You are here because you want to know the pros and cons associated with layered hair. It seems that layers have been given a bad reputation because of how they were used in the past. Do you remember when is layered haircut to be considered the panacea for hair problems? It’s difficult to erase a label like “to-be-avoided”.

It’s not surprising that some people freak out at the mere mentions of “layers”. This doesn’t mean there aren’t undesirable issues to be aware of. However, there are no perfect solutions. We compiled a list of all the pros and cons to layered hair. You may already be aware of some. Some may not. This article is for you if you like to compare the pluses with the minuses!



Indeed, more volume. Layers are the ideal marriage for people with straight, fine hair. It is also suitable for anyone looking to add volume to give things a fuller look. This works well with both long and short hair. If you are interested in how to cut layered shorter hair with scissors, you may find this article helpful. This is especially true considering that there is very little online step-by-step help. Another thing about layering is that it helps to “move” volume from places you don’t require it to the areas you do. You will see a smaller triangle head and more volume around your crown.


This transforms boring, uninteresting hair into something exciting and unique. Ideal for you if you are happy with your hair length, but just want a new look.


You can shed unwanted weight. This will leave you with a more manageable and lighter mane. You will also have more dimension if you wear your hair down. You don’t get the dimension you need when your hair is just one length curtain of hair. Your mane will likely have more life as your hair does not just lay flat on your head. That’s right. No more wimpy hair!

#4 RESHAPES THINGS: Injecting some life and shape into otherwise lifeless locks. Particularly if they are really long.

You can zhuzh up your style by using just a few snip-snips. It’s also a lot more attractive if you use the curling iron. If heat is not your thing, socks or robe belts are also available.

#5 SHORTER DRYING TIME is not something that you may think of. However, since the bulk of hair is reduced, the drying times will be shorter.

#6 BRINGS CURLS to LIFE if your hair has the tendency to curl. It’s easier for the hair to show its full length when it is lighter. More curls. There are more pretty things to show off.


You can add more movement to your hair by removing excess weight. Layers allow your hair to flow and move more freely. Ponytails can be a little more bouncy than they need to be. For those with thin, straight hair, it can be even more bouncier.

#8 EASIER to BRUSH OUT is another advantage that can be overlooked easily. It can be difficult to brush long hair. It’s not difficult to brush through layers of hair, as less hair means more layers. Your layered hair will look thicker. You’ll be amazed.

#9 FACE FLATTERING layers frames your face in such an eye-catching way. It’s also ridiculously easy. Layered haircuts don’t have to be a one-size fits all.

Just a few layers can be enough to frame and soften your face. Let your eyes, cheeks and lips be the best of focus. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but layered hair is a good idea. There are also some cons. Perhaps too many?



Layers can take a lot of time in the salon to look cute. You might also need to use more styling products. You’ll also spend more time with a roundbrush and a blow dryer. They may expect you to do that at home, and then more to make them look good. You won’t have to roll out of bed with perfectly layered layers!

Beyond the time required, the cost is also important. It will cost you more to visit the salon once every six weeks. This is why some people decide to do it themselves. This may not or may be smart. We all fear the extra maintenance. It may or not be so in your situation.

#2 RISK OF HAIR STRUGGLING OR STRINGY if layers are not done correctly. Thin hair is more vulnerable. It’s almost seem as if your hair has disappeared.

#3 Bad Layers are a suck There’s no other way to put it. If the layers haircut turned out badly, the outcome finishing can be extremely serious. Hair will appear choppy and uneven until the shortest layers are grow out.


You will experience some loss in length if you have long or medium hair. It is inevitable. Although it won’t be obvious, it will occur.


One common complaint about layered hair is the length of time it takes to grow out of the layers. In fact, it will take as long as the shortest layers catch up to the rest. The problem is that some of those shortest layers never seem to get enough length. To solve this problem, you can cut just chopped off your hair down to the length of your longest layers. Although it may not be the best option for you when trying to grow your layers, it is a possible option.


A break out of dispersed split ends may be another unexpectedly hot mess from undesired layered haircut. If you have hair that is one length, the splits will be confined to the ends at the bottom. Layers will spread the dead ends throughout your hair, especially if you have split-prone hair or a love for hot styling tools. These can make your hair look unhealthy and this is just a warning.


Many people are unhappy with the way their hair dries after applying layers. This makes sense. Dry hair doesn’t always have a smooth finish. It might look less manageable and having more flyaways if the dead ends are scattered throughout. You can just add more styling time if this is a problem. If split ends are a problem, you might not want to trouble more damage by introduce more heat to the hair. You can also air dry it if you forget.


The inability to braid, ponytail or do buns is a major problem for layered hair. These styling limitations are not popular with braid lovers. Certainly nothing will kill a cute style with short ends spiking out in weird places and particularly where if your hair is medium-length layers. Truth be told, the extent of this problem depends on how long is the layers you have. Some hair-dos are so clever that they limit their layers to be long enough for even the shortest layers to be pulled back in a ponytail. There are always hairspray and bobby pins that can be used to manage shorter layers. This can make it possible to wear buns, ponytails, and other simple updos with a little more effort. Even those with longer locks may be able to remain members of the Braidy Bunch. Your plaits might not be as easy. These will be more difficult to do. The braid can often taper or fall apart. They can also unravel easily at times. You may need to stick to simpler French braids or Dutch braids. You can still wear your hair up braided.