns from their ears.

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Fast-forward into the 1920s when girls gained their right to vote,” a bunch of young, lively girls known as’flappers’ went to acknowledge this newly-acquired liberty and freedom by girls through their wild and self-gratifying-confidence, fashion and composure.

Since the flappers of the 1920s dumped their corsets, increased their hemlines and attempted going against each socially-controlling standard they could possibly, they did something which nobody could have dared to in the moment. Placing aside smoking, drinking and driving automobiles around, they did exactly the unthinkable – they eliminate the assumed’crowning glory’ and altered their stunning locks to what’s known now as the ever-chic, ever-stylish and incredibly daring,’the bob’.

pixie cut

There has been a awesome sense of liberty in the atmosphere back and also a sense of immense achievement was to present at the hearts of those women who wanted to reflect their liberty through a daring, bold hairstyle.

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And after that, in the 1960s, started a fresh wave of fashion and style which were free with the assistance of women’s rights and liberty. The bob was gradually being replaced with a sexier and more stylish haircut- that the’pixie cut’.

This was an age which was characterized by powerful ladies coming out of the shells with courageous and gallant hairstyles which were certainly attention-getters and much more like”flourish –in mind!”

The ’60s- A Period of Rebellious Hairstyles

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The age of the’60s is much more commonly known as the years that broke every little bit of deposit of decorum and from the conclusion of this, revolutions in traditions, customs and styles arrived back with a completely new degree of vitality.

Slogans such as”power to the imagination” and”forbidden to forbia” were chanted and thrown about by tens of thousands of young women and men, since they started protesting and denying the much-questionable morals, integrity, and societal norms adopted by their own former generations.

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Hair moved on to develop into an openminded, the largest, and the main emblem for both men and women across the world, who did whatever they were able to rebel against conventional standards and values.

As hairstyles and dresses began to get sexier and more liberal, long hair for both men and short afro, pixie and twiggy fashion boy haircut for ladies became the’new’ and’in’ thing.

Much like no one’s surprise, all these new fashions caused enormous waves of their hippy rebellion, feminism, and lots of people of other gender enabling movements and revolutions. The major intention behind those rebellious hairstyles was revolutionary and were mostly introduced to support the feminist revolution and also to break the old-fashion female behaviour.

The Pixie Cut

pixie cut

One of the numerous daring and favorite shorts and haircuts taken on into the 21st century,’the bob’ and also’that the pixie’ appear to be so powerful, in which even in the current era and period, they’re regarded as symbols of power and rebellion against conventional values.

The pixie particularly has come to be a bold statement, both as trend standout and in addition to a feminist perspective.

pixie haircut

An intriguing fact regarding the pixie hairstyle is the fact that besides it being a sign of protest, in addition, it is also being used as a means for girls to imitate as guys. From fighting wars and struggles to attaining unimaginable heights of achievement they couldn’t attain because of their sex, and also to receive their hands on chances which were only available for men, ladies had more than sufficient reasons to attempting to make themselves look like guys.

How It Looks

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A pixie is merely a short haircut where your hair is created in a manner it is extremely near your scalp. The hair are generally no longer than 2-inches but may nevertheless be slightly shorter or longer.

A pixie haircut is usually cut at a short uniform length but considering recent advancements, girls having pixie cut are observed using varying lengths and additional layers which are essentially supposed to add quantity and much more depth to the whole look.

pixie haircut

Pixie can be frequently thought to be a form of crops with short hair around the sides and rear of the head in addition to the hair being slightly longer on the top. Some individuals frequently pair it together with short bangs at front.

Girls today have their pixie hairstyles in a variety of fashion such as slicked straight back, curled near the head, using a quaff, spikey or simply washed and allowing the air to dry it obviously.

A glance in the History of the Pixie Cut

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As stated before, the beginning of this considerably radical pixie haircut goes all of the way into the early 1930s through which, girls were discovered beating the moulds of femininity. The Roaring Twenties which came after the First World War, gave girls a newly-found awareness of independence and liberty, and several of these were spotted experimenting with fresh and intrepid hairstyles.

But the pixie haircut especially grew in popularity once the magnificent American actress and entertainer Josephine Baker came to the scene, wearing a sleek pixie-cut, appearing ever so stylish.

And , the pixie hairstyle gained so tremendous popularity in the 1950s when the celebrity Audrey

Hepburn has been viewed on the television, sporting this haircut along with her Oscar-winning show in her romantic-comedy debut movie”Roman Holiday”.

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The famed opera singer Mary Garden embraced this specific fashion in 1927 and composed about her choice to go for short hairstyle in an style of Pictorial Review, a journal geared toward American ladies. In an informative article about short hairstyle, she had been reported to have stated that”shorter hair really is a condition of mind and not only a new way of grooming my mind”

She added to the announcement that she contemplated eliminating her long hair as among many irons of grips that girls have needed to set aside while scaling the ladder up to liberty.

Obviously, as many years passed, many other notable female characters started supporting the pixie haircut and cropping their hair from different fashions very similar to some pixie. The most noteworthy of those superstar figures is that the celebrity Mia Farrow that had been spotted sporting this hairlook at the psychological thriller”Rosemary’s Baby” from the calendar year 1968. At a memoir written by Farrow in 1997, she wrote about the adverse response she received her pixie cut which comprised” “stern lectures about responsibility.”

After that, there was actress after actress that started donning the posh pixie haircut during the decades.Emma Watson using Short Pixie Hair

pixie haircut

Among the latest endorsers of this pixie haircut is that the fan-favorite Emma Watson, that cut off her hair super short right after The Harry Potter series came to a conclusion. In one of her interviews using Wonderland magazine, ” she stated that burning her own hair was really a liberating experience. She stated,”I felt so daring, and it felt empowering since it had been my pick.”

Different Kinds of Pixie Haircut

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In past occasions, the pixie cut more or less had a regular and same fashion or form which each ladies was discovered wearing.


Recently, but the pixie cut was transformed to much more similar to an umbrella term where you may discover a lot of different types and types of pixie fashions that girls these days are found donning with absolute grace and elegance.

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Listed below are a few of the most frequently occurring and broadly worn fashions of this pixie haircut.

Pixie Cut together with Bangs

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That is commonly called the classic and neat pixie haircut that’s combined with bangs at front.

It generally is made up of a single side which is heavier with regard to volume, and another side is generally shorter. Despite being super short, this pixie design is extremely versatile.


Pixie Cut using Long Bangs

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This fashion is practically like the previous one, but that it is composed of longer bangs.

Though both sides and the back of hair are shorter, front has longer bangs that nearly get to the nose.

Longer Pixie Cut having an Undercut

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This pixie design is accompanied by an undercut that greatly highlights the shape of the face. It is made of longer hair on very top and sides, in addition to a notable undercut over the nape of the neck.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

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That is much more of a all-year round pixie haircut which looks elegant and classy with almost any outfit which you might have. A prominent aspect of this pixie design is the fact that it’s a lop-sided cut wherever your hair is short on either side and more on the opposing side.

Vintage Pixie Cut

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As its name implies this pixie haircut sports a classical vintage look and makes you seem like they walked straight from a 90s film.

It’s much shorter from side and the rear, and provides a ‘permed’ appearance.

pixie cutpixie cutpixie cutpixie cutpixie cutpixie cut


If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and stunning pixie hairstyles, then you have to go the right place.

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