Every regimen for maintaining coloured blonde hair must include purple shampoo. By reducing the yellow, brassy tones, blonde hair will be kept appearing vibrant and fresh. But what if you have blonde hair by nature? On natural blonde hair, is purple shampoo safe?

In this post, you may find the solution. We will go over all you need to know about this subject. By the conclusion of this post, you should be able to decide whether or not you want to pick up the product for yourself. What are you still waiting for?

However, it is crucial to use the proper kind of purple shampoo, since using the incorrect kind might result in brassier tones in your hair. This article will explain how purple shampoo works and provide advice on how to use it properly for the best effects.

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What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a special kind of shampoo which is formulated to eradicate the brassiness out of blonde hair. The orange or yellow hue that may sometimes occur in blonde hair—called brassiness—is brought on by the build-up and accumulation of minerals in the hair. Blue or purple pigments, which are often included in purple shampoo, work to balance out unwelcome warm tones in the hair.

Additionally, the purple pigment has the ability to reflect light, making the hair appear to be more vibrant and brighter. People with light hair colour often use it to prolong the appearance of their hair’s vibrancy, brightness and colour. Purple shampoo may be used for all hair types, however, it works best on highlighted or bleached hair. Purple shampoo may be used on any hair colour, even grey or silver, although individuals with blonde hair tend to use it the most often. Purple shampoo should only be used once or twice a week, since using it more often will make your hair brittle and dry.

What causes natural blonde hair to have yellow undertones?

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Because blonde hair lacks colour pigmentation thus it is especially prone to yellowing.

The lighter shade of the hair shaft and the yellow tones become more apparent and visible when the natural oils are removed or the cuticle layer of the hair is damaged.

Natural blonde hair may have yellow tones for a variety of reasons as follow.

  1. Carotene’s presence in the body is one of the root causes. Carotene is a yellow-orange pigment that may be found in fruits, vegetables, and then it may also be deposited back to the hair shaft.
  2. The natural colour of the hair itself is one more cause of yellow undertones.
  3. Because of the way light is reflected off of the blonde hair, it often has a mild yellow tint.
  4. Certain cosmetics or hair care products might result in blonde hair to have a yellowish hue. For instance, bleaching the hair may make it look more yellow by removing its natural hue.
  5. Similar to the above, lemon juice infused shampoo or conditioner may also make blonde hair appear more yellow.

Using gentle hair care products and refraining from over-washing your hair can help to prevent your hair from turning yellow. Additionally, it is important to shield the hair from exposure to too much sunlight and sometimes eliminate buildup with a clarifying wash.

On natural blonde hair, can purple shampoo really work?

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Consequently, do natural blondes really need purple shampoo? Yes, indeed natural blonde hair requires purple shampoo as well and they may benefit from purple shampoo. It may assist in balancing and brightening the hair, effectively giving it a more uniform tone. Purple shampoo may make your hair appear more vibrant if it is looking yellow or drab. Your natural blonde hair will not get damaged from using purple shampoo. However, the outcomes will differ based on several variables, including the particular product you use and the condition of your hair. Spend some time studying the specific brand and products before deciding on using a specific product. Keep in mind that your blonde hair certainly deserves the best and highest quality purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo may make hair appear overly purple if used too often, thus it is necessary to use it sparingly. For optimal effects, try applying it once or twice a week.

The condition of your hair

Hair with open cuticles which is well-known as extra-porous hair, responds the best to purple shampoo. Therefore, your natural blonde hair is more likely to have open cuticles if it undergoes frequent chemical processing, colouring, and/or heat styling, thus it will benefit greatly from the purple shampoo.

High porosity hair is excellent at absorbing and holding onto moisture. Extra porous hair is thus readily absorbed oils, water, and products like purple shampoo.

There is a good likelihood that your hair is extra-porous if it readily tangles and snaps, dry, frizzy, air dries rapidly, and appears dull. You may also check your hair’s porosity in this way:

  1. Place some water in a cup.
  2. Take a hair strand and dip it into the bowl.
  3. Observe how rapidly it reaches the bowl’s bottom.


You have high porosity hair if your hair strand sinks extremely rapidly to the bottom of the bowl, which will make the effects of using purple shampoo on your hair more noticeable. Purple shampoo, on the other hand, could not make a significant effect if your natural blonde hair has low porosity.

What advantages do purple shampoos have on natural blonde hair?

  1. Using purple shampoo may help you maintain healthy, colourful and vibrant hair. It may preserve your hair colour from fading, provide shine, and manage frizz.
  2. Additionally, purple shampoo may aid in protecting your hair from any hair damage by environmental irritants and heat-related damage due to heat styling.
  3. Besides, purple shampoo might aid in neutralizing yellow or brassy tones in your natural blonde hair to give it a more even, balanced or cooler shade.
  4. Purple shampoo may also help brighten and give gloss to the natural blonde hair.
  5. Purple shampoo is the best choice for colour-treated hair since it may help the colour last longer and prevent any premature colour fading.

How can I wash my natural dirty blonde hair with purple shampoo?

We have already tackled the question if you can use purple shampoo on natural blonde hair. It is time to talk about how to use the purple shampoo product properly on the natural blonde hair. It is crucial to avoid touching the scalp while using purple shampoo since the purple shampoo might irritate it. Instead, concentrate on just shampooing the ends and mid-lengths of the hair.

  1. In the shower, first, wet your hair, and then dab some purple shampoo on your hands.
  2. Apply the shampoo evenly into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair after rubbing the shampoo between your palms.
  3. Before rinsing the purple shampoo out with cold water, allow it to sit in your hair for three to five minutes. Avoid using hot water since doing so might make your hair brittle and dry.
  4. To help nourish and moisturise the hair, use a conditioner after rinsing off the purple shampoo. It is crucial to use a specific conditioner formulated for colour-treated hair after using purple shampoo.
  5. It is also necessary to be aware that purple shampoo sometimes makes hair tangled and dry. Apply a deep conditioner or mask weekly to prevent this.
  6. Additionally, before performing any heat styling for the hair, always apply a heat protectant first.

Thus, maintaining the brightness and vibrancy of blonde hair is easy and effective by using purple shampoo. When used properly, it may aid in neutralizing yellow tones and keep hair appearing moisturised and healthy. To prevent dryness, keep in mind to only use the purple shampoo once or twice a week and to finish with a conditioner.

When should natural blondes start using purple shampoo?

As soon as you detect your hair beginning to become brassy or yellow, you may start using purple shampoo.

Use purple shampoo sooner if your hair has been colour treated and if you want to keep the hair colour from fading.

How frequent should purple shampoo be used on natural blonde hair, though? For optimal effects and results, try applying it once or twice a week.

How can I tell if the purple shampoo is effective for my natural blonde hair?

Purple shampoo is likely to be effective if you notice that your natural blonde hair is appearing more colourful, vibrant and brighter. Additionally, you could see that your blonde hair colour lasts longer before fading or turning yellow.

Additionally, purple shampoo may improve shine and manage frizz. Use purple shampoo once or twice a week if you have blonde hair to maintain its finest appearance.


For natural blonde hair, is purple shampoo bad?

Purple shampoo does not damage natural blonde hair, in contrast, in actuality, it can provide great benefits to it. Purple shampoo helps prevent the brassiness or yellowing of the natural blonde hair.

Additionally, it may aid in shielding your hair from any hair damage caused by environmental factors and heat styling damage. Purple shampoo may also aid in preserving the colour of colour-treated hair and preventing fading.

Will using purple shampoo brighten natural blonde hair?

Yes, since on the colour wheel, yellow and even a mild orange hue lie opposite purple and violet colours. This means that purple due can effectively be cancelled out by yellow. Where your cool blonde highlights once were, do you notice a bright yellow area? You may restore the cool blonde colour and shine of your hair by applying with purple shampoo and rinse.

Commercial shampoos and conditioners often fail to provide the preferred finishing results, particularly when attempting to remove colour. Even a virgin hair or very low porosity that has not been coloured might sometimes benefit from using a blue or purple shampoo.

Your gorgeous blonde hair may become brassy from exposure to the sun and chemicals like chlorine. Shampoos in shades of blue and purple may help subtly soften the intense colours into paler, more vibrant tones.

How long should purple shampoo be left on the natural blonde hair?

You may leave it in for different time duration, depending on your hair type. Warm Blondes: One to three minutes before rinse. Neutral Blondes: Wait three to five minutes before rinsing. Cool Blondes: Wait for five to fifteen minutes before rinsing.

What happens to natural blonde hair if the purple shampoo is left in too long?

If you allow the purple shampoo to be left on your hair for an extended period of time, you could get a little lilac tint. This shade is transient and not permanent as well as most usually occurs in extremely light blonde hair or dry and damaged hair. Return to regular shampoo for your subsequent washes in order to get rid of the purple hue.


As the name implies, purple shampoo is a kind of shampoo containing coloured purple pigments. So what happens to natural blonde hair while using purple shampoo? It is particularly effective on light-coloured hair and it is formulated to neutralize any warm tones that may be appearing in the hair.

Due to the absence of colour pigment in blonde hair, it is especially prone to yellowing, and using too much purple shampoo may make the hair brittle and dry. Use the purple shampoo sparingly, no more than once or twice a week, to prevent this.

Purple shampoo may help brighten and give shine or gloss to hair when used properly. Additionally, it may help to manage frizz, enhance shine, and prevent hair colour fading.