Balayage, a natural-looking and sun-kissed colour for hair, is very popular nowadays. It’s not only Instagrammable, but it also looks great in real life. To enable your hair to be healthy as well as looking fresher longer, it is essential to know how to maintain it at-home.

ash brown balayage

Is it difficult to maintain Balayage?
Balayage hair colour is easy to maintain and can last a long time. Balayage hair maintenance is so low that you do not require frequent visits to the hair salon for routine retouch like other techniques such as highlights etc. Because the root grows naturally, there is no visible regrowth line. Although we will give general advice for maintaining the balayage at your own house, there are specific tips that depend on what kind of balayage your hair has undergone.

Our clients usually have a full balayage performed once or twice annually, with balayage touch-up appointments in between. We do such balayage touch-up appointments as maintenance by refreshing the colours around the face, the top and root shadows, as well as glaze.

Ash Blonde Balayage Maintenance
To prevent the stunning ashy blonde of the platinum shade from being damaged by brassy, yellow hair, use purple shampoo. This is because of colour theory. The colour wheel shows that purple and yellow are on opposite sides. This means that violet tones counteract brassy hues. Purple shampoo is good for blonde highlights.

hair colour wheel

Black Hair or Dark Brunette Balayage Maintenance
We would advise to opt for balayage which does not require too much maintenance like light brown or ash brown. If your hair is a shade 1 or 2, (black or dark brown), you should consider a 4 to 5 shade (brown) for balayage. If you have dark hair, in order to upkeep a blonde balayage can be done but will cost you a lot. Although Balayage is normally an “easy to have and upkeep” type of hair colouring because your natural hair can be employed as the base. Having a blonde balayage on black base hair will certainly be very complicated and challenging process.

According to our experience, it takes at least two to four visits to the salon to achieve this blonde balayage look with dark hair. You’ll need to repeat the entire process when you want to touch up. For purple shampoos, if you are really determined, we recommend following the advice in the “Ash Blonde Balayage Maintenance” paragraph as abovementioned.

Caramel Balayage Maintenance
A caramel balayage is ideal colour for black hair. It’s a close shade to darker tones, and it can be much easier to upkeep.
Blue shampoo is best for these kinds of colours. Please refer to the colour wheel with the colour theory, blue colours in the blue shampoos can correct the brassy orange tones of brown hair by subduing the warm and bring out the brightness and coolness.

Chocolate Brown Balayage Maintenance
Blue shampoos, as we said earlier, are most suitable for brown shades maintenance of balayage. They also keep it healthy, long-lasting and on point.

Red Balayage Maintenance
The best tips for your Red hair balayage maintenance is to wash your hair less frequent. You can switch to shampooing on alternate days if you are those who have to wash your hair every day. For example, shampooing today and conditioning tomorrow. Rinsing with cool water can also be helpful.

Rose Gold Balayage Maintenance
Rose gold hair was the must have balayage colour years ago that regularly popped up in the social media and it’s still a very popular choice today. Hair washes should not be done as often as the red balayage. If hair is in need of washing, a colour-safe dry shampoo rinse together with cool water should be followed. This will prevent the cuticle opening and to prevent all the colour to be rinsed out. This is important and need to be incorporated in the shampooing routine.

Gray Balayage Maintenance
Nope, it isn’t your imagination. Gray hair truly fades faster than majority of other colours. It’s in fact the most difficult to upkeep and challenging to achieve. Gray hair should be washed as few times as possible, just like red hair maintenance. It is best to wash your grey balayage hair once per week for those readers without oily scalp. Nevertheless, if your hair may be oily, we recommend that you wash it twice per week which is the maximum shampooing times we advised. Dry shampoo is also well recommended to keep your hair from looking dirty and oily.

General Tips for Balayage Maintenance at Your Own Home
Other than the products that we have mentioned to help you upkeep the balayage highlights for all the above mentioned popular colours, there are some important tips that you should also follow:

  • Avoid heat styling: Heat-drying or blow drying hair can cause hair to lose its colour. This is will be a waste if your hair has had a gloss treatment performed. Use a heat protector product if you have to use a hot hair dryer.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun exposure can cause hair damage through the UV heat, colour fade, and brassy tones. Any time you are exposed to the sun, use a quality hairspray that contains sunscreen and a protective leave in conditioner.
  • Avoid swimming because most swimming pools contain copper and chlorine that will cause your lighter hair to become greenish. To prevent hair damage, use a high-quality swimmer’s shampoo.
  • Salon Touch-Ups: To answer the question about how often you should maintain balayage in order to keep your balayage hair looking beautiful and fresh, it is best to visit the salon for touching up every 3-4 months.
  • You don’t need to do your balayage every month. However, a toner every 6-8 week will keep your Balayage looking fresh as if you just have it newly performed. A toner not only keeps your hair looking great and rejuvenated, but also removes unwanted brassy or orange tones.

Is it expensive for Balayage maintenance?
You don’t have to do it every three to four months if you feel it is too expensive as there are available cheaper options such as at-home balayage kit that can be purchased. It is best to have it professionally done as nobody wants to live with bad hair for even days. You might consider an online consultation with a professional colourist. Online zooms and face-to-face sessions are possible. Find the best method for you. You now know how to maintain your balayage at home yourself with our advice on the various popular colours.